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1 Feb. 1996
911 Python Baby-Sitter/CPR Parking Lot/Hostage Hot Pursuit/911 Car-Phone Kid
Story 1: On Monday, March 27th, 1995 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Cathy Cary attempted to feed her sister's Burmese Python. However, after getting the scent of a rabbit on her hand, as she reached into the cage, the snake attacked her hand. Milwaukee Fire and Rescue and Bell Ambulance arrived at the scene. Story 2: On June 23, 1994 in Wheaton, Illinois, two women came to the aid of a man found in cardiac arrest in a parking garage. They performed CPR until paramedics arrived and took over. Story 3: On November 3, 1993 in Parkersburg, West Virginia, a young woman was ...
15 Feb. 1996
Episode #7.4
A Virginia state trooper and his fiancée are critically injured in a head-on collision; A man must do rescue breathing when his wife has an asthma attack; A wreck leaves two women trapped in their car in the middle of a flooded river; Three children are trapped at the top of a 60-foot pine tree
7 Mar. 1996
Episode #7.7
A boy is pushed through a window while jumping on the bed and severely cuts his arm; A man is electrocuted by his dishwasher; A boat tries to tow a beached humpback whale out to sea; A man gets his fingers stuck in the money dispenser of a safe

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