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Where oh where is "Hawk"?
kevin-robinson19 April 2005
Someone made the comment that with all the stuff out on DVD that there should be some release of "Hawk's" 13 episodes. I wish I'd known the show would be yanked off the air so quickly. I had an old front-loading VCR and could have -- should have -- videotaped it. As it is, I have one episode on tape somewhere, and I'm rummaging through my old VHS tapes to find it. If they EVER rerun "A Man Called Hawk" on TV again, I won't make the same mistake. However, my fear is that the show will never make it on usual roundup of "old-show" viewing such as "TV Land" or "Nick at Night" or any of the other cable networks. "BET" ran it for a hot minute but it didn't last long; they are too stuck on comedies and music videos. "USA" recently flipped the script on the old "Kojak" series and updated the Telly Savalas character with Ving Rhames. Although it's a stretch to hear Ving say "Who loves you baby?" while smacking on a lollipop, some of the same qualities that made "Hawk" memorable are also evident in this show: smooth, intelligent, in charge,smart dresser, and smart dialogue. You can bet that this time I'm videotaping the new "Kojak," but man I'd like to get my hands on a "Hawk" DVD collection.
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Hawk is STILL the man!
DarkAngeloX17 September 2005
I enjoy watching Ving Rhames and I am excited that he has journeyed into TV land with the new series remake, "KOJAK" -- but no one, and I mean NO ONE tops Avery Brooks as HAWK! Avery Brooks did what very few blacks in TV during the 80's could do - he played an "afrocentric," pro-black, take no prisoners everyman, without being a narrow minded, uptight militant. Militancy has its place in history but that's not what AMCH was about.

I long to see that engaging snarl of Hawk's with the quintessential growling "ahhh" that he often followed up with. Only Mr. Brooks could give life to something that had no meaning.

It's a shame to see that Avery hasn't gotten his due props in movies and TV. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was cool, but I wanted to See Avery in action---HAWK in action.

Maybe someday someone will think hard about putting Hawk on DVD for the masses -- not just for Africn Americans. I hope that times have changed just enough for the powers-that-be to factor in the huge crossover appeal of AMCH and of Avery Brooks.

What would be awesome would be to see Avery in action again, as Hawk, in a revival of the series. Surely there's a cable station or network out there that could truly give this show the chance it deserves to find its audience.

And hopefully, Mr. Brooks would WANT to do it.
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Hawk Was Shaft on Steroids
LaurentRuisseaux22 April 2006
I grew up during the 1950s and 60s; therefore, I am familiar with black action heroes like Woody Strode's Sergeant Rutledge, Richard Rountree's John Shaft, Robert Hooks' Mr. T (in the movie "Trouble Man"), Greg Morris's Barney Collier (on TV's "Mission Impossible"), Clarence Williams' Linc Hayes (on TV's "The Mod Squad"), etc. So, I can say with some experience that Avery Brooks' portrayal of "A Man Called Hawk" was the ultimate incarnation black male urban suavity. As much as we loved (and needed) the John Shaft image, Hawk took it to a whole new level. Hawk was like Shaft on steroids...and freely independent, too! He was the total package, and Avery Brooks brought him to life with genuine suspension of disbelief. It was the perfect dream. I was afraid OF and FOR Hawk because I knew he would not compromise.
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A show like any other.
Cyber99896 July 2002
"A Man Called Hawk" was one of those shows that were finely put together but was never giving a chance because of all the political technicalities. The general viewers are not ready for a strong black character that is intimidating and passes the racial stereotype of black characters. It should have lasted more then a season.
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DVD for A Man Called Hawk
Jesus_my91122 September 2005
I enjoyed the TV series Spencer For Hire and Avery Brooks as Hawk. When he came out with his own show I though that was amazing. The episodes that I saw I enjoyed very much but they could have been better, may be if the show had been on longer they would have gotten the chance to iron out all the wrinkles. All the TV shows of the past 10 to 20 years is now on DVD and and I think it would be a good idea to put A Man Called Hawk on DVD for those of us who enjoy Avery Brooks as an actor. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would enjoy seeing Mr Brooks A Man Called Hawk on DVD. I wonder if anyone knows who we could talk to about have this put on DVD. Wht do you think
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The Hawk
lightning7719 May 2004
THE HAWK was then and still is now THE BEST. The only reason I actually enjoyed SPENSER: FOR HIRE was just so I could see THE HAWK in action, doing his thing as only he could. Avery Brooks will always be one of my favorite actors simply because of his portrayal of this unique character - which I refer to as my #1 Superhero. HAWK had it all - the look, the style, the dialogue, the weapon, the Street Savvy, and the cool to handle ANYTHING that came his way. I grew up during the late 70's and early 80's so I wasn't a part of the 70's blaxplotation that made Shaft a star. But to me THE HAWK will always be my Shaft. I only got to watch A Man Called HAWK once and I hope one day I'll be able to get a chance to see Mr. Brooks in action as THE HAWK either on Video or DVD release.
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After all this time
colsnake4 September 2004
Not that I'm surprised, but after all these years and TV show releases of the worst kind, No One Has Seen Fit to Put HAWK on DVD. Let's face it. This was a Black oriented show and the natural assumption is that Blacks and other minorities can/should watch and appreciate any show staring White males BUT the opposite requires special attention. Let's drop the double standard and make this show available to anyone who wants to see it. Hawk could have been better. Unfortunately it wasn't on long enough to take it's own course. Washington,DC as a location was OK but to have remained in Boston would have added an extra boost to the plot environment especially from a racial stand point. I guess we'll never know.
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Smooth and Suave!!
warlock1629 November 2001
This show, naturally the spinoff of "Spenser: For Hire", had excellent potential. Like most dramatic series which featured Black men in starring roles, it did not survive.

