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Season 9

16 Sep. 1996
Executive Decision
The executive producer of a game show replaces Andrew as the person in charge of FYI.
23 Sep. 1996
Power Play
Kay and Murphy clash over who really gets to run the FYI.
30 Sep. 1996
A Comedy of Eros
Frank writes a play based on the people he knows and they get to see it.
7 Oct. 1996
Son of Dottie
Tensions between Murphy and Dottie escalate over her son's birthday party.
14 Oct. 1996
Office Politics
Murphy decides to turn her turn her bedroom into an office, but she has to get her annoying neighbor to agree to it, first.
21 Oct. 1996
Phil's Dead - Long Live Phil's
The FYI team decides to buy their favorite bar after the owner dies. But who will run it, and how?
28 Oct. 1996
That's the Way the Corky Crumbles
Kay and Murphy clash once again, this time over Kay's new restrictions on the FYI team.
4 Nov. 1996
Defending Your Life
Murphy's numerous previous assistants team up and face her.
11 Nov. 1996
Murphy tries to get Miller fired but her plan backfires.
18 Nov. 1996
Nobody's Perfect
Frank wants to marry Dana, since he's in love with her perfect public image. When she lets him get a glimpse of her complicated private life, he learns that nobody's perfect.
25 Nov. 1996
A One Night Stan
Murphy convinces Kay to start her own talk show. The entire FYI team participates and Kay even lands Tom Hanks as her first guest. Unfortunately, everything goes horribly wrong.
2 Dec. 1996
Seperation Anxiety
Jim and Doris' annual party turns into a fight.
18 Dec. 1996
Montezuma's Retreat
Murphy is in a resort in Mexico and must avoid a group of people staying there whom she previously exposed.
6 Jan. 1997
The Big Thaw
Blizzard strands Murphy and Kay at the office alone.
13 Jan. 1997
Who Do You Truss?
Frank and Murphy argue over who gets to do the commentary now that Jim is in hospital. Corky gets a new protege she can't stand.
20 Jan. 1997
You Don't Know Jackal
Murphy and Frank hire actors to protect the identity of Murphy's source from Kay. Their plan goes horribly wrong.
3 Feb. 1997
Blind Date
Miller accidentally ends up with Jim's blind date.
10 Feb. 1997
Oh, Danny Boy
Dana's troubled son Danny becomes part of FYI.
17 Feb. 1997
Desperate Times
Murphy teams up with Andrew to stop Kay's new plans for reorganizing FYI.
25 Feb. 1997
And That's the Way It Was?
Murphy desperately tries to find out what Walter Cronkite said about her privately.
28 Apr. 1997
How to Marry a Billionaire
A billionaire proposes marriage to Murphy while she's interviewing him on-air, and he won't take no for an answer.
5 May 1997
Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
Murphy suspects that a hero security guard who intervened when fire broke out set the fire himself.
12 May 1997
Mama Miller
Miller lies to his domineering mother that him and Murphy are friends. She misconstrues this to mean that they're in fact a couple.
18 May 1997
When One Door Closes...
Murphy insults the President of the United States on-air and refuses to apologize. This leads to serious consequences.

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