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"I'll be ready... forever and always I'm always here..."
David, Film Freak16 March 2001
Once the world's most-watched TV programme, Baywatch has become a significant part of television history.

Okay, so it's not known for great plots (except maybe for the first few years) and brilliant acting, but, once upon a time, EVERYONE watched it.

Personally, I watched most of episodes from 1990-1994, I of course, liked Pam and Yasmine, but to be honest, my favourite part of the show was the beginning theme... and I have no idea why.

It's been a great stepping stone for many Californian model-type actresses, and Pam wouldn't have been as big (and I mean that in a non-boob-job kinda way) without it.

I haven't seen any episodes outside of 94, but the memories I do have of the episodes I viewed were pretty good!!

I don't know if it has finished in the States, and I don't really care. I've seen as many eps as I care to have sat through, and that's enough for me!

"Baywatch" R.I.P 1989-2001
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Not always Babewatch
navycutx22 July 2006
During its time, Baywatch was the most watched, most talked about, most hyped and most commercially successful venture on modern television. It is therefore quite strange to see its low rating on IMDb and its extensive criticism from wannabe critics.

Lets be honest here. It was'nt always about babes and unrealistic heroics. A good chunk of the series was dedicated to proper story lines, good acting and good action. It was very well written and very well executed.

Perhaps people have gotten used to an idea that grotesque reality is what TV should reflect? Thats pretty stupid. Baywatch represents a very happy and positive atmosphere and place, bordering on fantasy. It should be commended for at least trying to show a happy world.
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It Doesn't Take A Genius To Work Out Why People Watch This Show
Big Movie Fan17 August 2002
The reason people watch Baywatch is because of the amount of human flesh on show. Red-blooded males such as myself tuned in back in 1989 to see women in bikini's and I am sure there were probably many females who adored David Hasselhoff.

However, to be fair, Baywatch did have some great stories once you got past the flesh on show. David Hasselhoff did a good job as Mitch Buchanan who was an interesting character. There were some very competent actors and actresses throughout the show.

There's not really much scope for stories about lifeguards. How many stories can you have around lifeguards saving a person from drowning? Not many. Baywatch also focused on the characters private lives and at times, Mitch Buchanan found himself in battle with the usual bad guys.

Baywatch was a decent show. There's no denying what the appeal to the show is but in the interests of fairness, it really did have good stories at times.
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Pure entertainment
chandler2425 January 2005
I know that so many people says that Baywatch was the worst TV series of all, but everybody watched that, some episode at less.

It was pure entertainment, that's all. And it was great to watch that show to have a fun time. Obviously, it could have never been nominated to a Golden Globe, I know, but think about it: it was the most seen TV series all over the world in the 90's. Why? Something was right in Baywatch, wasn't it? Not all seasons were so good, but for me the best were in the mid 90's. Two main reasons: PAMELA ANDERSON and YASMINE BLEETH. They were the stars of the show, never eclipsed by the other babes. Pam was explosive and a femme fatal (is she really retired). Yasmine was glamorous, beautiful and the best actress in the show. She was really talented (hope to see her on screen again after her coke hell).

Of course many other stars were hot: Erika Eleniak, Carmen Electra, Nicole Eggert, David Charvet or David Chokachi. But Pam and Yasmine were the reasons why millions of people all over the world watched Baywatch. In fact, when they both left the show to go on with their careers beyond the beach, many people stopped to see the show. Poor Hasselhoff...

Then, Baywatch Hawaii. I didn't like it. But Jason Brooks, Jason Momoa or Krista Allen were so hot.

