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The best of Van Damme my favorite martial arts classic film of all time
ivo-cobra812 March 2018
Kickboxer (1989) is one of the best martial arts films that Jean-Claude Van Damme ever made. I am a huge fan of Van Damme, I absolutely love this film to death! It is a cult classic film that Jean-Claude Van Damme made in to a star. Hard Target is Jean-Claude Van Damme's favorite number 1 film of mine this is my second favorite film of his. Bloodsport and Kickboxer are Van Damme's best films of the 80's he ever did. Since he edited Bloodsport himself and Cyborg flopped, Van Damme went and make this film that even today it is one of his best films of his career.

After an US Champion Eric Sloane (Dennis Alexio who was a kickboxing champion in real life) and his brother Kurt Sloane (Jean-Claude Van Damme) travel to Thailand, Bangkok to fight the Thailand Champion Tong Po (Michel Qissi). In the ring the fight is different than in America in a Muay Thai style and Eric get's hurt and paralyzed for life by Tong Po. Van Damme is angrier and vows for revenge, so he meets this guy Vietnam vet retired Winston Taylor (Haskell V. Anderson III) who helps Van Damme on his mission. With the help of the Thai master Xian Chow (Dennis Chan) who becomes his teacher, trains him and getting him ready for the fight of his life.

What can I say I love this movie to death, this movie kicks ass. It is great choreographed, it has no wires, just real action. Real fights they were all choreographed from Jean-Claude Van Damme him self. I love that the location was shot in Thailand and not in America. The director Mark DiSalle did a wonderful job directing this beautiful movie. David Worth was good by helping co directing it. Music was made from Paul Hertzog who made the music montage for Bloodsport. Trough inter film we se Van Damme training I love that, I love how Van Damme trains in the Stone City. The whole training montage was inspired from The Karate Kid and Rocky IV. Kickboxer defines my childhood I grew up watching Van Damme as a kid and Kickboxer is still my favorite film. Tong Po (Michel Qissi) is one of the best bad guys of all time.

On the end of the film we se the last fight with Kurt and Tong Po in the "ancient way", with a broken glass which it is a beautiful well choreographed. I love how Van Damme kick's and defats with martial arts Tong Po one of the best fights in the movie I ever seen. Van Damme dances while been drunk and kicks Freddy Li's fighters to the ground. Van Damme kicks a fighter in a tournament and deafets him in a kickbox match. I love the songs played in the film: Never Surrender, Fight for Love and Streets of Siam by Stan Bush. This movie spawned 4 sequels and 2 reboot films but no one of those films come near this movie. Don The Dragon Wilson can suck Van Damme's dick for challenging him Don your movies suck. Steven Seagal get your fat ass out of Van Damme way because Van Damme would have kicked your face with his technique to the ground on the dirt.

10 out of 10 Kickboxer is my all time favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts film and kicks ass, it is a cult classic film of all time. I love the cast, the direction I love everything about this film. I love this film to death.
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pretty good movie
joliet-jake30 December 2004
this is the one of my favorite van dam movies. I think that it is also one of his best films. We watch his character train throughout the movie for a fight at the end. The martial arts throughout are very well done. This is one of those films you can watch every time it is on TV. If you like martial arts movies you will probably enjoy this one. The movie though is all about the final fight. Like many other films of its type. All in all van dam is great and if you want to see a film based on the martial arts that doesn't have Druce Lee or Jackie Chan or Jet Li in it then this movie is one for you. The story is pretty simple but the fight scenes are worth it so go for it. 7 out of 10.
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Revenge of the 80's: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Superstar.
Captain_Couth11 October 2004
Kickboxer (1989) was another in a long line of star vehicles for the "Muscles from Brussels". In this picture J.C.V.D. plays the younger brother of a unbeaten American kick boxer who lusts for some real competition. So he decides to go to the home of Muay Thai kick boxing, Thailand. There he realizes that he doesn't know squat about the true art of kick boxing. He learns a painful lesson. His younger brother decides to learn Muay Thai and avenge his brother's honor.

