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Season 4

23 Sep. 1992
There's a Riot Going On
April 29, 1992. Doogie, Vinnie and the hospital staff deal with the aftermath of the L.A. Riots.
30 Sep. 1992
Look Ma, No Pants
Doogie dates Katherine's new boss. David's angioplasty patient needs to consider putting her mentally-challenged, adult daughter into a group facility.
7 Oct. 1992
Doogie Got a Gun
After Doogie lets a burglar into the house, he considers buying a gun.
14 Oct. 1992
Doogie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
When Doogie decides to get his own place, he and his parents go look at some apartments but none of them is to his liking. But when he finds a loft, he feels this is it but his father refuses to support him if he decides to take it.
21 Oct. 1992
The Patient in Spite of Himself
Doogie has to learn how it feels to be a patient. So he is admitted, given some props to simulate elder difficulties, and is subjected to the same treatment and experiences as his patients.
28 Oct. 1992
To Err Is Human, to Give Up Isn't a Bad Idea
Doogie makes a mistake during a surgery and starts to doubt himself. Vinnie agonizes over the presidential election.
5 Nov. 1992
Doogie, Can You Hear Me?
Doogie dates a deaf patient and wants to "fix" her. Vinnie tries to raise money to make his movie.
11 Nov. 1992
Nothing Compares 2 U
Vinnie snakes a girl from Doogie which bruises Doogie's ego causing him to act obnoxiously. Ray passes the EMT test and starts second guessing himself.
18 Nov. 1992
Do the Right Thing... If You Can Figure Out What It Is
Doogie battles his conscious over whether or not to report a heart transplant candidate's poor behavior. Janine returns wanting Vinnie back.
25 Nov. 1992
The Big Sleep... Not!
Vinnie has insomnia. Doogie has no social life.
9 Dec. 1992
Will the Real Dr. Howser Please Stand Up
Doogie and his father disagree on whether a child is a victim of child abuse. Doogie and Vinnie try video dating.
16 Dec. 1992
The Mother of All Fishing Trips
David throws out his back, and Katherine takes his place on the father-son fishing trip not to the initial delight of Doogie. Vinnie "nurses" the ailing Howser back to health.
30 Dec. 1992
Roommate with a View
Doogie is planning his New Year's celebration. He comes home and finds a girl there. He learns that the man who rented him his place also rented it out to her. They try to live together but the girl is very fancy free which drives the uptight Doogie crazy.
6 Jan. 1993
Spell It 'M-A-N'
Doogie's locker room talk embarrasses the nurse he's dating causing her to get even. Vinnie unknowingly moves into a dorm room with a gay man.
13 Jan. 1993
It's a Tough Job... But Why Does My Father Have to Do It?
Vinnie is upset when his not yet divorced father starts dating another woman. David is offered the position of Head of Family Medicine at the hospital.
20 Jan. 1993
The Adventures of Sherlock Howser
Nurse Faber has a date with someone else causing Doogie to deal with his hurt feelings by imagining a Sherlock Holmes scenario. Curly gets engaged.
27 Jan. 1993
Love Means Constantly Having to Say You're Sorry
After Vinnie loses his virginity to Laura, he feels not good enough for her and begins to behave erratically. Doogie treats a famous actress for a mysterious illness.
3 Feb. 1993
You've Come a Long Way, Babysitter
Doogie learns that his former babysitter and crush, Rachel Wilson (Chelsea Noble) is in town. He hasn't seen her since he was 10 years old. Could his old fantasies finally come true? Vinnie attempts to get his movie script to a famous Hollywood actor, Nathan Gage (Jeff Yagher).
24 Feb. 1993
Love Makes the World Go 'Round... or Is It Money?
A young patient at the hospital develops a crush on Doogie. A computer glitch in Vinnie's bank account gives him $16,000.
10 Mar. 1993
Dorky Housecall, M.D.
Doogie becomes enraged when a newspaper cartoonist, also a patient at the hospital, uses him as a caricature in his comic strip.
17 Mar. 1993
Eleven Angry People... and Vinnie
Vinnie serves on a jury and angers the other jurors by casting the only dissenting vote. Doogie finds out that a well-respected doctor has never gotten his medical license.
24 Mar. 1993
What Makes Doogie Run
Doogie, feeling unsatisfied with his position in life, decides to take acting lessons. This develops into a real identity crisis, so Doogie decides to leave the hospital and travel the world to find himself.

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