Firstly, there is the "Hawk" character. I believe that it overwhelms White people, especially so in the late 1980's, to see a Black man portrayed so splendidly. "Hawk" contained many fine ingredients: intelligence, sharp knowledge of the streets, toughness when necessary, gentleness when necessary, the ability to speak in such a dignified manner, tact, a fine wardrobe, etc. In a previous special edition of TV Guide which ranked the most memorable characters in TV history, "Hawk" was mentioned, though I felt that he should have been ranked higher.

This man was smooth, suave, and debonair. "Hawk" was a "Shaft" without the blaxploitation element. Many in the Black community felt that the reason that this show did not last was because the character was far too "cool" for television. It was acceptable for "Hawk" to be the Black "sidekick" to "Spenser". However, having such a smooth Black character in a starring role on series television was too much. Of course, the reason that was made public was that the show was canceled due to low ratings. However, I digress.

It was very unfortunate that this show never had the opportunity to blossom into the great show it could have been.
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dwacon-212 September 2005
I remember meeting Bill Yates and Travis Clark after the first season of Hawk wrapped. Clark was also working CBS' "Tour of Duty" and seemed to be a rising star on the horizon. I wonder where he is today?

Perhaps Hawk was ahead of its time. Tour of Duty faded quickly also -- but now we have Steven Bochco's family-made "Over There" series. Perhaps Hawk was ahead of its time but could also come back in some form?

Of course, positioning Hawk against the powerhouse Cosby Show was another bad move. A wonderful news show featuring Linda Ellerbee was also slaughtered by the Huxtables, and Hawk was also no match.

Would be great to see this on DVD -- especially in memory of the late Moses Gunn who was the metaphysical "old man" character (and later joined Avery Brooks as his father in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine).

My favorite part about AMCH was that Hawk got to escape from being Spencer's second banana and gain his own cache. He was Afrocentric without being militant. Strong without being obnoxious. Before his time, perhaps?

With today's emphasis on gangsta rappers, a strong man with the sophistication of Hawk may be lost as a protagonist for future television or film roles. At least, we should have a DVD release for the true fans to enjoy.
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A Man Named Hawk now on TV One
altacann4 September 2006
Hawk fans rejoice. A Man Named Hawk in now on the regular line up of TV One. There is a Labor Day Marathon. Also, TV One is running an interview with Brooks on its Quiet on the Set TV show. Brooks speaks about the making of Spencer for Hire. He also shares his views on a Man Named Hawk.

The strong Black character of Hawk seems right in place in 2006. This addition to the TV One programming will allow an entire new generation of viewers. TV One should be commended for bringing this short-lived but powerful series back to life.

Thanks for bringing these 13 episodes back!
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"Hawk:Hero For Hire"
gattonero9752 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was lucky that my grandpa recorded all the episodes on VHS. I recently found them in the basement in storage and they play very well. I'm missing the pilot episode.:( But hey I have all the other 12, so I'm not complaining.:) Way back in the day i use to watch Spencer:For Hire because of the always dependable Robert Urich as Spencer, but who really "stole" the show for me was the fascinating Avery brooks as 'Hawk'. It seem that whenever Spencer was way over his head, Hawk would always come to the rescue and save the day and Spencer's butt! I'm gonna transfer them on to DVD but I know they will still have the VHS quality and until someone really comes out with Hawk: The Complete Series on DVD, I will treasure what I have.
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Another good show gone too soon
ramsfan7 February 2010
I don't buy the theory that Hawk was canceled because white audiences "weren't ready for a strong, serious black lead". As a white teen in the late 80's/early 90's, I liked the show a lot. Unfortunately, history tells us there were also plenty of "white" shows which suffered cruel treatment at the hands of clueless, egotistical TV executives who wouldn't know a good show if it came up and bit them on the ass.