Finally, an unforgettable show, whatever you like or not. Baywatch was a world-wide phenomenon. And I hope to see Pam and Yasmine making cameos in the Dreamworks' Baywatch movie on 2006.
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Some good reasons to watch the show.
humppatarzan15 November 2006
There are actually some good reasons, why a person should take the risk of going totally insane by watching this show. The breasts are nice, even though some of them aren't that real, but they usually come in pairs, which is good. Watching the beach on your screen is also a very relaxing experience, as it is an ideal place for just taking it easy and not worrying too much about getting eaten by a rubber shark. It's always good to remember, that David Hasselhoff is a god. Not the god, but a god. It's not so much about his acting skills, since there are none, but his chesthair does a lot of talking. Also, there's no KITT hanging out in this series, which is good, since Mr Hasselhoff told in an interview, that he always thought KITT was gay. Naturally that might make him to look like an idiot, but considering the other statements he has made lately, it shouldn't be surprising to anyone.

In a nutshell, this is the kind of show, that is totally harmless to people. It gives us a lot to stare at and a lot to laugh at, which is something many intentionally humoristic shows really don't give us. I have to say, it's no wonder that Borat fell in love with Pamela Anderson. I enjoy watching the show. No, it's not a great show, actually it's quite horrible, but I enjoy watching it. It's basically like a B-movie stretched to last for a decade.
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Baywatch was brilliant but lost its charm and its way after Series 3.
barretto-5691111 February 2017
While this review may upset many its how I honestly feel. Baywatch from 1989 was absolutely nothing like what came from 1993 on-wards. Yes the special effects may have gotten better and stories more fleshed out but what made the original shows (89-92) so great was that they had believable characters, close nit story lines and build-able foundations. In my own personal opinion Pamela wrecked the show not improved it. It also annoys me that when people think of Baywatch she is all they think of. The show wasn't the Pamela Anderson show. They really went overboard with the TNA showing after series 3.

The original cast of Hasslehoff, Stevenson, Warlock, Eleniak, Call, Gagnier, Williams, Weatherly, Phelps. Newman, Nelson and Markham is what made the show brilliant. The developing romance between Shauni and Eddie. Friendships develop between Eddie and Court. The close nit story lines of Jill and Shauni. The experience of Craig and the love shared by Gina. The bond between Hobe and Mitch (Sorry but Jackson was a HORRIBLE Hobie compared to Brandon) and Plus the cockiness of Cole.

When Warlock and Elenaik left after the 3rd episode of series 3 and Pamela came in it really took a turn for me and whilst the later series are enjoyable to watch for what they were. Nothing will beat the original series' and stories for me. Baywatch will always in my mind be about the people I mention above. Plus nothing will beat Save Me by Peter Cetera as a main theme. Sorry Jim but it's just simply better than I'll Be Ready.

If you love close stories and developing characters then watch the original series' 1, 2 and 3. If you want Eye-Candy but more action scenes then watch from series 3 onward. Also Erika will always be the Queen of the Beach!
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Good Watch
fuk_yeee26 March 2004
So the writing wasn't of an A class standard, but the show last for over 10 seasons so you can't say that some people or should i say alot of people didn't like it or else it wouldn't have lasted that long. Here's just a summary of a few of the characters and why they made Baywatch so fun to watch and enjoy.

David Hasselhoff (Mitch)- Right, he wasn't the greatest of actors and i'll be the first to admit it but David provided the show with alot of advertising and was the only character in the show's history to last all 9 seasons of Baywatch: California. Mitch brought the machoness to the show and he always put on stellar performances when they were needed.

Pamela Anderson (CJ Parker)- Again not one of the best actresses but basically I think most of us know she was only really there for the eye candy, but CJ gave us some memorable moments on the show too especially when she struggled to find love through her years at Baywatch.

Yasmine Bleeth (Caroline Holden)- She has to be one of the best actresses to ever grace the Baywatch shores, Caroline was the shy, seductive type who was always getting things wrong with her work and like CJ with her love life. Unlike Pamela, Yasmine wasn't afraid to take to the water.

Alexandra Paul (Stephanie Holden)- Another good actress to grace the Baywatch shores and I think the only one to actually die, weird, but Stephanie's death was one of the best acted episodes from all characters.

