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Season 1

7 Mar. 1988
Computer Logic
A misanthropic scientist and his quirky new secretary attempt to shut down an artificially intelligent computer that has decided to start killing people.
10 Mar. 1988
Untouched by Human Hands
Austin is called in when a reactor built by Serendip malfunctions, and a staff member inside is dead. The body is inaccessible because of the high levels of radiation flooding the chamber.
17 Mar. 1988
Black Cats Don't Walk Under Ladders (Do They?)
By appealing to his scientific vanity, Mickey manages to lure Austin to a talk show/expose to act as a scientific consultant as host Marty Corrigan tries to discredit a self-proclaimed witch, Sabrina.
24 Mar. 1988
Metamorphic Anthropoidic Prototype Over You
A scientist enhances an orangutan's intelligence to near-human levels, and asks Austin to inspect her research. However, a woman is murdered and Austin is left to determine if the "MAPE" is capable of killing.
31 Mar. 1988
Now You See It...
Two executives die in elevators programmed by Austin. As Serendip's stock plummets, a corporate head hunter tries to oust Austin and take over the company.
7 Apr. 1988
Plan 10 from Outer Space
Science fiction author Truman Smith the Third summons Austin and Mickey to his desert home, claiming that his life is in danger from an electrical alien.
14 Apr. 1988
Austin and Mickey come to the aid of a young girl who claims everyone in her neighborhood has been replaced by impostors.

 Season 1 

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