Not a bad movie. Entertaining and a good time waster. But for some reason the producers decided to franchise out this series. The rest of the films are a mixed bag at best. The more they made the least interesting they became until the final results were unwatchable. As always with these films the first film is usually the best of the bunch. Jean-Claude plays his character with a thick euro-accent (I forgot how they explained it). He's physically impressive so it's kind of hard to swallow his naiveté about fighting and what not. Or well. Fun for all.

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Great Van Damme movie! One of his best!
Movie Nuttball9 October 2003
This is one of Van Damme's best films! I thought his acting was really good especially when he was crying. Michel Qissi and Dennis Chan very good good. There is a lot of action in the film. Tong Po's introduction was cool! The music by Paul Hertzog was good. Kickboxer has three sequels and I think the the second movie is arguably better than the first one and this one is excellent! If like Van Damme's other great movies such as Bloodsport, Cyborg, Hard Target, and Sudden Death then I recommend you watch Kickboxer!
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Great van Damme movie from the good old days
sveknu3 January 2006
This is a splendid movie. It's van Damme exactly as I want to see him, with great martial arts action, a decent plot (even if it's not original at all), cool characters and a great 80's soundtrack. The movie is somewhat different from Bloodsport. Of course there are similarities too, like an evil fighting champion that van Damme is fighting. But this movie hasn't nearly as many fights as Bloodsport. Instead, it's more focus on training here. The training scenes are visually very good, and with really cool background music. Even though I had expected more fighting instead of this, there's no doubt that this is a great movie in it's own way.
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Explosive Martial Arts Move!
The__Watcher13 January 2001
This is one of the best martial arts movie ever made. It's got "Damme" good soundtrack , "Damme" good story line and "Damme" good training. The last fight is the best I've ever seen. I've seen 2 different versions and they're both good. This is a must watch Van Damme movie.
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The only good Kickboxer movie in the series.
martymaster21 January 2002
It has been made a lot of sequels in this series,but this one is the only that is worth watching. It is kind of like Rocky,in the sense that he traines all the movie for a fight in the end. The fight scenes are hardcore and the one at the end is quite cool. This cant be compared to the best movies of Jackie Chan and Jet Li,but it is still a good martial arts movie.

One of Van Dammes best to date.
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Great action movie
Mr_JM8425 October 2005
I have rented this movie out numerous times and i love watching it every time, its a movie that i just cant get enough of and is a movie that i would someday like to own on video or DVD.

The story is pretty simple it's about a man named Kurt Sloan played by Van Dame, who's brother Eric Sloan gets brutally crippled after fighting undefeated Muhay Thai kickboxing champion Tong Po, Kurt Sloan then meets Xian played by Dennis Chan who latter agrees to train Kurt so that he can be good enough to fight Tong Po and beat him to get revenge for his brother.

This is by far my favourite martial arts movie, it has lots of great fighting and action and also contains some lovely scenery of Thailand which the movie is set in and was filmed in.

A highly recommended movie for all martial arts action movie fans.
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Great martial arts action, crap plot and music, some terrifying dancing.
ian06 January 2006
Somehow, this film ends up being hugely enjoyable, no matter who watches it. There is something for everyone.

If you like martial arts, Jean Claude Van Damme's technique and physique is exceptional; if you like foreign travel, there are plenty of scenes in Thailand; if you like embarrassingly-bad 80s synth-pop, you will cry laughing at the soundtrack; but the stand-out moment in the whole movie has to be the dance scene in the bar. Some issues:

1) what the hell is he wearing?

2) How do you watch this scene without cringing?

JCVD choreographed all the fight scenes, so I guess he must have choreographed the dancing too. Either it's a brilliant piece of acting, or he really does have too high an opinion of his dancing ability! Surely one of the funniest sequences in movie history...
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Quick Reviews!!
malkane3165 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Probably the most famous of Van Damme's early work, kick-boxer is another simple story of revenge, and a showcase for his skills as a martial artist. It has some good fights, and some interesting moments showing the difficulty of training and trying to achieve your best while not losing your focus. Although it suffers from some cheesy acting, dialogue, music, and a highly disturbing dance scene, this is a must for Van Damme fans, and those with an interest in martial arts movies who don't want to stray too far from the West.

