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A wonderful movie for Elvis fans young and old!!
carribean197630 July 2006
I grew up listening to Elvis and watching his movies with my mom. She got me hooked on Elvis at a very young age. His life intrigues me and I am always reading ar watching some thing that has to do with Elvis. This movie was absolutely wonderful. I have watched it countless times! I now own it on DVD, and I also own the book "Elvis and Me". I think that the actors in this movie did a wonderful job in portraying Elvis and his life. Priscilla did a wonderful job bringing his life to the public in a beautiful story. Thank you! I recommend this movie to any one who has any interest in the King, young and old. Even those who do not know that much about him, it is a wonderful movie, and you WILL enjoy it!!
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The love story that only his wife could tell.
WickerGal10 August 2007
I saw this movie when it first premiered and was instantly captivated by the love story between Elvis and Priscilla. The movie traces their relationship from the time 14 year old Priscilla meets Elvis for the first time until his death some 18 years later. Walters does a terrific job portraying Priscilla. We see that Priscilla allows her entire life to become about Elvis, his world is all she knows, and we see her struggle to find her own way and her own person as his world of celebrity and drug use pulls him further away. This is not a tale of a woman scorned, rather a story of a woman who loved a man deeply and completely until love wasn't enough. The movie shows some ugly sides to Elvis that other biographies didn't cover, but it shows that he is as much a lost little boy as he is a controlling, sometimes violent man. The book does better justice when it comes to demonstrating Elvis' tender side, but the movie does capture the fact that he loves her. She does not invent the Elvis wanted her, brought her to live with him and married her. What this story says is that it is possible to love someone, flaws and all. We grow up with Priscilla through this movie and we suffer her heartbreak as well. I recommend reading the book in addition to seeing the movie, as many things in the movie are chronologically in error and some important personal struggles of both Elvis & Priscilla are left out. Ultimately though, if you want a movie that shows Elvis as some hero, this is not it.
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Elvis and Me
zemrat929711 January 2005
I too read Priscilla's book since I was infatuated and still am about Elvis Presley. First, just because he was the sexiest man alive doesn't mean he didn't have a dark side. Priscilla was so in love with him as the movie depicted and yet he chose to live like the kings when they slept with many women and had their wife on their side.

Dale Midkiff has got to be the best Elvis impersonator I have seen in a long time, he is so sexy, the eyes, lips, smile the sneer to the T, he has to win the award. I love him! LOL. I think he should have gotten an award for this movie, this was one of the first movies I saw that he played in and I fell in love LOL. Still almost 20 years later he still looks great in his recent movies I saw. I think the movie well in showing both sides, an innocent girl in love with a high-profile man. It showed the hardships of both sides although I think it was a bit harsh on his. All the pills he took towards the end of his life must have made him violent and maybe the rape did take place I guess only they will know. Susan Walters did an excellent job in playing Priscilla many of my friends and family say I resemble her a lot...shoot I wish I was her in making that film...I would have been Mrs. Midkiff! I have always said Priscilla knew what she was getting into and should have stayed by his side no matter what and given him a son for God sakes, he was the King of Rock and Roll! Dale played the Elvis role to the T! I really enjoyed this movie and watched it several times years later.

I would recommend it to anyone. He did a great job...I still think he should have gotten more attention for playing this role so well! Dale great job we love ya!!!!!!!!!!!Keep up the good work!
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Very Disappointing
Ellie_8113 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this TV movie as I came across it on you tube. I am an avid Elvis fan and collector, and whilst I am not one of these people who believe Elvis had no faults I thought the film focused too much on the dark side of his personality. Its common knowledge that Elvis had a temper,as do most people,and its apparent he could be quite unpleasant at times.However, what seemed odd if that the film focused completely on the moody sullen side of Elvis, instead of being a more balanced view of him.. It could have been much better. For example it didn't show the generous side of his personality, it doesn't really do justice to the family man his family say he was. To be fair it would be extremely difficult to fit in a detailed account of Elvis's life in such a small space of time.
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This movie was nothing like the book
chippyjr8 June 2001
I am a die hard Elvis fan and I have read "Elvis and Me" the book twice. After reading the book I watched the movie which showed Elvis as a miserable person who raped and abused his wife. Nothing of the sort was written in the book. This movie should never have been run for it is only demeaning Elvis's legend.
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The story of love, romance and a broken heart. Life with the 'King'.
michaelRokeefe15 August 2001
This made for TV saga is more exploitation and fabrication than entertaining insight. Based very loosely on the book of the same name written by Priscilla Beaulieu Presley and Sandra Harmon, we see the beginnings and culmination of a romance between a very young girl and a potent, famed entertainer. Elvis Presley was no ordinary man; thus causing any retelling of his life and legend to be of some degree of interest and importance. This movie does very little to make Elvis look very good. Of course you are to blame this on coming from a vengeful scorned woman, the ex Mrs. Presley.

