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In the UK Prism DVD release, as well as cuts already detailed. The scene where Eric is talking to Kurt about his upper body strength, then referring to his legs being like toothpicks has been inexplicably completely removed.
Kickboxer has never been available anywhere in the world fully uncut and with the original voice dubs. The old UK VHS from 4 front video was a perfect version with original voice dubs but it was heavily cut by the BBFC by 1 min 18 secs (a ear clap in the bar and the final fight was heavily cut). The Australian Palace VHS version classified R is the most complete version of this film ever released, but even that was missing a few brief shortened scenes due to print damage (I mean very brief too). In the old VHS releases, the character Eric Sloane (Dennis Alexio) spoke with his real voice and this was much more authentic and realistic compared to later dubbed versions on DVD releases. The newer DVD releases also miss vital plot points and story lines and there are many scenes that have been shortened or completely removed. These are things that are missing in the newer DVD releases. 1. Eric's voice uses a whole new voice dub. Some of Kurt's dialogue is re-dubbed and Tong Po's Scream and laugh are re-dubbed. 2. The volley ball scene is longer in the VHS releases. 3. There is an extended shot of Eric and the fighters when Eric whistles for Kurt. 4. The scene where Tong Po paralyzes Eric has been completely re-shot. We should see the audience just as he's being sweeped to the ground, then when he finally elbows Eric in the spine, there's a slightly longer scene of Kurt getting in the ring. Then we should see the audience. Kurt saying "That's my brother" is cut when he's kicked out of the ring. He should say that dialogue right before Tong Po rips Eric's belt in half but this has been re-added slightly later when Eric is carried out of the ring on the stretcher but is not seen. 5. There's extended shots of Eric on the stretcher and the Doctors taking him away. 6.There's missing scenes of the strippers in the club. 7.The scene where Kurt is talking to Taylor has been re-shot. In the uncut version he says much more dialogue...and replies he had started with drugs, selling heroin for the CIA and then goes on to mention guns grenades etc. 8. When Kurt goes into the village to pick up Xian's groceries, he runs around chasing the kids. This is a lot longer in the uncut version and lasts over 20 seconds before the thugs show up and startle the kids. 9. Xian tells Kurt he has new clothes for him, Kurt replies Oh, good. when they walk back to the house. 10. There's missing shots of Kurt training with Xian, a missing eagle squawk and a missing kick plus Kurt kicks the palm tree one more time. 11. The Hospital scene is completely removed (2 mins 21 secs). Taylor arrives to pick up Kurt to visit Eric and Eric breaks down and says his legs are now like toothpicks and be useless in 6 months. He tells Kurt to find Tong Po and F**k him up because he's a Sloane. Kurt promises him that he will. 12. There a cut scene of Kurt dancing with the girls in the bar. 13. The scene with Xian and Freddy Li has been re-shot. In the uncut version Freddy Li says "He's the brother of that pitiful dog, that lost so miserably to Tong Po. In the cut DVD he says "His Brother lose badly to Tong Po. 14. Kurt replies to Xian with "Pedicab" which is also cut. 15. Kurt bowing down to the Buddha statue has been cut. 16. The shot of the knife and close up of the hook on the thug is cut 17. Tong Po's laugh is horribly dubbed 18. Mylee says "Nok Su Kaw" one more time. 19. There is only a vision of the Eagle in Kurt's vision with no warriors. Warriors have been added in the DVD version to compensate for cuts. 19. Mylee cutting the bandages off Kurt's hand is trimmed slightly missing an extra cut. 20. Tong Po gets a roundhouse kick to the face, but the shot of him spinning around and dazed is cut. 21. Tong Po's scream is horribly re-dubbed. 22. Kurt does a final jump kick which you get to see fully in the uncut version. He raises from the floor and kicks Tong Po in the face who falls out of the ring. This is cut in the DVD as we only see half of his jump kick. These are the most recognizable scenes that are cut but there are many more little snippets to shorten scenes too which I haven't listed here.
The Full Uncut Version of Kickboxer (never been seen before) clocks in at 98:54 seconds (PAL) / 103.01 seconds (NTSC). All US R Rated versions on DVD/Blu Ray are cut by 5 minutes or so and miss vital plot scenes, shorten or remove other scenes completely and omit nudity that are only present in the International versions on VHS Video from Palace & EIV along with the German 2 Disc Action Edition (German Audio). All of these versions are cut slightly for violence though.
The UK cinema version had 1m 17s of violent footage removed by the BBFC. The video version lost a further second in addition to this. All of the cuts were to kicks and punches plus a shot of an ear-clap.
The original rental version on video in some countries are different than the video versions released now. They were edited for violence, but include extra scenes, such as a bit in the hospital where Eric meets this guy named Lo with Jungle Rock cancer. Eric then cries to Kurt and starts swearing because he can't walk again. Eric then says "That son of a B**** took my life away Kurt , you find him and you F*** him up , you F*** him up bad , and let him know you're a Sloan." Then Kurt promises that he will. Some music plays from then on and continues to play on during the bit when Kurt is kicking the tree. On other releases there's no music while he's kicking the tree. Tong Po's laugh and scream sound different in the last fight. There are many other extra scenes but they are small scenes. Australian and New Zealand rental versions that were released by Palace have these scenes included but have some violence cut out. The version released in Australia by Fox in 1996, is the standard version which doesn't include these scenes.
The UK DVD release uses a whole new voice dub for Dennis Alexio (Eric Sloane).
Passed uncut by the BBFC in 2002.

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