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Will Patton: Scott Pritchard



  • Scott Pritchard : Tom is the one who saw you at Susan's. He's known about you all along, isn't that right? We do know what that means. If Commander Farrell is the man who was with Miss Atwell, then Commander Farrell is the man who killed Miss Atwell. And we know that the man who killed Miss Atwell is Yuri. Therefore, Commander Farrell IS Yuri, quod erat demonstrandum.

  • Tom Farrell : You murdered Sam, didn't you? You son of a BITCH...

    [knocks Scott to the ground] 

    Scott Pritchard : [Gets up; brandishing a pistol]  You have NO IDEA what men of POWER can *DO*!

  • Tom Farrell : [Sees the two thugs leaving for Nina's apartment]  Hey! You two!... Scott, where are they going?

    Scott Pritchard : What's the matter?

    Tom Farrell : Laurel and Hardy. Where are they going?

    Scott Pritchard : Who's that, Tom?

    Tom Farrell : You know who I mean. The bookends.

    Scott Pritchard : I sent them on an errand.

  • Tom Farrell : Who are these goons?

    Scott Pritchard : They're associated with Special Forces.

    Tom Farrell : What? What does that mean, "associated?"

    Scott Pritchard : It means that they were *with* Special Forces, now they're *associated* with Special Forces.

    Tom Farrell : [to Contra 1]  You work in Nicaragua?

    [Contra 1 nods] 

    Tom Farrell : [to Contra 2]  You with the Death Squads?

    Tom Farrell : [to Scott]  Were they with the Death Squads?

  • Scott Pritchard : [about Brice]  He's the most extraordinary person I've ever met in my life. If it came to it, I'd lay down my life for him.

    Tom Farrell : Is that a job requirement?

  • Defense Secretary David Brice : [Panicking and throwing papers at scott]  This is insane, It's out of control. Your cover story's not going to hold water.

    Scott Pritchard : Yes, it will, but you have to have more moral courage.

  • Scott Pritchard : I am tired of weakness! I am faced with a grave problem, and I intend to resolve it quickly and cleanly.

  • Tom Farrell : [Sarcastically about Brice]  He has great warmth.

    Scott Pritchard : He's a genius. The normal rules don't apply.

  • Scott Pritchard : That was a stupid, *stupid* thing you did!

  • Defense Secretary David Brice : It's a House of Cards. There is no Yuri.

    Scott Pritchard : It doesn't matter. All the intelligence agencies believe that there's a mole in the Defense Department. You know the theory: that Yuri was sent here by the KGB while he was still in his teens. For all intents and purposes, he can pass as an American.

    Defense Secretary David Brice : Scott, they've been talking about that for four years. It's the CIA's wet dream. There's never been a shred of evidence.

    Scott Pritchard : But, now, there is. He was the man who spent the weekend with Susan. He was the man who killed her.

  • Tom Farrell : Well, then, Brice is in an impossible situation. We should just call in the FBI.

    Scott Pritchard : Don't be an idiot. Do you realize the magnitude of the scandal? The Secretary of Defense and a Soviet agent sharing the favors of a murdered whore!

  • Scott Pritchard : I expect you to follow direct orders! And I expect you to demonstrate the personal loyalty to which both the Secretary and I have every right.

  • Scott Pritchard : You South African?

    Nina Beka : That's right?

    Scott Pritchard : [looking at her passport]  I don't see a U.S. visa. You're an illegal alien. Do you know who I am? I can pick up that phone and I can have you on the first plane to Johannesburg. I'm assuming you have a reason for not wanting to be there.

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