Van Damme stars as Kurt Sloane, the younger brother of a flashy American Kickboxer. They train together, but his brother Eric seems to be more interested in looking like a good fighter than actually finding the ability and skill to be one. Eric takes part in a fighting competition and is crippled and almost killed by Tong Po, and fearsome Kickboxer with a great rage and discipline. Kurt decides to avenge his brother, but no-one will train him as they believe Tong Po is too popular and strong. Eventually he finds a trainer in the middle of nowhere who teaches him to reach his full potential and push through the barriers which he never though he could surpass. He also meets Winston Tyler who provides some laughs, and Mylee who provides some style. Of course it is the fights that matter, and the revenge plot is safe enough to give the fights reason. Rather than cheap montages, we see the tough training regime Kurt goes through, and see Tong Po kicking a cement wall to build up the strength and invulnerability of his foot. Sounds odd yes, but how else would we know he's a hard lad? Anyway, a good film for fight fans, light-hearted and fast and worth watching.

7.5 out of 10
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One of Jean-Claude Dammes best movies
monkey-man29 July 2005
This movie is really good and its about a Kickboxer and his brother who go to Thailand to fight the Thai Kick boxing champion and the American Kickboxer loses and ends up being paralyzed and then his brother gos and gets kick boxing training in a remote part of Thailand to revenge his brother.There are heaps of good scenes in this movie like all of the scenes of the city Bangkok and of all of the beautiful temples and the great fight scenes in the end of the movie.This movie stars good actors like the great action star Jean-Claude Van Damme,Dennis Chan,Dennis Alexio,Michel Qissi and Haskell V. Anderson The III.Kickboxer is one of Vam Dammes best movies and so are the movies Blood Sport,Nowhere To Run,TimeCop,The Quest and Hard Target.Over all this movie was good with NEVER a boring scene and my rating is 7 out of 10.
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Jean-Claude Van Damme goes Muay Thai-style!
dee.reid9 May 2006
Nah, you're not interested in "Kickboxer," the Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts movie set in the exotic and mysterious Thailand and focuses in on the brutal sport of Muay Thai, are you? You're not going to miss Van Damme's hammy acting, his trademark splits, or his harsh (although according to some sources, inaccurate) training and portrayal in and of the Thai sport of Muay Thai, are you?

Of course you do. The Muscles From Brussels goes Thai in this 1989 adventure, with the Belgian actor exploring the martial arts fundamentals of Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, which has gained wider recognition in the West because it's the de facto fighting style for mixed martial arts and Thai-native newcomer Tony Jaa seeks to promote his tiny country's greatest commodity for a worldwide audience. But this is a Van Damme movie, first and foremost. True he's no great actor, but there's something about his work here that makes me want to watch "Kickboxer" again and again.

First things first, what is Muay Thai? As already stated, it's the national sport of Thailand, where the fighter will condition his body so that his arms and legs become weapons capable of delivering blows, kicks in particular, that are three times as powerful as that of any ordinary martial artist. He'll also use his feet, fists, shins, and elbows too. If one wants to go all out, two guys will get in a ring and have themselves a rope-fist fight, where the fighters' wrists are bound in rope and covered with broken glass. Isn't that mean and nasty?

To begin "Kickboxer," Van Damme is Kurt Sloane, brother of Eric (Dennis Alexio), the top kickboxer in the United States. Tiring of the generic competition of his native soil, he travels with brother Kurt to Bangkok, where he hopes to dethrone the current champ Tong Po (Michel Qissi), who has a reputation for fighting dirty. Kurt first sees this towering mountain of flesh and muscle kicking the hell out of a support beam in the locker room; that's the first clue to Kurt that Eric shouldn't get in the ring, but he's not listening.

And Eric fights anyway, against baby brother's warnings.

To make long stories short, Eric takes quite a beating in the ring but a series of illegal blows delivered after Kurt throws in the towel cripple Eric for life. So what went wrong? According to some sources, American Kickboxing is a watered-down form of Muay Thai, so it's no wonder Tong Po got the upper hand so quickly on Eric, who despite his excellent training and peak physical condition, only landed a few lucky punches on the towering fighter. Apparently, Muay Thai is strictly for street fighting, not something for refined martial artists like Kurt and Eric.

