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Season 4

Sep. 1996
Premonition of the Storm
Now betaken of his rival and occupied with desk work, Von Lohengramm thinks back to the beginning of his friendship with Von Reuenthal and Mittermeyer.
In the Distant Frontier
In Iserlohn Fortress, Julian ponders on what to do next and the hard task to follow in Yang's footsteps.
Roses at the End of Summer
After surviving an assassination attempt by a survivor of the Westerland Massacre, Von Lohengramm is gravely shook, reminded of his most scandalous deed, and seeks consolidation by Hildegard von Mariendorf.
A memorial service in the former Alliance territory turns into a massacre, possibly due to a Terraist conspiracy. Von Reuenthal's position becomes more fragile.
Multiple parties seek to have Von Reuenthal betray Von Lohengramm. Vicious rumors about an assassination attempt unjustly undermine his position.
The Urvashi Incident
While paying respect to the imperial casualties on the colony Urvashi, Von Lohengramm's party is ambushed.
In the Name of Pride
Framed by Heydrich Lang for the assassination attempt, and unable to leave Heinessen, Von Reuenthal sees himself forced to rise up in rebellion against Von Lohengramm.
Rebellion Is a Hero's Privilege
Knowing that it is the only way to prevent Von Lohengramm from commanding the fleet himself, Mittermeyer accepts his orders to go to battle against his best friend, Von Reuenthal.
The Two Great Ones Strike at Each Other!
Mittermeyer and Von Reuenthal prepare for battle. The latter sends former Alliance officer Murai to Iserlohn fortress, trying to gain Julian's support.
Live by the Sword...
The fleets of Von Reuenthal and Mittermeyer clash.
Die by the Sword
Von Reuenthal is defeated by Mittermeyer and retreats heavily wounded to Heinessen.
Endless Requiem
The dying Von Reuenthal returns to his office to finish his affairs.
Running Start Towards the Future
The Empire returns to its business after the death of Von Reuenthal.
Long Live the Empress! (Hoff Kaiserin)
Von Lohengramm and Hildegard von Mariendorf announce their decision to get married.
Invitation to Rebellion
As riots break out on Heinessen, Julian decides to declare war on the Empire, although trust in the Iserlohn Republic Government is waning.
A Challenge to Arms
The Wahlen fleet launches a disastrous attack against Iserlohn Fortress. Von Lohengramm is too sick to intervene.
Cosmic Mosaic
After the imperial defeat at Iserlohn, Oberstein is appointed to keep order in the former Alliance territories, a task he performs with ruthless efficiency.
For Peace, Via Bloodshed
Unrest breaks out on Heinessen after Bittenfeld is placed under house arrest for assaulting Oberstein. Meanwhile, the latter forces the Iserlohn politicians to come out of hiding in order to bargain for taken hostages.
Planet of Confusion
After a prison riot and a terrorist bombing, chaos erupts on Heinessen, forcing Von Lohengramm to intervene himself.
Stehibalm Schloss Burns
While Terraist extremists attack the imperial residence on Fezzan, Hildegard gives birth to Von Lohengramm's son and heir.
The Crimson Star Road
An escalated incident leads to the Imperial and Iserlohn fleets clashing. The battle is interrupted when emperor Von Lohengramm collapses.
Bloodthirsty Maiden (Brünnhilde)
The imperial doctors reveal that Von Lohengramm is suffering from a rare and incurable disease. Iserlohn forces board the flag ship Brünnhilde, allowing Julian to meet with the emperor.
The Golden Lion Flag (Goldenlöwe) Loses Its Light
As resistance is ebbing away, Julian discusses the future of the empire with the dying Von Lohengramm.
Dream: To See It to the End
After extermination of the Terraist remnants, Von Lohengramm approves of constitutional reforms for his New Galactic Empire and dies, leaving the future to Hildegard, Julian, Mittermeyer, and their sons.

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