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What's not to like
tetomehve8 June 2004
No, this TV movie may not be particularly original, but remember, it came before many of the movies that it can be compared to. Maybe in 1989 when it was released, it was more original. Even if it wasn't...

It has humor, heart, fine performances by likable actresses. What's not to like? Personally, I love this movie. I just watched it tonight, and not for the first time. I'll record it onto video until someone releases it onto DVD. There may be corniness, but this is a harmless, endearing depiction of friendship that I completely enjoy watching.

I love Shelley Hack as the political, intelligent Kimberly and Sela Ward as the independent, sexy business woman Carol. Brooke Adams as Pat and Stephanie Faracy as Beth fill out the cast well as the unhappy housewife and the naive one with a big secret. No, maybe the problems these women have have been seen before...but almost twenty years after this movie has been made, women still have these problems, so...clichés are clichés for a reason.

However, this movie is carried by the chemistry these four women have and they have it in abundance.
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Who was the bride??!!
ruthann-renaud14 July 2009
This was a classic chick flick! Four great TV actresses playing the bridesmaids and the entire movie focused on them rather than the bride. Which leads me to ask, "Who was the bride??!!" We never saw her face, only the back of her head at the airport, the wedding rehearsal and the wedding. There was no credit given anywhere (not even in!) as to who played her. I can only guess it was one of the producers, the writer, ??!! The movie is also great for seeing, as mentioned above, four great TV actresses (Shelley Hack, Stephanie Faracy, Brooke Adams and Sela Ward) having some great girl fun while waiting for the wedding. The sight of them coming down the aisle with the different bridesmaid dresses is worth waiting almost two hours. But still, who was the bride??!!
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Makes Me Happy, Good for Those Who Love Movies About the good ole days
chaplin_77 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so I've The Big Chill. I've seen The Secaucus Seven. I've seen Now and Then, The Wood, and a dozens more of movies about people who reunite after many years have passed to see each other and talk about the good ole days.

People tout and praise The Big Chill. I own it on DVD. While it is probably better written, I enjoyed Bridesmaids A LOT more. I love sappy movies where women reunite and talk and just get to act young again.

Here's the rundown on this movie with no spoilers and why you might like it: makes you think of the good friends you used to have when you were in high school or even middle school, the ones you might have lost touch with.

The women are both beautiful and adorable, they expose secrets, think about their lives, there's jealousy and romance mixed in. This movie is pure happiness with a wedding setting. Who cares if the story has been done a million times? I can't stop watching movies about reunions. If you're like me too, then give this movie a chance.
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Same old, same old.
Yael.22 June 2000
I landed on this movie accidently, and since I'm very fond of Sela Ward, I've decided to give it a chance. What a mistake.

The idea is much like in any typical "girls" movie - "little women", "now and then", even "the first wives club". As always, the best friends meet after 20 years, after each went in her separate way - the dull house-wife, the successful and wit, the one whose husband is cheating on her and the one who desperately wants kids. And of course, secrets from the past will rise, shake their relation-ship, but it will all end well. (There's no spoiler here - if you expected anything else you must be very naive). So - Same old stuff, nothing is new, can't think of anything borrowed, but the sky is blue.
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Reunion of 4 friends coming back to stand up to a 5th friend's wedding
mcaf31819 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love this movie! I could watch it every year or 2! I just wish it was out on DVD! My videotape or VCR won't last forever! Please bring it to DVD!!! I am a big fan of Sela Ward. I loved her on the TV series "Sisters" and all the other roles she has played since. I wish they would also put "Sisters" out on DVD! I don't know why it takes the creators/producers, etc. so long to bring something out to DVD with all the other "stuff" or "junk" out there today. I'm also a fan of Shelly Hack. I have been since she was on Charlie's Angels. Brooke Adams, Stephanie Faracy and Audra Lindley are also great in the cast. I'm sure a lot of brides out there have a mom like Audra Lindley's character, even though I didn't. The look on her face at the end was priceless!
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