High Spirits (1988) Poster


Steve Guttenberg: Jack Crawford



  • [Sharon is flossing her teeth, seemingly unaware of Jack's presence] 

    Jack : Now that I'm dead, I though I'd let you know. You're as cold as a penquin on an iceburg. You're a dwarf. Yeah, clean those choppers so you can chew up the next jerk that comes along.

    Jack : [Sharon slaps him]  I'm not dead?

    Sharon : No, but if I were you I wouldn't make any long term plans!

  • Jack : Hi, Marty!

    [surprised after Martin has come flying through the window to pin Jack to the wall] 

    Martin Brogan : Where's the wife?

    [Jack points towards the stairs; Martin looks at Mary and turns back] 

    Martin Brogan : Not mine, you dolt. Yours!

  • [Mary has just aged 200 years] 

    Jack : Kiss you? Maybe we should get some moisturizer first... or some medical supervision.

  • Jack : [Jack and Sharon are witnessing Mary and Martin's fatal argument]  This is Mary the ghost, and that's Martin the ghost! They're having problems in their relationship.

    Sharon : No, Jack. We're having problems in our relationship!

  • Jack : I'm dead. So this is what it feels like. Like a hangover.

  • Jack : You're a ghost, I'm an American. It would never work out.

  • Jack : Eternity's a big commitment.

  • Mrs. Plunkett : [sees Jack, about Mary]  You do love her, don't you?

    Jack : Yeah, I guess I do. I - I don't know.

    Mrs. Plunkett : Then what's the problem then?

    Jack : She's a ghost. She's dead, I'm alive.

    [goes amazed] 

    Jack : How do you know all this?

    Mrs. Plunkett : [smiles]  I'm married to one.

  • Jack : [Hesitatingly, as the suddenly 200 year + old Mary Plunkett Breogan tries to seduce him]  I know looks aren't everything... but they can help *so* much!

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