Eight Men Out (1988) Poster


Michael Rooker: Chick Gandil



  • Chick Gandil : You go back to Boston and turn seventy grand at the drop of a hat? I find that hard to believe.

    Sport Sullivan : You say you can find seven men on the best club that ever took the field willin' to throw the World Series? I find *that* hard to believe.

    Chick Gandil : You never played for Charlie Comiskey.

  • Sport Sullivan : Look at those hands, ladies. You should have been a pug, Chickie.

    Chick Gandil : I did some fighting in my time. Once I was fighting a guy, my eyes were all bloody but I landed a lucky punch. The next thing I know I'm steppin' on something and it's the other guy's teeth. The referee raised my hand and someone shoved fifty bucks in my shorts. "What does he get?" I asked. The referee says, "From the looks of this jaw, a liquid diet for six weeks." Now what we should have done is held each other up for thirteen rounds and split the fifty.

  • Lefty Williams : [Lefty and Hap confronting Chick before game 7]  I thought you were supposed to be in charge of this thing! What happened to Sullivan?

    Chick Gandil : He switched hotels, we can't track him down.

    Lefty Williams : And what happened to Attell?

    Chick Gandil : Shot his wad in the third game when Kerr won. Said he's busted.

    Hap Felsch : Hell with them then.

    Chick Gandil : Hey, you two made an agreement!

    Hap Felsch : Hey, we blow one more, it's over! I've dumped 4 games and I've been only paid for one!

    Chick Gandil : Hey, you don't know what these guys are like!

    [Lefty and Hap chuckle and walk away] 

    Chick Gandil : Once you're in, you're in! You can't welch on these guys!

    [Throws his glove to the ground] 

    Chick Gandil : Your funeral! Assholes!

  • Abe Atell : [When the players meet with him to accept the money before the first game]  It's all out on bets.

    Chick Gandil : [Shoves him]  That's not good enough!

    Abe Atell : Hey! Don't worry, you'll get the money soon enough.

    Chick Gandil : When?

    Swede Risberg : And how much?

    Abe Atell : 100 grand, like I said. 20 after each game.

    Hap Felsch : Wait a minute, that's 5 games. I thought we were just dumping a few.

    Abe Atell : No, you lose the first 3.

    Eddie Cicotte : Kerr's pitching the third, he's not with us.

    Swede Risberg : So what? We don't hit for him, he'll fold. He's a busher!

    Abe Atell : After that, we got to play it by the ear. We gotta make this look good, fellas!

    Eddie Cicotte : [Aside to Chick]  Hey, Chick. Where's the money you promised me?

    Chick Gandil : Look under your pillow.

    Eddie Cicotte : What?

    Chick Gandil : Compliments of Sports Sullivan.

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