To teach Tong Po a lesson in humility, Kurt contacts American Winston Taylor (Haskell V. Anderson III) to seek out a venerated Thai master, Xian Chow (Dennis Chan), to learn the art of Muay Thai, and so the training begins. Kurt first puts aside his already-planted Karate training and strengthens his body, kicks tree stumps until the scar tissue prevents any kind of feeling aside from invincibility, learns a little about Asian spirituality, and even flirts with Chow's niece Mylee (Rochelle Ashana). What it all culminates in, of course, is a no-holds-barred "Rocky IV"-style showdown using the ancient rope-fists between Kurt and Tong Po.

As someone who knows next to nothing about Muay Thai (in fact, much of what I know comes from Wikipedia and the special features section of the "Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior" DVD), I found "Kickboxer" to still be quite entertaining. It's brutal stuff, really, so it's no wonder Muay Thai is gaining such greater notoriety in the United States. As Kurt Sloane, Van Damme is good (despite his acting limitations in showing emotions), his performance notwithstanding, and none of the other performers are really worth speaking of either, but Tong Po is a nasty villain and his one speaking line "You bleed like Mylee; Mylee good f**k" sends chills down the spine.

The fights are another thing and are what this feature co-directed by Mark DiSalle and David Worth seems to specialize in. The fights are spectacular (as with any martial arts movie that features Van Damme doing his trademark splits and 360-degree flying spin-kick), which does include one sequence where Kurt gets drunk, starts dancing, and takes on the patrons at a bar.

This "Kickboxer" - it's a kick, just don't let it "kick" you in the head too much with its lackadaisical script and lame-brain plotting.

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Very good movie
avatar-422 February 2002
Well not as good as Bloodsports, but i think this is the next best movie of van damme, very good action.

A Classic scene when van damme is dancing in the bar drunk, thats one part i will never forget too damn funny!! that part is worth the price of the movie
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Great, love the cheesy music interludes.
sarah_harmer123 January 2001
Having just watched Kickboxer for the very first time last night, it is still very fresh in my mind. He is such an amazing guy, flexible to boot and at the obvious peak of his career. The only thing that plagued my mind, was the awful music interludes which were dotted into the plot, with Jean-Claude, walking around aimlessly, eighties music blasting, lyrics that would make Michael Jackson cry....... Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie. It was a lot of fun!
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One of the best Van Damme movies with overwhelming combats and spectacular scenes
ma-cortes12 May 2008
A man named Kurt Sloane(Van Damme) learns in Thailand the ancient Kickboxing style called Muay Thai for fighting the contender who paralyzed his brother named Eric(Dennis Alexio who was actually US Kickboxing heavyweight champion) . During world championship with the Kickboxing heavyweight champion celebrated in Bankok stadium, Eric was crippled by fighter Tong Po. Then, Kurt is seeking vengeance and he's only helped by an American ex-soldier(Haskell Anderson) and an expert trainer named Xian(Dennis Chan). The film contains some biographic note, as Kurt tells his sweet-girl he was born Belgium and lives in Los Angeles.

The picture displays lots of violence, action filled, thrills and fierce combats. This is a colourful, Thailand set and quite budget movie; leave no cliché untouched , though the fighting are well staged . Van Damme performance reveals to be more of the Chuck Norris, Stallone style than the Stanislawski school of acting. Karate expert Van Damme co-wrote the script along with the producer-director Mark DiSalle .The breathtaking fights are magnificently choreographed and directed by Van Damme. Exciting scenes , such as Van Damme training over temple of stone, sympathetic fights in the bar and spectacular combat against tiger champion Tong Po and the crowd shouting, 'great white warrior'. The motion picture is professionally directed by Michael Worth and Mark DiSalle who tried repeat success with Jeff Speakman but he didn't achieve. The result is a strong entry for action buffs, though strictly for Jean Claude Van Damme fans. Followed by numerous unreleted sequels, such as, Kickboxer II, the road back directed by Albert Pyun with Sasha Mitchell; II Art of war directed by Rick King with Michell; IV by Albert Pyun with Mitchell; V by Kristine Petersen with Mark Dacascos.
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one of the greatest martial arts movies ever
mrme2002200223 August 2003
when tong po paralyzes eric sloan in a kickboxing match eric's brother kurt begins training to get revenge.this is one of van dammes best despite some bad acting and an average storyline.the training scenes are spectacular and when van damme faces tong po its an awesome fight seqeunce.I gave it 9 out of 10 but I would of given it 10 if van damme had just a few more fight scenes.other than a bit of bad acting and a small lack of van damme fights this is a great movie and is well worth watching.
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Revenge movies don't get any better
diluteddante1 August 2003
Kickboxer, although following the usual line of wronged hero seeks revenge, does not follow the usual line of most movies that go this way. Usually, they are a chore to watch, but Kickboxer, far from being a chore, is in fact a pleasure to watch.

