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Kevin Costner: Tom Farrell



  • [last lines] 

    Schiller : [speaks Russian]  We thought we'd never see you again.

    Tom Farrell : [speaks Russian as well]  So did I.

    Schiller : Couldn't you have manage this better?

    Tom Farrell : Not so fast, it's difficult for me to follow in Russian.

    [switches back to English] 

    Tom Farrell : It's been very long for me.

    Schiller : How thirsty you must be for the sound of our language.

    [switches to English] 

    Schiller : Evgeny Alexeivich, wouldn't you love to hear Russian again? Imagine Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy...

    Tom Farrell : ...Solzhenitsyn, Aksyonov.

    Schiller : [chuckles]  Even them, always the sense of humor. In the Philippines, when you passed a bag of underwear, Moscow wasn't amused. I should've acted then. In any case, it's no longer possible for to remain United States. This bizarre incident has given them their Yuri. Evgeny, think. THINK! You're a hero of the Soviet Union.

    Tom Farrell : [darkly]  I'm not a hero.

    Schiller : Be that as it may, you must return!

    Tom Farrell : [annoyed]  I came here! I thought I owed you that - but you can't make me go back.

    [Tom leaves until the two men cock their guns] 

    Schiller : No! Let him go.

    [Tom resumes in leaving] 

    Schiller : He'll come back. Where else can he go?

  • [Contra has chased Tom right up to the Secretary's Office when they are stopped by the MPs] 

    Tom Farrell : [to nearest MP]  I am your superior officer and I am giving you a direct order to *arrest this man*!

    Contra #2 : I have orders from Pritchard!

    Tom Farrell : DO IT!

    Contra #2 : I have my orders from Pritchard!

    Tom Farrell : [to Contra]  SHUT UP!

    [Tom kicks Contra 2 in the groin. Contra is dragged away by the MPs] 

    Tom Farrell : And if he resists, SHOOT HIM!

    MP : Yes, sir!

  • Tom Farrell : You murdered Sam, didn't you? You son of a BITCH...

    [knocks Scott to the ground] 

    Scott Pritchard : [Gets up; brandishing a pistol]  You have NO IDEA what men of POWER can *DO*!

  • Tom Farrell : [Sees the two thugs leaving for Nina's apartment]  Hey! You two!... Scott, where are they going?

    Scott Pritchard : What's the matter?

    Tom Farrell : Laurel and Hardy. Where are they going?

    Scott Pritchard : Who's that, Tom?

    Tom Farrell : You know who I mean. The bookends.

    Scott Pritchard : I sent them on an errand.

  • Susan Atwell : It's David Brice, Secretary of Defense. Satisfied?

    Tom Farrell : You know I work for Brice?

    Susan Atwell : I guess that makes two of us.

  • Tom Farrell : Who are these goons?

    Scott Pritchard : They're associated with Special Forces.

    Tom Farrell : What? What does that mean, "associated?"

    Scott Pritchard : It means that they were *with* Special Forces, now they're *associated* with Special Forces.

    Tom Farrell : [to Contra 1]  You work in Nicaragua?

    [Contra 1 nods] 

    Tom Farrell : [to Contra 2]  You with the Death Squads?

    Tom Farrell : [to Scott]  Were they with the Death Squads?

  • Susan Atwell : Are you one of them?

    Tom Farrell : One of what?

    Susan Atwell : These hypocrites. All posh and shiny getting ready for four more years of ramming it to the rest of us.

    Tom Farrell : You're pretty cynical.

    Susan Atwell : Adequate to the occasion.

  • [Tom and Susan are making out in the limo when Tom notices the driver is watching them] 

    Tom Farrell : What's your name?

    Bill the Limo driver : Bill.

    Tom Farrell : Hi Bill. Could you close the slide, please.

    Bill the Limo driver : Uh, sure.

    Susan Atwell : [as the window goes up]  Sorry, Bill.

  • Quartermaster : We've got a Soviet submarine out there. Captain wants us to track it 'til morning.

    Tom Farrell : Good. It'll give us a chance to test the depth charges.

    Quartermaster : Yeah. That'll be the day.

  • Scott Pritchard : [about Brice]  He's the most extraordinary person I've ever met in my life. If it came to it, I'd lay down my life for him.

    Tom Farrell : Is that a job requirement?

  • Tom Farrell : [one of the Contras tries to follow Farrell into the bathroom]  I would rather do this myself. You can listen if you want to.

  • Susan Atwell : [as Brice is approaching the house]  I-I'm begging you. Please just go now out the back door. I-I'm sorry. It's...

    Tom Farrell : When I go, it'll be through the front door.

  • Tom Farrell : Let's get out of here.

    Susan Atwell : My date's not going to like that much. But what the hell, his wife will be delighted.

  • Sam Hesselman : [looking at Susan's murder evidence]  Who is this bimbo, anyway?

    Tom Farrell : She's dead.

  • Tom Farrell : [Sarcastically about Brice]  He has great warmth.

    Scott Pritchard : He's a genius. The normal rules don't apply.

  • Susan Atwell : I'll call you later tonight.

    Tom Farrell : I'll wait by the phone.

  • Tom Farrell : Well, then, Brice is in an impossible situation. We should just call in the FBI.

    Scott Pritchard : Don't be an idiot. Do you realize the magnitude of the scandal? The Secretary of Defense and a Soviet agent sharing the favors of a murdered whore!

  • Susan Atwell : Take care of yourself. Send postcards from exotic ports of call. That's what you call them, isn't it? Exotic ports of call?

    Tom Farrell : A ports a port. You're exotic.


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