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26 Jan. 1993
Episode #4.15
A man is injured when he tries slide down a waterfall into a mountain pool; Four masked gunmen rob a grocery store; An airline passenger chokes a piece of meat; An unsupervised two-year-old drowns in a swimming pool.
9 Feb. 1993
Episode #4.17
A hang glider forgets to hook himself in properly and crashes; A woman calls 911 after being raped and shot by her neighbor; A dog defends a little girl against rattlesnakes; A teenage girl falls from a hotel balcony.
30 Mar. 1993
Accidental Gunshot
A teenager is accidentally shot on a camping trip.
11 May 1993
Episode #4.26
A man falls while ice climbing; A woman and her two children are trapped in a burning apartment; A boy cuts his arms on window glass; An elderly woman has a heart attack at the movies.
21 Dec. 1993
Wrong Number Rescue/Dr.'s Hay Crush/Christmas Tree Inferno/Chimney Trapped Crook
After dialing the wrong number, girls end up calling an elderly man with chest pains on New Years Eve (Pennsylvania); Farmer/Emergency room Doctor has a hay bail fall on chest while working his farm. (Kansas): A child accidentally starts a Christmas tree fire, as mother rescues him; Intruder gets stuck in the chimney.

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