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  • The Ghoulies wreak havoc at an amusement park, disposing of those who mistake them for mere fairground attractions.

  • Ghoulies II picks up a short time after the first movie, a few of the little nasties stow away on an amusement park ride and bring big bucks to a dying fair. The creatures are mad after an attempt to kill them, so the creatures go on a rampage through the fairgrounds, ultimately leading to an explosive conclusion!

  • Larry and Uncle Ned are driving a truck to an amusement park with their attraction Satan's Den. They have to stop in a repair shop and four demons sneak and hide in the truck. They arrive at the carnival and hide inside the Satan's Den. The arrogant owner of the carnival P. Hardin threatens to fire the employees if their attractions are not profitable and assigns the dwarf Sir Nigel Penneyweight to work with Larry and Ned in the Satan's Den. He also hits on Larry's girlfriend Nicole. When the audience sees the demons in the Satan's Den, they believe that they are part of the attractions and the entertainment becomes a sensation. But when people are attacked by the demons, there is panic in the carnival. Now Larry, Nigel and Nicole try to use an incantation to get rid of the creatures.


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  • These sexy little toilet monsters are back for more in this hit sequel to the original film Ghoulies. But this time, there reeking awesome havoc at a local carnival. The bodies are piling up left and right, and carnies are eating them for breakfast. After the hero's boldly try to kill the evil little monsters, the ghoulies go on a mad rampage through the entire amusement park, killing and EATING anyone who gets in there way. Its doomsday for anyone who dares to go on these rides!

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