Night of the Demons (1988) Poster

Amelia Kinkade: Angela



  • Angela : [possesed]  Open the door, Rog. We don't want you, we want the bitch! You know we'd never hurt a nice little boy like you.

    Rodger : Go to hell, you dirty bastard!

    Angela : [possesed]  Oh, not tonight my boy, not tonight. Rest assured we got something wonderful planned for you, so much pain, so much *sorrow*!

  • Angela : Would you listen to me? These are NOT ghosts. This house is NOT haunted, it's possessed!

    Stooge : Ha! Possessed! Man! Come on it! Who gives a shit?

    Judy Cassidy : What's the difference in possessed and haunted?

    Angela : A haunted house is a house with ghosts in it, the spirits of people who've died, but the spirits living in a house possessed never existed in human form. They've only existed in spirit form. They're pure evil. They're demons!

  • Angela : Oh don't tell me you're leaving? Sal wanted to go... but he decided to stick around!

    [shot of Sal with a wooden stake through his heart] 

  • Angela : Blessed be the sinners, for the day of atonement is at hand.

    Sal : Say what?

  • Angela : [shouts]  Come on! Your face looks fine. I have never seen anyone spend so much time in a mirror!

    Suzanne : Relax! I just wanna look good for the boys. You did remember to invite some cute boys to the party I hope.

    Angela : Of course I did, and we're gonna scare the shit out of them.

  • Judy Cassidy : [Jay's body is possessed by a demon now and his eyes gouged out]  Oh Jay no!

    Jay Jansen : [Possessed]  Why has thou forsaken me?

    Angela : [Possessed]  What's the matter Judy? Don't you like your blind date?

  • Angela : Judy, Rodger, where you going? The party's just begun.

  • Frannie : Hey guys, how about a past life seance?

    Suzanne : A what?

    Frannie : A past life seance. You know, we all sit around, look in a mirror, and see our past lives.

    Stooge : What kind of drugs are we gonna need for this?

    Suzanne : Cool.

    [holds up her compact] 

    Suzanne : Will this do?

    Angela : I'm afraid not, Suzanne, we need one we can all look into at once.

  • Angela : [everybody's sitting in front of a mirror for a past life seance]  It's really very simple, you just keep staring at my reflection in the mirror until the glass clouds up all black. When it clears we'll see what I looked like in a past life.

  • Angela : There's plenty of time for dancing later, now it's time for party games.

    Stooge : Yeah, we can play post orifice and you can be the stamp.

    Frannie : Don't make me ill.

    Angela : I was thinking of something a bit more in tune with the holiday.

    Sal : Like what? Bobbing for apples with razor blades in them?

    Angela : No! I was thinking more along the lines of a seance.

    Judy Cassidy : A seance?

    Helen : Isn't that a little chancy? I mean this IS Halloween, the night when all the creepy things are supposed to stalk the earth. I mean there's no telling what we'll drudge up, especially in this old place.

  • Angela : Those noises we heard, there were three of them, and that awful stink, and then the chill!

    Frannie : Well it's not cold now, must've been a draft.

    Jay Jansen : Well, maybe somebody did come in.

    Helen : The odor's gone too.

    Angela : But we ALL experienced them! The noise, the stink, and the chill! They're all signs of demonic infestation.

    Frannie : Demonic what?

    Stooge : Demonic watchamacallit. I mean come on, ol' Ange here is just trying to put the ooooga booga on us, okay?

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