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Season 3

17 Sep. 1990
The 390th Broadcast
Research indicates news shows are getting stale so Miles hires consultant Chris Bishop to shake things up at FYI. Jim gets a perm, Frank wears leather and Murphy gets a segment where she will interview an average citizen on their views. The interview takes an unexpected turn.
24 Sep. 1990
Brown and Blue
Murphy's idea to interview Tony Rocket, a vulgar comedian, back fires when she has trouble controlling her emotions and her temper around him.
1 Oct. 1990
Loco Hero
Frank feels an obligation to give his parents an 50th anniversary party but does so reluctantly because of their negativity. As his family gathers at Murphy's home, Frank keeps finding reasons to avoid the celebration and deal with his parent's disapproval.
15 Oct. 1990
Strike Two
The on air talent at FYI goes on strike and Miles struggles to put on a show. Miles learns to appreciate what Murphy and the rest do when he attempts to replace them with Miller, Gene Kinsella and himself.
22 Oct. 1990
The Gold Rush
Network executives hire Jerry Gold to appeal to a conservative crowd, dismaying the FYI staff. Miles has the idea to team Murphy and Jerry in a debating segment which rekindles their opposite attracts romance.
5 Nov. 1990
Bob & Murphy & Ted & Avery
Murphy's mother Avery arrives for a visit and meets a charming gentleman Theodore. It turns out he has a son Bob, who is Murphy's age, so Avery talks her daughter into a double date.
12 Nov. 1990
The Last Laugh
Murphy causes Jim to laugh during a live broadcast and he becomes upset over his lack of professionalism. Murphy goes overboard in trying to make amends.
19 Nov. 1990
Rootless People
Murphy's practical jokes have alienated the FYI staff so when she is taken hostage by environmentalists, they don't believe her. The kidnappers have their hands full as it's Murphy who is making all the demands.
26 Nov. 1990
The Bummer of 42
Murphy had said she wished for a sibling so Frank hires an actress to portray her sister for Murphy's 42nd birthday. But Maddy does her job too well and Murphy's happiness soon turns to irritation.
10 Dec. 1990
Trouble in Sherwood-Forrest
Corky is trying hard to be the perfect wife to Will while still having a career but finds it increasingly difficult. She confides in Murphy which inspires Corky to host a dinner part with disastrous results.
17 Dec. 1990
Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell, Jingle All the Way
Getting co-workers Christmas gifts is causing unhappiness so Murphy suggests they donate to charity instead. But after Murphy secretly buys presents anyway, the rest become frantic trying to purchase items at the last minute.
7 Jan. 1991
Miles thinks the on air FYI staff need to bond closer so he schedules a retreat run by an over enthusiastic director Justin. Murphy is only interested in the bonding that comes with getting revenge on the other participants.
14 Jan. 1991
Eldin Imitates Life
Murphy has a party and a guest offers to buy one of Eldin's art pieces.
21 Jan. 1991
Murphy's contract is up and other news organizations make a huge effort to sign her, to the distress of Miles. With Murphy having the upper hand, she makes outrageous demands and things turn contentious.
4 Feb. 1991
Hoarse Play
Murphy loses her voice right after getting her credentials restored to the White House press room. She desperately needs a quote from the president for an important story.
11 Feb. 1991
The Novel
Jim writes a novel where a desirable reporter seems to be based on Murphy and Jim's wife becomes concerned.
18 Feb. 1991
Terror on the 17th Floor
Murphy and Miles face off with a team of cost cutters that threaten the ability of FYI to put on a good news program.
25 Feb. 1991
On Another Plane
Murphy and Frank are questioning putting their jobs before everything else when the plane they are traveling on experiences difficulties.
25 Feb. 1991
On Another Plane
Murphy and Frank are questioning putting their jobs before everything else when the plane they are traveling on experiences difficulties.
4 Mar. 1991
Driving Miss Crazy
Murphy writes her will, at times while driving, when the gang car pools to work during a snow storm.
18 Mar. 1991
Everytime It Rains... You Get Wet
The gang of FYI goes out into the city seeking a "happy" story for a new segment on the show. A simple task that not an easy one after all.
8 Apr. 1991
Corky's Place
Corky lands her first tv special and manipulates Murphy in appearing as a guest.
29 Apr. 1991
Murphy's little joke about short men gets her into big trouble.
6 May 1991
The Usual Suspects
Murphy is outraged when a tabloid declares she has started drinking again and says the source is on the FYI staff. Murphy makes every effort to uncover the person's identity.
13 May 1991
Q & A on FYI
Miles arrange for the gang of FYI to appear on a popular tv Q and A game show.
20 May 1991
Uh-Oh: Part 1
Jake, Murphy's ex husband, and Jerry Gold, Murphy's ex boyfriend are both back in town and ready to resume their relationship with her.

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