"Hawk" had great potential, and certainly was on a par with a number of other similarly-themed detective/police shows of the time. Avery Brooks portrayed the hard-edged, scowling Hawk with just the right balance of menace and charm.

You look at some of the garbage on TV today and wonder why a show of this caliber got an early hook. Fortunately, the very underrated TVOne station is re-running episodes of this show.
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A great show
freeofhim9114 September 2006
A man called Hawk stars the great and multi-talented Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). While originally a scene-stealing character of the show Spencer for Hire, when Spencer was canceled, this show was developed. Hawk (the sole star) is a strong, socially conscious, black man who defends and helps others in need. Think Kojack, Baretta, and A-team all rolled into one powerful black man. That is the first thing that sets this series apart from others. The second thing is the acting. This man grabs you and doesn't let go until the last scene. Buy the DVD. This show has heart. At first glance, Hawk is someone you'd be afraid to meet on a dark, lonely night. After watching, he's the man you hope you'll meet. This show was great. Years ahead of its time. If it had been in production today chances are it would remain on for several years.
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Hawk: The Most Evil Good Hero Ever !
elshikh413 July 2007
I have watched all of (Spenser: For Hire) episodes. It was nice. Yes, not quite (Magnum), but it got its own good - not too long - time. And most of the attraction came from that formula of the lead (Spenser) and his very strange friend (Hawk); where one is a private detective and the other is an ex-killer! And one (Robert Urich) is romantic intellectual guy, and one (Avery Brooks) is rough violent man whose coming from the streets.

It was similar to an angel and a devil that fight together for the noble case. Or it was some kind of metaphor for the forever discrepant; good and evil sides in the human being, through a show that teamed them up for the realization of one ideal purpose, where every side helps the other by using its own special way. So the irony between the 2 different men and their styles was captivating. However, the way how their friendship went despite their differences was even more captivating.

The secret of how Hawk stole the show was simple, due to the spirit of the role itself, and its distinguished disposition. I mean his way of talking, famous words (naughty naughty ah ha !), preferred style in clothing, sunglasses, long silver pistol.. etc. And I mean also the way he was appearing from the shadows suddenly to save Spenser in so many memorable ways; that rare kind of the bodyguard trained in hell, or that angel who looks more like a devil; all of that made Hawk one of its kind partner, the tough protecting friend that any one dreams of, and the powerful guardian angel that everybody wants.

Hawk was no Dirty Harry; he wasn't a cop or loves any, and he was less funnier. Hawk was dark, mysterious, and not predictable at all. Put in that mix the strong performance of (Avery Brooks), and how original the character was in the 1980s, and you'll easily understand the lasting magic of this character after nearly 20 years of its appearance for the very first time.

It made also its own mark on other shows. For example, you can clearly notice that with the relationship between agent Mulder (David Duchovny) and Mr. X (Steven Williams) in the second season of (The X Files) 1994, 9 years after the beginning of Spenser.

So, surely, there were some good reasons to make an independent show for Hawk one year after (Spenser) was canceled. But the formula this time wasn't the same !

Mainly, the other half is not here; Spencer is in Boston and Mr. Hawk went to Washington! I know life goes on, but not that way, because here you won't find any friend for The Good Old Friend. Yes, Hawk is that loner, but I think the writers didn't compensate the absence of Spencer being not here or there. That was a shock, maybe a slight one.

But despite whatever it might have had of whatever defects, the real shock was that the producers didn't give the time for such a show to progress. And I believe, like everybody else, that there was plenty of potential in it.

Was it bad luck ? Well, I don't believe in luck. So it could be the foolishness and the rashness of the bossy producers who gave a lot to nonsense shows, with absolute nothing to show, putting them on air, for years and years, to present the same nothing, or the bad nothing, over and over again. And the list of that kind is endless.

After that, (Avery Brooks) got some wonderful roles in TV and cinema. But I think none was as exceptional or popular as Hawk which I call the most evil good hero ever, even if he lasted for 3 seasons in a show, 13 episodes in another, and appeared in all the 4 Spenser TV movies from 1993 till 1995.

P.S: I'll never ever forget his line in one episode of (A Man Called Hawk) when he was telling a young man who he was watching over: "Wherever, whenever, I'll be there for you" WAW.. honestly, who needs more ?!.. And he wasn't even a superhero !!
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DVD Versions out
totalhockeyfan1014 September 2018
Found the DVD Set from a place online called Rare Media. Seems to be just burned copies but hey, at least I could purchase it. Just some info in case someone wants to order it.
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