Gena Lee Nolin (Neely Capshaw)- One of the only hardcore bitches to come to baywatch and she was a real bad girls, sueing Matt Brody and forcing him to quit after false sexual harrasement charges, sleeping with Logan and manipulating him in front of Caroline, seducing Cody and tricking Mitch into marrying her. She provided the best entertainment on the show and always got her commupance.

I could go through the rest but i'll not, but basically Baywatch provided us with some other great actors and actresses like Erika Eleniak, Nicole Eggert, Carmen Electra, Kelly Packard, Mitzi Kapture, Angelica Bridges and so many more.
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Well,lets see...............
raysond19 October 2002
For starters,I liked the first "Baywatch" series when it premiered on NBC-TV from 1989-1991,and from there when straight into syndication for the next 10 years(1991-2001)and this where the show ended up on one of TV Guide's 10 worst TV shows of all time,and here's why..........

1. You have superstud David Hasselhoff(whom I liked as Michael on "Knight Rider"),and others plastic silicons which killed the series which spun off two installments("Baywatch Nights" and "Baywatch Hawaii") under the production standards of Mr. Hasselhoff himself(whom serves as executive producer of the both spin offs as well as this series).

2. ONLY on Baywatch could oceans filled with inept swimmers be watched over by lifeguards who ran in slow motion(and swam out to save them on the same formational shot).

3. Not only it was an action packed show,but this sea-foam saga of a part soap opera of one-dimensional personalities with multidimensional bodies was,for a while,the world's most popular show(not in my book it ain't)which says more about the world than most of us care to know.

4. The show made Hasselhoff an international status(which he rocketed "Baywatch" to the number #1 most watched show in several countries due to huge ratings overseas---but did you know its biggest audience was in Germany and Sweden?)and made stars of Yasmine Bleeth, Gena Lee Nolin,Erika Elenak,Alexandria Paul,Anna Smith(yes,Anna Nicole Smith)and the Queen of Junk TV,Pamela Anderson-Lee who acted as a human floation device during some of the episodes.

For one,producers are trying their best to bring this back too...WHY? The most recent was bringing it to the big screen as well and also a made for TV-Movie. LETS HOPE THEY DON'T!
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Seriously, who watched this for the plot?
Aaron137511 April 2003
This was one show that was basically just on so you could watch hot girls run down the beach. The plots of the episodes were inconsequential, and for the most part who cared? If you tuned in, you wanted to see the gals running down the beach...if you watched it for the story you basically were going to be disappointed as the episodes stories for the most part were awful. Of course, it is amazing that it stayed on the air for as long as it did, but that was more thanks to the shows popularity over in Europe where David Hasslehoff is extremely popular for reasons unknown. Not that he is a terribly bad actor, but they like him more for his singing ability...which is terrible. All in all it isn't a show to take to seriously, in fact it is a show you can watch five minutes of and then flip to something else and maybe flip back to it to see if they are running down the beach in slow motion
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Great show with twist
Baywatch, television's most-famous "jiggle series" and by some counts the most-watched show around the world, did more for slow-motion beach joggers than anything since Chariots of Fire--just replace the British Olympic athletes with young women in high-cut red swimsuits who look like Playboy models. The premise of Baywatch is straightforward: a Los Angeles-based team of lifeguards saves swimmers and occasionally fights crime, led by beefcake Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff). And those Playboy models? Erika Eleniak turned a 1989 magazine spread into a role as lifeguard Shauni McClain for two-plus seasons alongside Billy Warlock's Eddie Kramer character (the actors themselves had a brief engagement), and most of the season's action revolved around the lives and loves of Mitch, Shauni, and Eddie. (The most famous Baywatch babe, Pamela Anderson, would arrive the following season.) When they weren't saving people on the beach, they were involved in movie shoots ("Money, Honey"), gang wars ("Point of Attack"), homeless girls ("Sandcastles") and stray pets ("Thin or Die"), a serious charge against Eddie ("The Trophy"), a Gilligan's Island hallucination ("Now, Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale"), and chemical dumping ("The Big Spill"). Hasselhoff's real-life wife, Pamela Bach, appears in a recurring role as reporter Kaye Morgan, Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me, Dream On) has a small role as Mitch's ex-wife, Gayle, and Tom McTigue plays lifeguard Harvey Miller.
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Entertaining crap
krycek194 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'ts a guilty pleasure to watch Baywatch.