The book of course is quite self serving to Priscilla and still is a very interesting read. It is a shame this movie is nothing like the book. If anything it demeans Elvis and plants the wrong impression of his marriage. I find it very doubtful that no matter how miserable the relationship got; that Priscilla would actually want her daughter and the world to believe Elvis to be a rapist and violent wife abuser.

I have read the book twice and watched this movie almost three times. For someone wanting to enrich their thoughts of a dark and evil Elvis, this is more of your fodder. Information from an enlightening memoir becomes what tabloids are made of. By all means don't think that I don't want you to see this movie; watch but remember this script is not written in stone.

Susan Walters plays Priscilla very well. She is lovely to look at and is very likable, but after awhile you can take just so much of the helpless act. Billy Green Bush has played Vernon Presley before(ELVIS)TV mini-series(90). Dale Midkiff does no Elvis make. It is hard to like anyone as the 'King' after having Kurt Russell and Michael St. Gerard so aptly in that role. Midkiff has done good work in his career, but just does not have the stuff to be even a disgruntled Elvis. Other cast members of note are: Cynthia Harrison, Kimberly McArthur and Jon Cypher.
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good perspective to the life of the king of rock and his queen
FrostQueen2313 February 2006
this movie is told from Priscilla Presley's point of view and based on the book she wrote of the same name. i first came across this movie when i was flipping through channels one day. i must have been 13 or 14 at the time but even then the story captivated me. i was so interested in the "behind-the-scenes" Elvis. everyone knew him as a kind and generous man who made amazing music. what they didn't know was his volatile temper and controlling ways. also, the thought that a "nobody" one day met THE Elvis Presley. i think every girl at that age has the fantasy of meeting a superstar and one day marrying them. i was no exception. The movie tells of the first time Priscilla and Elvis met while he was stationed in Germany, the hard times Priscilla encountered trying to live a normal life when he went back to the states, Their visits together in L.A. and Memphis, Their wedding, the birth of their daughter and the dissolution of their marriage. i knew Elvis's music before watching this movie, but after seeing it, i was HOOKED. i bought the original book that the movie was based on and read it over and over. i taped the movie and just recently bought it on DVD, and i'm planning on visiting Memphis next year. this movie is sweet and charming but also sad. i DEFINITELY recommend this movie to any Elvis OR Priscilla fan.
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Dale Midkiff's portrayal of Elvis is hypnotic!
mountaingal197813 February 2005
I love watching movies based on the life of Elvis as most of us do, and I particularly liked this one since it was from Priscilla's prospective. Susan Walters made a fascinating Priscilla. Dale Midkiff, although not as visually similar as Kurt Russell's portrayal of Elvis, brought an electric sensitivity to this part. Midkiff can hypnotize an audience with a single stare without ever uttering a word which made him the perfect choice for the role of Elvis. In my opinion, this movie gave an insightful look into the complex life and emotions of Elvis and Priscilla and is a must see for their fans. If you're not an Elvis fan, it's worth watching just to view Midkiff for a few hours.
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Great Movie
Queen_Bee6815 February 2004
I love this movie!! I don't believe any 2 actors could have played the parts of Elvis and Priscilla any better than Dale Midkiff and Susan Walters. It was just magical from the beginning, a 14 year old school girl/Army brat, who stole the heart of Elvis Presley! You will see how she spent her years at Graceland, the wedding, and the sudden birth of their only child, Lisa Marie. Priscilla truly lived a fairy tale!! I would highly recommend this movie!!
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This movie is a sham!
Fused0ne24 August 2007
There is no proof to back up the mean events that it claims Elvis did. But there are 100s of things that prove Elvis was a kind generous man. I have not read the book, but its obvious that this movie could not be made without Priscilla's permission. She should be held accountable for bashing the memory of Elvis. The fact she would allow this movie to be made shows what kind of a person she is. A female dog. She'd be no one had it not been for Elvis. She just needed something to make money and used this. Seem's to me that allowing this movie to be made, she sold-out. Elvis must not have been important to her no matter what is in her book... allowing this movie to be made shows her true feelings. Every interview with Elvis friends, and workers tell of a kind man who would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it. Not a monster like this movie makes him out to be. A true Elvis fan would not claim this movie to be great. Its fictional trash.
