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Sex & Nudity

  • A boy is seen nude for an autopsy
  • A man's anus is seen.
  • A man rubs oil over a woman's bare back while laughing, he is clearly enjoying himself. It is not graphic though.
  • Several men and boys are seen nude from behind.
  • A man pulls a string tie on a young boys pants and they drop, revealing his penis and scrotum.
  • A nude boy is put on a table. When he lays down you can see his erect penis.

Violence & Gore

  • EXTREMELY brutal! Nothing is hidden from the camera and we see people suffer, get torn apart, experimented with etc. Real human body parts were used in a lot of these scenes for even more graphic effect!
  • A young soldier is shot at while trying to get out of the camp. He reaches the perimeter fence and is electrocuted.
  • A woman is tied up and confined to a wooden post outside in the snow. A man comes outside and repeatedly pours ice cold water from the melting snow onto her exposed hands. As a result, her hands and forearms develop severe frostbite. The woman is then taken inside and forced to submerge her hands in a water bath, following which the flesh on both arms is pulled off, leaving the remains of her arms as white bone.
  • A person's arms are frozen solid, a soldier then uses a stick to smash off the victim's frozen fingers. Not graphic, but still disturbing.
  • A crying baby is taken from it's mother and covered in snow so that it cant be heard anymore.
  • A group of young recruits are made to beat a prisoner by their officer.
  • A dead man lying on an operating table can be seen, cut open. This scene is incredibly realistic. Nothing is hidden from the camera, and gore is everywhere.
  • A woman and a child are tied to a chair in a transparent chamber. They plead for their lives as poisonous gas fills the chamber surrounding them.
  • A group of men are tied to wooden posts and bombs are set off around them. We see the aftermath, bloody limbs and insides are lying everywhere. The men still alive on the crosses scream in pain.
  • A man is locked inside a compression chamber while a group of scientists stand outside watching him through glass windows. They gradually increase the pressure in the chamber while watching the man's reactions. He screams and covers his ears as the pressure in the room gets higher and becomes unbearable. He eventually falls flat on the floor laying on his stomach and we see his body swell dramatically in size (he was an extremely thin man when he first entered the chamber, but by the end he actually looks fat). We then see what appears to be feces being forced out of his anus, immediately followed by a very large portion of his intestines being forced out and stretched across the floor. The intestine then ruptures and spills bowel contents all over the floor and his legs.
  • A live cat is thrown into a pit of hungry rats, and the rats devour the cat alive while it struggles to get away. The cat is seen covered in blood and screeching while the rats eat him alive. Then, the rats are set on fire.
  • There is an autopsy scene of a little boy who the audience is brought to sympathize with throughout the entire movie. The boy is drugged, cut open, and has his organs removed one by one. This scene is incredibly graphic, and shot from close-up so you don't miss anything. The boy's heart is the first to be removed, and it continues beating until a soldier removes it from his chest by hand. The boy's other organs are removed similarly. The camera never cuts away for any of this, all is clearly shown.
  • A group of young recruits, angered by the death of a boy, beat up their captain with wooden boards.
  • A group of prisoners are shot at while trying to break through a door made of metal bars. Some are shown falling with accompanying blood spatter, and afterwards, a man is shown reaching through the bars, though he is dead, and only still standing because his arms in the door are holding him up. His body is riddled with bullets and extremely bloody.
  • Prisoners are tied to crosses in a field, and planes are supposed to come and bomb them. However, this doesn't happen. One prisoner escapes, frees the others, and they all run. The Japanese soldiers follow, running over and shooting all the prisoners. Some prisoners steal guns and shoot back at the soldiers, killing several, before being gunned down themselves. Nothing is hidden, and graphic bloody gunshot wounds can be seen on bodies, and blood can be seen on vehicles that have run people over.
  • A man is shot in the face.
  • At the end of the movie, one prisoner disguised as a Japanese soldier kills an officer before being killed himself; his blood sprays onto a Japanese flag.
  • There are numerous shootings and beatings.


  • The English dubbed version contains a few uses of "ass" and "shit", but overall, nothing real bad.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are shown drinking alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One of the most notoriously brutal movies ever made. And an incredibly disturbing movie too. Real human body parts were used for many scenes, such as the frostbite torture scene, for more graphic effect.
  • All the deaths and torture that was acted in this movie is based on real life events.
  • Lots of disgusting experiments on innocent people and killings.
  • The autopsy scene is supposedly real.

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