But gorgeous babes and good music aside, a lot in this show sucked.

Each episode last 40 minutes but they only have a plot for 25 sometimes 30 minutes. To fill out the void they showed music videos for a total time of ten minutes per episode. And the scenes with Mitch and Hobie were often sugarcoated sweet to the point of vomiting.

The special effects were always extremely lousy done. From obvious set-pieces during hurricanes and earthquakes to rubber-sharks and papermache rocks.

The over-dramatic music in yet another countless rescue were annoying and of course David Hasselhoff were repulsive, a lousy actor and an even worse singer.

The show got a little better during the second season but some likable characters left, others were replaced. Brandon Call did a good job as Hobie but were replaced by the disgustingly cute much younger looking pain in the ass brat: Jeremy Jackson.

John D Cort, my favorite character in the whole series only returned for a few episodes during season 2. He should have replaced Billy Warlock who never really convinced me.

And all the babes did'nt show up until later seasons. Before that it was only Erika Eleniak. She was hot, but not the hottest babe on the show.

I hear of rumors of a remake. I hope they will make it better this time. With more plot, better acting, better effects, more and better action and no music videos. And of course no chick-.flick moments.
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Show was good
kimmy2000_8012 August 2003
This show was a good show. Too bad it had to end in 2001, but at least they made the Hawaiian Wedding Movie which was great too. it had a lot of great actors and actresses in it and some of the songs they played were actually good. Recommended to anyone who loves babes, beaches, lifeguarding, sand, sun, and a lot more. I give this a 10/10. Hope there will be another reunion show/movie in the near future.
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fuk_yeee23 April 2004
In 1989 are TV screens were graced with a show about beautiful lifeguards patrolling a California beach, so the theme of the show was reasonable and most of the actors were also acceptable. In 1989 we saw the first lifeguards (of many) to grace the Baywatch shores, Shauni McClain (Erika Eleniak), Eddie Kramer (Billy Warlock), Jill Riley (Shawn Weatherly) a few others which never lasted and of course Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff). Basically the pilot episode is not to be missed it is full of action, excitment and seduction and episodes from Season 1-3 were pretty good.

However Baywatch had alreayd lost three primary characters Shauni, Eddie and Jill all left the show within the first three seasons, although Baywatch did have an epiphany and that was to hire Pamela Anderson (CJ Parker), at the start Pamela's character was brilliant and she carried the show easily along with other newly hired characters Summer Quinn (Nicole Eggert), Matt Brody (David Charvet) and Stephanie Holden (Alexandra Paul) from 92-95 all the characters stayed until Summer and Matt suddenly left Baywatch but luckily Baywatch fans were given relief when Caroline Holden (Yasmine Bleeth) joined the show (clearly the best actress). The show continued to go on well with David trailing behind in every episode along with Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) and Steph's death was brilliant as well, the show was still good in 95 when they hired bad girl Neely Capshaw (Gena Lee Nolin) who corupted everyone on Baywatch lives with her manipulation and seduction.

In 96 a big error was made Pamela and Yasmine's contracts were up and both girls wanted to do something else, I think Pamela's head did become a bit big during the end as Yasmine did guest appear in many episodes before finally being wrote out of the show unlike Pamela. The show hired 7 new actresses/lifeguards to fill the void left by both Donna Martin (Donna D'errico), Jordan (Traci Bingham), Samantha Thomas (Nancy Valen), April Giminski (Kelly Packard), Lani McKenzie (Carmen Electra), Taylor Walsh (Angelica Bridges) and Skylar Bergman (Marilece Andrada) were all hired to try and fill the void and granted most of them were reasonably good actresses however they only last a year on the show before all apart from April leaving Baywatch.