Van Damme gives us some great action, the final scene in particular being a classic, and fantastic humour. The myth Van Damme can't act persists, but is disproved in this fantastic movie. The drunk fight scene in particular shows what Van Damme films are all about, great humour, great action, in short, great entertainment.

This movie makes it easily into my top 10 list, and possibly into my top 5.
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Nice takeoff of Karate Kid
Quackle20 February 2003
Warning: Spoilers
[Possible Spoilers] Great film, with the same concept as "Karate Kid". The heros brother gets disabled in a kickboxing fight with a legendary warrior, and of course, our hero must avenge this! I strongly recommend this film. 7/10
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Van Spamme Total Genius
kurtsloan26 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Its All Theere The Moves,Fashion,Quotes,Acting And of course Van Damme!!!

This Van Damme film is the best he has ever done.

Eric Sloan is the kick boxing champion of the world and thinks their is no-one in America that can take him so he decides to go off to Thailand were he fights the coolest kick boxer in history Tiger Tong Po. To cut a long story short Eric gets crippled so his brother Kurt (Van Damme) ends up getting trained by Mr Xian and then goes onto beat Tong Po in a Tiapie Match.

The story matters none as the only reasons you must buy this films is because of the below

Here's the reasons to get if u want it all.

Mr Xian asks Kurt to go to the local store for "grocheries" then the camera switches to jcvd and he just tilts his head and gives almost child look and says in the most funny way "grocheries".

There's a couple more cheesy scenes where he is chasing small local children about there small play area like a pouncing belgian bear,and a small boy shows him his pet rabbit,JCVD shows his appreciation by giving the small boy a comforting smile and a rub on the noggin ahhh.

When Van Damme reaches the store he strolls in and says to

mylee (Niece of Uncle Xian) "Im here to collect Uncle Xain's grocheries" u need to watch it to understand the greatness of the way JCVD says the word "grocheries".

The Final and the best Of The Cheesy and great scenes is when Mr Xian takes Kurt out for a drink and after a couple of shots of the local tipple (kiss of death) Mr Xian asks Kurt to see if he can dance (it is really to test his reaction time to the local thugs". Van damme's dancing here is to the highest quality also along to the highest quality soundtrack of "feeling so good today" by "Stan Bush",as for the moves the splits is in there and even a small bum wiggle lol. And on the way out some more quality quotes in the JCVD lingo " XIAN Xian why those guys try to hurt me","Why They So P@$$ed at me".

I Hope this review helps u to understand what makes this and all Van Damme Film Classics 10/10
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One of my favorite martial arts flicks
MacFlux7 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Kickboxer is one of my favorite martial arts flicks. The plot, acting(yes, Van Damme was good acting in his role), and fighting.

Plot:(Possible spoilers) Eric Sloan(Dennis Alexio, a real life kickboxing champion) is an american kickboxing champion and has his brother, Kurt(Van Damme) in his corner. After winning another match, Eric says he's gonna "Take on the world's best. Show 'em who's boss." A reporter asks if he's going to take on Thailand because kickboxing was invented there and they're the best at it. So, Eric and Kurt fly to Thailand and are seen in a park talking about their family life with their (presumably) dead parents. When they arrive at Bangkok, Eric asks Kurt to get him some ice.

