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Advocate Jyoti and Deputy Commissioner of Police Khanna are in love and hope to materialize this relationship into marriage soon. Meanwhile Khanna red-handily catches two criminals Vikram and Shakaal involve in a triple murder case, arrests them, lodges them in a cell further pending trial in a court of law. Vikram happen to be the only son of a corrupt Minister, Prajapati while Shakaal is his henchman who uses his Ministerial position to let both Shakaal and Vikram out so that they can kill Khanna after which they immediately return to the cell. Jyoti arrives just in time to witness the murder of her fiancé only to place both before the court whereby her witnesses turns hostile resulting in the court acquitting both. Jyoti then brings to light Prajapati's true colors to the public and in retaliation Prajapati's men abducted Jyoti and gang-raped her younger sister, Nisha before her eyes. After this incident Nisha is traumatized and find it difficult to lead a normal life again ...

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