When they all did in 98, in 99 the show once again suffered a blow when Gena Lee also left and they brought it Jesse Owens (Brooke Burns) and Alex Ryker (Mitzi Kapture), Mitzi was brilliant and really helped the show but not enough as they relocated to Baywatch Hawaii and she got out while she could. Baywatch Hawaii ran for two seasons with a few good actors and actresses including Krista Allen, Brande Roderick and a few others but finally folded.

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I still love it!
silbervogel30426 September 2004
I already watched Baywatch when it was first showed in Germany in 1990 and I still love it-but only the first season.Baywatch was just getting worse after the first season,and since Pamela Anderson appeared they should really have canceled it immediately.The plots became foolish and the acting was getting horrible-but the breasts of the "actresses" became bigger.The whole "Baywatch Babes"-thing completely ruined the show-what a pity! So I really enjoy watching the first 23 episodes when such actors as Parker Stevenson,Shawn Weatherly and John Allen Nelson made me laugh and having a good time.Yes-I have to confess that I mostly enjoy the episodes with John Allen Nelson,for he is the cutest and sexiest lifeguard that ever played in Baywatch-there's just no one like him! When I watched "Hawaiian Reunion" I was surprised how good-looking he still is,and even if the plot of the film was ridiculous and absurd,it was worth watching it-because of John Allen Nelson.
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Hasselhoff, Are You Serious?
daveisit19 November 2000
Everyone knows that Baywatch is terrible, and the most inaccurate portrayal of life ever captured on camera. This is everyone except David Hasselhoff. I highly recommend you watch Mr. Hasselhoff in an interview as he thinks he's a real life superstar. It will make you laugh for hours and even feel a little embarrassed for him. I have seen entire audiences in disbelief at how good this incapable man thinks he is.

Baywatch is just a bit of fun, and that's fair enough as we can all have a bit of a chuckle at the ludicrous plots. I just don't understand why the L.A. beaches in Baywatch are full of such ugly people. In Australia the beaches are full of beautiful people.
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More like a comedy
rpzowie4 November 2001
When I donated plasma, the center often had the tv set to USA, where Baywatch was being played. If it wasn't funny enough watching David Hasselhoff's character successfully driving away a shark by kicking at it (i'm no ichthyologist, but I suspect a hungry shark won't be deterred by a defensive victim), it was of Mr. Hasselhoff surviving a 30,000-foot plunge into the ocean (people have committed suicide by jumping off tall bridges into water). If T & A or laughable incidents are your thing, then I suppose Baywatch is your thing.
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What more could one ask for the Summer holidays?
Atreyu_II20 October 2007
I'm surprised about how low this TV series is being generally rated. Less than 5? Blimey! Has it become fashionable to hate "Baywatch" by any chance? Of course, like most TV shows of quality, this one also had its ups and downs, but in general it was a good and likable TV series.

Is there any better TV series to watch in the Summertime than "Baywatch"? I don't think so! It is especially delightful to watch during the Summer and also during the late Spring, when the Summer is about to come.

For one thing, this TV show takes place mostly in exotic sand beaches and during the Summer season and as such, we guys have the blessing of seeing girls in bikini.

Some folks might think that this is a typical TV shows for teens, whose only purpose is to see girls in bikini. That's very untrue. Many episodes have good stories behind. There is lots of adventure and humor in this TV show either. Besides, this is a very realistic TV show - it shows us people in life's danger being rescued by the lifeguards and that is something that happens in real life. It shows us all the courage and braveness of the lifeguards. They're heroes. They risk their lives to save those who need.

"Baywatch" also counts with the help of many good actors (or at least they were generally great here), great characters and the natural beauty of exotic sceneries: sand beaches and sometimes forests, green places, mountains and waterfalls - depending on the episode and the adventure.