On his way back to Eric's dressing room, he hears a thundering noise coming from a room. As he nears the sound, he finds out what's making it: The champion Tong Po round kicking a pillar with his bare legs making the plaster fall down. Kurt begs his brother not to fight, but Eric is still cocky, believing he can win. Unfortunately, not only does he lose, but Tong Po delivers an elbow into his spine and paralyzes him. Kurt vows revenge and must train Muay Thai(the Thailand art of kickboxing) with Xian, a master of the art, who was introduced to him by army veteran Winston Taylor(Extremely funny guy). During his training, his only comfort is Mylee, Xian's beautiful niece who falls for Kurt. After many days of rough training, Kurt is ready to face Tong Po in the ring. But, he must fight him in the ancient way, which is hands wrapped in rope, dipped in broken glass.

Before the match, Freddy Li wants to make sure Tong Po wins. So, Tong Po briefly kidnaps Mylee and rapes her, and Freddy Li has Eric kidnaped. Now, Xian and Winston must rescue Eric so Kurt can win the fight.

I enjoy this movie everytime I sit down to watch it. My favorite scene is the final fight. I give this movie a 10/10. If you're in the mood for a good flick, pick this one up.
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Awesome Movie!!
damixx67421 July 2002
I've seen this movie countless times and it gets better every viewing.. Here we have Kurt (Van Damme) and his american kickboxer champion brother Eric. Eric claims he is the best so he and his brother travel to the Far East (Thailand) to challenge their champion named Tong Po. Tong Po is a killer.. Take my word.. He's big and really mean looking. Well it ends up Eric talked to much trash and gets paralyzed by Tong Po and now Kurt swears revenge and must train the "ancient way" from an old expert. .. Take my word for it.. if you are a Van Damme fan, you certainly wouldn't wanna miss this one... 10/10
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Van Damme at his best
violencejim24 April 2000
Quite simply this is the best film Van Damme has ever done. About a kickboxer whose brother was the world champion and got crippled in the ring unnecessarily by the crude and violent Tung Po. With help from an old friend Van Damme starts fighting at his best and eventually matches Tung Po.
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Pure bliss from start to finish.
DonVitoCorleone6 January 2002
This film has it all.

For the martial arts fan: We have the great fight scenes between JC and Tong Po and what's better than a good training sequence.

For the Van Damme: It is the best film ever. Full of what makes a great Van Damme film. We have splits, the spinning kick and some excellent dress sense. But what makes Kickboxer such a great film is 1.) When Van Damme says "I was sent by Mr Xian for his eh grocheries" truly magnificent. 2.) The scene where Van Damme is drunk and is dancing. Utter genius.

I strongly recommend every one goes out and buys this film.
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One of Van Damme's best..
Chuckylee24 December 2001
The original movie "Kickboxer" from 1989 starring Jean-Claude Van Damme is a true 80's action classic, Van Damme stars as Kurt Sloane brother of American Kickboxer champion Eric Sloan(Dennis Alexio)they find them self traveling to Thailand to challenge there worldchampion in Thai kickboxing Tong Po, the fight begins and Tong Po is not only domenating the whole fight, but in the end delivers a lethal elbow to Eric back to paralyze him for life, Kurt(Van Damme) is now on a vendetta against Tong Po to revenge his brother.

Kickboxer is one of Van Damme's best films(not as good as bloodsport though)The Storyline might be weak, but the film as said is a true 80's action classic,and all in all Kickboxer(DVD edition) is a 'must' for all action fans. The DVD itself has exellent picture and sound, there's not soo many features on the DVD(would have been nice to have the original movie trailer on it) but i does provides biografi for both the main actors as well as directors.(followed by several direct to video sequels).
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Van Damme excels in Kickboxing
johnny_riot22 February 2006
This film was excellent. The fighting scenes by Van Damme was utterly inspirational, especially when he fights to avenge his brother's crippling from the master of kickboxing.

Overall, the film's base is fairly good, with particular emphasis to the overwhelming fighting scenes and the eventual training of martial arts.

The film compares to many other of the Muscles From Brussels films, including 'In Hell', although this film rates as one of the best i have witnessed with him in a lead role. I would definitely recommend viewing this fim, for pleasure or teaching.
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