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Guilty pleasure
jen-1314 July 2000
Although I thoroughly enjoyed this autobio, it might have been a little shorter. I felt guilty after the first two hours, positively couch potato after the three, and ended up taping the last hour to watch later. Still, I gave it a 9. Remarkable "Cilla" look-alike, and she shure wuz good.
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is this the truth?
emilie860515 January 2004
elvis presley is one of my favorite singers, and i still think high thoughts of him, even to this day. i saw this tv movie on during the week that elvis passed away, and i could NOT believe that all that couldve possibly happened. i believe maybe the parties and the girls from on the road, but i dont understand how such a compassionate man would do that to priscilla, if he loved her so. priscilla, in my opinion, maybe made this to make her appear hurt by the rock legend to gain publicity. i saw the list of movie roles and tv she'd done, and it looks like the only thing that is holding her to fame was the child they had that disgraces the king day by day, and the ever so popular graceland. if she wasnt there for those other two reasons, who knows where she would end up. i do believe that everyone should be heard, and that maybe, somehow, elvis might've acted in these ways. but, was there anyone that can prove her right? like elvis' bodyguards and friends that were always around the king and priscilla? so, at least, it wouldnt be based on just one voice, but someone else who knew that was going on. i will never change what i think elvis was, a kind and loving man only focused on pleasing the fans with his gift of singing. dont let this tv flick change that. (C+ C)
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comment about the movie
mlramosurzua9 February 2007
I've been an Elvis'fan since I remember. I'm Chilean so I speak Spanish (sorry for the mistakes). I love the movie because is the best way to know Elvis better, in his private life, which is the most important for me. I love his performances, of course, but as I love him a lot , I'd like to know how he really was. I think that this movie is not so exact to reality, since it was written by Priscilla, and there's nobody but Elvis who could tell if it's true all the details and behaves that she says the KING had. He loved her so much, and she didn't understand that she wasn't going to have a "normal" life. She was marring THE KING!, so she did not had reasons to be unhappy. Of course he would have other girls , and he would have to work as every man on earth, (he was an artist so he had to sing, make movies, travel, etc...) she should have gone with him or stayed at home as he wanted... I don't know I'D do my best to be with him all of my life... making him happy in an intelligent way, trying to make him needed me... and don't divorce, that was so bad for him.. HE was the best man, the man all woman would have wanted... and she left him!.. I can't understand!... all she had to do is live the life at his side and be happy for ever being HIS wife, the mother of HIS children. She should have given him more babies..Why not?...I think Priscilla make Elvis unhappy.. always complaining and arguing for something. She never realized the man she married!
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Good Movie
Balou-610 July 1999
I liked the movie, though Dale Midkiff as The King, Elvis Presley, has not much credibility in that role. Susan Walter, on the other hand, was incredible and very sexy. She played her role very well. Midkiff wanted to do too much.
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Okay, but not very could have been better.
dl25us30 April 2001
First I would like to say that being an Elvis fan I've seen this movie about 12 times. Judging from the book and then the movie, this movie stated off with Elvis being very sweet and then afterwards making into a monster. This is not the way he is portrayed in the book. Although the movie is very accurate there are alot of things they left out. Also, the real Elvis didn't look anything like the Dale Midkiff. Susan Walters was a pretty good look alike for Priscilla, even though I found Ms. Walters to be annoying. The book "Elvis and Me" is much much better, so read it to get a better understanding of the story.
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