The opening and final credits are awesome (especially the opening credits), as well as the cool opening song.

A great cast also makes the difference: David Hasselhoff, David Charvet, David Chokachi, Brian Keaulana, José Solano, Jason Momoa, Charlie Brumbly and babes such as Donna D'Errico, Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth, Stacy Kamano, Kelly Packard, Carmen Electra, Geena Lee Nolin and Brooke Burns. My most favorite and the prettiest for me was always Yasmine Bleeth. Other favorites of mine were Geena Lee Nolin and the exotic beauty Stacy Kamano.

In my opinion, Mitch Buchannon (portrayed by David Hasselhoff) was a better character than his replacement. Mitch's son Hobie was cool, but later he disappeared. David Chokachi was a cool Cody, but I think Matt was a more charming and cool character (who would have thought that David Charvet would become a singer later?). Stephanie (played by Alexandra Paul) was never a favorite of mine - unlike her lovely sister Caroline (Yasmine Bleeth), but she was a great character too. Logan was never much of a character, but he left his mark too.

Zack McEwan (comically played by Charlie Brumbly) was one of the funniest characters, with his silly and goofy humor. The funniest of all, however, was Jason Ioane - brilliantly portrayed by Jason Momoa. In fact, Jason Ioane was a very charming character, with those Hawaiian looks, a great sense of humor, a cool voice and a cowboy-like posture. Interesting that the actor's real name is Jason too.

Brian Keaulana was an interesting character. Funny that his real name is Brian Keaulana too. Manny was another interesting character.

Although "Baywatch Hawaii" is a little different, it is more of the same. In my opinion, "Baywatch Hawaii" is just as good as the earlier "Baywatch". It has a different cast (equal in talent) and it takes us to the exotic island of Hawaii, even more beautiful than what we see in the "old Baywatch".

I must confess that I started watching "Baywatch" around 1992, so I thought it was from back then and not 1989. Anyway, during numerous years I watched this TV series - they used to pass it every Summer around here. They don't do it anymore, but I miss it. I had a great time watching this TV series over and over.
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Ridiculously dumb.
Cinephiliac700026 February 2019
Boring, pointless, stupid, dull, and brainless. Why this ever aired on television is beyond me. A time waster, though staring at the wall may be a bit more entertaining.
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eternal summer
Kirpianuscus29 October 2016
a series like an endless holiday. hot bodies, drawing of acting, few slices of crime, brave men, attractive women, family dramas and drops of humor. lifeguards life "ad usum delphini". so, a form of entertainment. or delight. it is not easy to define Baywatch. because, season by season, it becomes more complex and the presence of David Hasselhoff as central axis of stories becomes credible. so, a nice series, first for the music, then for the running in the waves, and not the last, for the useful manner to save appearances for a beautiful longevity. Baywatch is the right mixture of soft adventure and eroticism who could define the entertainment of the "80's. and, decade by decade, this remains a virtue.
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'Baywatch Hawaii,' What The Original 'Baywatch' Should Have Been
chow9132 October 2013
Who can forget 'Baywatch?' 45 minutes of bad writing, bad acting, and glorious glorious silicone! The series was about much more than just silicone T and A, it was about... Well OK, that is what the show was all about.

I recently saw 'Baywatch Hawaii' AKA 'Baywatch' seasons 10 & 11. I was pleasantly surprised to see it's a dramatic improvement over the original series.

While IMDb insists on linking the two shows as mere the same series, they're WRONG! Why are they two distinct series? Well, they weren't written produced or directed by the same crew, took place thousands of miles apart, they only shared 2 of the same characters (if that), and most importantly their swim uniforms were two different colors! In fact the series began anew, just like many other famous shows like, 'Valerie,' 'Charles In Charge,' 'Lucy,' '8 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter,' 'LA Law,' 'The Partridge Family,' 'Super Boy,' and many more after losing 90% of their cast and even the death of their title character the series valiantly continued on as if nothing had changed.

