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All in all, the picture goes down fairly easily, and by any estimate it's an improvement over other Pryor nonconcert films such as The Toy or even Brewster's Millions.
Moving isn't anything out of the ordinary, but those who have shared at least some of these experiences ought to find it amusing.
Since the humor in Moving never rises above the level of a stale sitcom, the film defeats proven comedy director Alan Metter and even its star, Richard Pryor, stuck in the squarest, most strait-jacketed role of his career.
Miami Herald
Alan Metter (Back to School) directed this wildly uneven trifle. Most of the jokes are tasteless or stupid. [08 Mar 1988, p.B5]
It's a wholly passive performance, and one that touches not at all on Pryor's special gifts. This man desperately needs a new agent.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Richard Pryor can be a funny man, but not in his latest film. As static as moving pictures can get, Moving chronicles the adventures of a relentlessly middle-class family forced to relocate from choice New Jersey to nowhere Idaho. [10 Mar 1988]
The movie has only a few bright moments, mainly provided by the fine group of supporting actors. Pryor displays none of his old manic energy, and the film follows suit, proceeding with murderous deliberation.

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