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2 Feb. 1990
Ahami Awry Kidnapped
When Arab ruler who married an American comes to Washington on a diplomatic mission, his wife and daughter are kidnapped. Mancuso investigates and discovers that the kidnapping might be an inside job. And he also learns that the fairy tale romance may not be what people think it is.
9 Feb. 1990
Shiva Me Timbers
Nick's niece calls him when her fiancé is arrested for killing a reporter. Later another agent tells Mancuso that he thinks that there's a group of fascists in that neighborhood. But Mancuso learns that the group has a lot Jewish members. So Mancuso turns to the dead man's wife to find out what he was working on.
16 Mar. 1990
Daryl Ross & the Supremes
When someone makes an attempt at a Supreme Court Justice, Mancuso investigates and initially evidence points to a case involving race.

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