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A Mile A Minute!!!
dataconflossmoor26 September 2003
The plight of a "Roaring Eighties" career woman with a five to nine job, bombarded with this, plagued with that, who's doing what and how does this really affect me, after all, I 've only got seventeen seconds to think about it...This emerging third generation liberated woman thing is going really well, there's just one more thing!!.... NOW I WANT A BABY!!!.....I'm a New York executive making $250,000 a year, and I never seem to do the right thing!!!! This T.V. series in many ways was better than the movie... It was much faster in pace, and it made caffeine a much more serious problem than relationships, or shall I say lack of them!!...NBC was at the pinnacle of cutting edge television in the late eighties, knifing and witty dialog, as well as social relevancy were injected into this television series by the nanosecond...These characteristics were coy and flippant, that is why they went unnoticed, at the same time, the professional subtlety involved was extremely entertaining!! I just don't know why this program as well as many others weren't as popular as they should have been!!! Next time, the television executives at NBC should post a sign in Times Square...WARNING: TELEVISION WORTH WATCHING DURING PRIMETIME!!
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patdwyer427 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say that I am in total agreement with those that tout this overlooked series trial as fine Television. I watched every episode the season that it aired on NBC, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well-written, nice premise, well acted and did some interesting and innovative things with the standard sitcom format. I recall the episode where Jane Wyatt/Betty Anderson and Barbara Billingsley/June Cleaver visit Kate Jackson in a dream after she bemoans her inability to be the kind of mother she sees on television. The message was sweet, simple, touching and delivered by two pros. Another scene in which Kate, after subjecting her daughter to testing by and institute for child intelligence boosting, tells a shocked Paxton Whitehead that he and everything he stands for us utter horse#### was not only hilarious but a touch risky; with only a subtle bleep between the word and out families' ears (wink). All in all a fine series that was given short shrift.
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The Baby Boom of Television
Sylviastel20 January 2008
Maybe it was the writers' strike in 1988 that helped bring in the television recession of bad comedies and dramas, despite being based on the film of the same name and the same adorable identical twins playing Baby Elizabeth. The show could have worked if the network allowed it too. Kate Jackson replaced Diane Keaton as J.C. Wiatt and Jackson is a worthy television replacement for such a role. But the story was changed when they moved J.C. back to New York City with Baby Elizabeth. I liked it better in Vermont and thought that the move could be disastrous. The show became another series in itself with the same child but different mother. Regardless, I think they could bring this series out on DVD with the movie.
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To bad
hljakes28 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Now I would've thought with Kate Jackson at the helm this would've been a hit at NBC moved it around so many times and the episodes were not coincidental I was really shocked that it was canceled so soon
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