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Brilliant comedy - I miss it!
HuggyBear15 March 2003
Fantastic comedy set in Liverpool. Great performances from everyone, including Liza Tarbuck.

It was hilarious tale, about a couple who fell in and out of love. He wasn't her dream bloke as far as her imagination was concerned, but as far as being the perfect match was concerned, he was ideal!

ITV, please re-run it!
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Top stuff!
losborne-geo25 February 2006
This is a sitcom I fondly remember from my teenage years, which I haven't seen for ages. Apparently Series 1 is released on DVD this month, and I'm itching to get a copy of it. I've no idea if it will still look any good, but it was full of great characters and wit, and it will be good to see it again.

Brenda and Malcolm's rocky relationship caught my imagination, mainly because I identified with Malcolm due to my geeky hobbies. :) Emma Wray was brash and loud but ultimately very likable, and Liza Tarbuck was great as Pamela. The whole thing was about relationships, and was positive, witty and ultimately charming without being overly twee or soppy.

One of those things I'm very sentimental about.
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Great series but when is it going to be available on DVD?
rainon-213 May 2005
Great series but when is it going to be available on DVD? We watched this when it first screened in New Zealand, recorded it and have watched it several times since. Unfortunately our younger son is deaf and we also have a deaf boarder and thus they are not getting the full benefits of being able to read the subtitles on a DVD. I've searched high and low for this but without success. As I've already said great series, well written and well acted by all. Even down to the café (for want of a better word) owner where Brenda worked. We have subsequently seen Malcolm's boss from the department store in "Game On' which was another great series. Also Malcolm's mother as Queeny's nurse maid in Blackadder. What can I say, yet another great British series. There is no substitute or equivalent for British comedy and still they are being produced, such as 'Green Wing'. Risqué but very funny and extremely well produced. Long may they continue.
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Watching worth watching
devstk6 January 2019
A series for which I never saw originally, but found it thru a Christmas compilation DVD! This is an amazing series, full of wit and charm. Every character is well written for and as a viewer, you care about each one of them. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys really good British comedies and misses the days before cell phones and social media.
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''It was boredom at first sight!''
RaspberryLucozade9 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This witty series from the '80's concerned the antics of a young Merseyside couple who to say the least are chalk and cheese. Brenda Wilson is a 'people watcher' from Liverpool who fills her days by watching people from all walks of life go about their daily business whilst assessing them and guessing what their name is and what they do for a living. Whilst in her local pub with her sister, the older and certainly more wiser Pam ( the gorgeous Liza Tarbuck ), she meets quiet young birdwatcher Malcolm Stoneway who is from Meols on the Wirral and rides a clapped-out motorbike ( complete with sidecar ) and still lives at home with his dragon of a mother ( played wonderfully by the late Patsy Byrne, who will no doubt be locked in viewers' minds as Nursie from 'Blackadder II' ).

Somewhat improbably, the feisty Brenda seems to find herself somewhat attracted to Malcolm who, let's face it, is something of a wimp. Over the course of the seven series, there was an air of 'will they, won't they?' ( like in John Sullivan's earlier 'Just Good Friends' which starred Jan Francis and Paul Nicholas ). Things looked bleak for Malcolm and Brenda at one point when Malcolm married Lucinda ( Elizabeth Morton ), however the marriage soon dissolved and on 4th April 1993, fans got the happy ending they had long been waiting for in the final episode, 'Knotting', in which Malcolm and Brenda finally made it to the altar.

Jim Hitchmough's scripts, whilst sometimes lacking in depth and subtlety were nevertheless consistently funny and gentle. Paul Bown and sexy Emma Wray were fine as the romantic leads. Wray also sang the show's theme tune 'What Does He See In Me?'. However, it was Tarbuck and Byrne who stole the show. Their involvement in Brenda and Malcolm's affairs were often the best part of the show. Perry Fenwick was also of good value in those episodes he appeared in as Malcolm's friend Terry Milton.

In later episodes, Brenda seemed to mature and stopped regarding bird-watching as a chore. In fact, she later came to enjoy it. Pam later got married to David ( John Bowler ) with whom she gave birth to his two daughters, Sarah and Zelda.

Throughout the '90's ( and the early noughties ), 'Watching' was repeated on Granada Plus but since its closure in 2004, it has been pretty much shelved, though it was released by Network DVD in 2006. Give it a bash. Like bird-watching, it may be hard to get into at first but the end results are ultimately worth it.
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Hilarious comedy--why is this never repeated
smc47617 December 2018
I can remember watching this when it first came out late 80's early 90's and thought it was funny

I waited for years for box set to come out and boy was it worth the wait. Much funnier than I can remember. Not only is it funny but it is consistently funny throughout the full 7 season.

It is the story of a shy birdwatcher, smothered by his mother, Malcolm and a street wise cracking, ball of dynamite Brenda and their of on off relationship throughout the years. The writing is fantastic, brilliant observational comedy by the wonderful Jim Hitchmough

Over the series the characters are well developed, lovable and realistic. there is a tremendous supporting cast, Liza Tarbuck, Patsy Byrne (nursey in Blackadder) John Bowler and the delightful Elizabeth Spriggs. There are regular characters who appear in the pub and cafe including the short sighted barman Harold and the wonderful deadpan Oswald, played with expert craft by Dave Dutton.

There are many moments of genuine laugh out loud comedy mainly from the acid tongued Brenda, with her witty one liners and put downs. There is however a genuine warmth with the characters and plenty of tugging at heart strings moments, especially in the Episode SLIPPING. It never gets overly sentimental though

Good comedy is all about the writing and the ability of the actors to deliver the lines they are given. The comedy timing of the actors is spot on, particularly Brenda and Oswald. It is one of the few comedy sitcoms that relies entirely on the characters and the situations they find themselves in. Good family fun for everyone with no swearing or smuttty jokes, they are not needed

In seasons 5-7 Brendas mother is introduced and if I thought Brenda was hilarious, her mother takes it to a whole new level. Scatterbrained does not even come close

It is also good to look back maybe with embarrassment at some of the fashions of the time, which is maybe the only thing that dates the programme

This was ITV longest running sitcom, so why it is never repeated is beyond me, and in UK we are lumbered with constant repeats of the same old same old sitcoms again and again

Do yourself a favour, buy this on DVD you will not be disappointed.
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Great show wheres the movie?
nicholasjackson18 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Wounderful show but we need a DVD and Movie soon. Its been to long since this was on TV. This MUST be show in school. The last great thing Britain did. AL T KOSSY Rules! Really i had the wonderful chance to meet The Kossy many year ago he's as amazing in person as on screen. The greatest thing ever! I can not no bad thing about Kossy. The joy he's brought me over the years wow. All my friends and i think the whole thing is great. The hours i spend as a young child watching Kossy are some of the greatest of my life. Why don't we see this shoe more om TV. Why does Al not work that much any way. We need this show went there's so much bad TV getting good air time.
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