While the series CLAIMED to star David Hasselhoff as Mitch Buchanan in reality it he only made cameos. Much like 'The X-Files' claimed to star Gillian Anderson even after she left the series.

Mitch's departure was the best thing to ever happen to Baywatch! The real story of the show centered around an elite lifeguard training center in Hawaii. It's exact location was never made clear as each week the character were assigned to new beaches on new island. The constantly changing scenery really enhanced both the look and story lines.

The main character was Jesse (Brooke Burns) by far the most glorious of all the Baywatch models and actually an interesting character. The rest of the cast was mostly silicone free. A surprising change from the original series.

The production quality, story lines, and most importantly the acting was far better than the original series, which meant it was still just barely acceptable.

Unfortunately things really went down hill in Hawaii the 2nd season (or what IMDb calls 11th season) Jesse leaves! And Playmate Brandy Roderick takes over alone with some more silicone gals. So sad to see the dream of 'Baywatch Hawaii' die.
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Only Pure Entertainment
fuk_yeee25 January 2004
So the writing wasn't great, the storylines weren't brilliant and some of the actors weren't of an oscar winning standard, but it was a popular TV show that millions of people watched and enjoyed. It had some great moments and lasted for 11 seasons, most shows don't get past 5 never mind eleven.

Baywatch had its ups and downs but it was always fun to watch and an enjoyable show also you had the eye candy like Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth, Erika Eleniak, Donna D'errico, Brooke Burns, Mitzi Kapture, Alexandra Paul, Nicole Eggert, Marilece Andrada, Brande Roderick and so many more, so don't critisize it because I can guarantee you loved it in its prime.
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Season 6 review
crfajman13 June 2019
Okay episodes (Still not as good as the True 1 season and 2nd Seasons with Eddie & Shuni(my favorites lifeguards along with Craig, JD and Jill). Problem is the Season 6 episode Timeline is completely screwed up!
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Beach, women, sex and drama
chmpgnrose1 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The 1990's era is not complete without this very popular TV syndication show of beach, women, and all the drama. Eleven years this show ran in syndication with worldwide recognition. Many actors and actresses are not equipped or experienced in acting or filming but are there to fill the void. I enjoyed the first two seasons with the original cast. Eddie and Shauni were always my favorite couple as they have true love. After these two actors' departure I've lost interest in the show. Throughout the entire show's run the stunts and explosions were dangerous portraying crime on the beach, which I am surprised how actors and extras were not hurt. As the seasons grew onward, the cast changed with many actors coming and going that it became too many for the last few seasons. The show's plot became too much drama for forty eight (48) minutes.
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Bathing Beauties Galore In Baywatch
Desertman8416 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Baywatch is an action/drama TV series about the beauteous Los Angeles County Lifeguards,who patrol the beaches of Los Angeles County, California.It stars David Hasselhoff.The show ran in its original title and format from 1989 to 1999, sans the 1990–1991 season, during which it was not in production. From 1999 to 2001, with a setting change and large cast overhaul, it was known as Baywatch Hawaii.A trademark of the show was slow motion shots of the lifeguards running, most notably done by Erika Eleniak, Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth, Alexandra Paul, and David Charvet along with Hasselhoff during the height of the show. Each show would feature one or two montages, often only superficially related to the plot.

The show revolved around the work of a team of lifeguards and their interpersonal relationships, with plots usually centering on dangers related to beach and other activities pertinent to beach lifestyle. Everything from earthquakes and shark attacks to serial killers and even nuclear bombs served as plot conflicts on the show. Saving people from drowning tended to be one of the most typical situations used in the shows.

One of the most important element that this show has is that many bathing beauties galore from the hot cast and extras.I think that the it became popular more because of this rather than the script,plot,characters and action/adventure that it has to offer to the TV viewer.And most of all,it was made for the TV viewer to titillate rather than to watch a good TV show.
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