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3 Aug. 1989
The Plane Truth/American Hostages/Roseanne Barr/Nora Ephron
"The Plane Truth" investigates a plane crash where the pilot allegedly lost consciousness but later survived with an unexplained bullet wound. "American Hostages" looks at the eight Americans being held hostage in Lebanon and considers possible solutions to the situation. "Roseanne Barr" interviews the actress and filmmaker. "Nora Ephron" interviews the screenwriter.
17 Aug. 1989
Pushing for the Police/But I'm Innocent/Dan Quayle/Treaty Oak
"Pushing for the Police" talks to a drug dealer who made an arrangement with the police that allows him to sell drugs without getting arrested. "But I'm Innocent" goes to Louisiana to examine the story of Ronald Monroe who spent nine years on death row before his death sentence was commuted. "Dan Quayle" interviews the vice president. "Treaty Oak" looks at effort to save which was poisoned by a vandal.
24 Aug. 1989
Pete Rose Scandal/Crackdown in Columbia/The Last Picture Show/Dressed for Excess
"Pete Rose Scandal" discusses the scandal surround the former baseball player accused of gambling. "Crackdown in Colombia" looks at the on-going crackdown on drugs in the South American country. "The Last Picture Show" looks at the successful twelve year mission of Voyager 2. "Dressed for Excess" looks at the lavish 70th birthday of Malcolm Forbes.
31 Aug. 1989
Best Seat in the House/Tales from the Underground/Damndest Yankee/The Barney Frank Scandal
"Best Seat in the House" talks to Cher who is about to wind up her first tour in almost eight years. "Tales from the Underground" looks at the Solidarity movement in Poland and talks to prime minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki. "Damndest Yankee" profiles and interviews Yankee's owner George Steinbrenner. "The Barney Frank Scandal" looks at the sex scandal surrounding the congressman.
7 Sep. 1989
Zero Tolerance/The Most Innocent/A Matter of Trust
"Zero Tolerance" goes to Phoenix, Arizona, to examine the effects of a crackdown on casual uses of drugs like cocaine and marijuana. "The Most Innocent" looks at the effects of drugs on unborn children. "A Matter of Trust" looks at the controversy surrounding evangelist Jim Bakker.
14 Sep. 1989
Torn Curtain/The Greatest Gift of All/Atlantic City/SS Central America
"Torn Curtain" look at people who have escaped and are escaping from communist countries in Eastern Europe. "The Greatest Gift of All" takes a in-depth look at organ transplantation. "Atlantic City" looks at the New Jersey city famous for its casinos. "SS Central America" talks to treasure hunters who have found the sunken ship.
21 Sep. 1989
Tour of the White House with George and Barbara Bush
Primetime Live is given a guided tour of the private residential portion of the White House by President George Bush and his wife and First Lady Barbara Bush. The Bushes discuss the historical significance of the rooms and show off the Lincoln Bedroom, the formal Yellow Oval Room and the President's private office.
28 Sep. 1989
Return to the Killing Fields/Let's Make a Deal/Wait 'Til This Year
"Return to the Killing Fields" talks to two witnesses and survivors of the Khmer Rouge slaughter who are return for a visit to Cambodia. "Let's Make a Deal" looks at how some Department of Defense auctions leaves people owning toxic waste. "Wait 'Til This Year" looks at the recent success of the Chicago Cubs and wonders whether this is the year they will win the world series.
5 Oct. 1989
First, Do No Harm/Jim Bakker Verdict/Digging In/Gold Boat
"First, Do No Harm" investigates the dangers of Tambocor which is used to treat irregular heartbeats. "Jim Bakker Verdict" discusses the recent verdict against the televangelist. "Digging In" profiles Manuel Noriega the leader of Panama who survived a recent coup attempt. "Gold Boat" revisits efforts to salvage gold from the sunken ship S.S. Central America.

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