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Sylvester Stallone: Frank



  • Eclipse : Tell me, what put you in the joint in the first place?

    Frank Leone : Well, one night these punks broke into the garage and put a beating on old man Galetti. The whole neighborhood knew about it. The cops knew about it. But I guess these punks were connected, so the cops didn't do anything and I did. So after all the smoke had cleared, these guys ended up in the hospital and I ended up doing 18 months in Treadmore for aggravated assault.

  • Chink Weber : [Leone sits]  Move it, Ace. That's my spot.

    [Leone moves] 

    Chink Weber : Uh-uh, that's my spot, too.

    Frank Leone : Any spot in here that isn't yours?

    Chink Weber : Nope, they're all mine. You wanna use it, you gotta pay.

    Chink Weber : [Leone gets up]  Not so fast, Ace. I'm not gonna gouge ya. That little thing around your neck? That'll buy ya a spot for the day.

  • Warden Drumgoole : [after Leone has gotten Drumgoole to confess, and then revealed that the electric chair's fuse had been removed beforehand]  ... Take him to the Hole, Mister Meissner.

    [Meissner doesn't move] 

    Warden Drumgoole : And *somebody get me out of this chair*... Thank you. Mister Meissner, *I said take him to the Hole*.

    Captain Meissner : Can't do that. Take the warden into custody.

    [Braden cuffs up Drumgoole] 

    Warden Drumgoole : ...Stop that! I am warden of this institution, and you will obey my - Stop it! - That was just a stupid confession I made to try and save my own life. *Are you insane, Meissner?*

    Captain Meissner : No, but *you* are. And until this matter is resolved by a judicial inquiry, you *will* remain in our custody.

    Warden Drumgoole : I'll have your ass for this. *I'll have your sorry black ass*.

    Captain Meissner : You're welcome to it. Now *I'm* gonna tell *you* something. If so much as a *third* of what he

    [indicates Leone] 

    Captain Meissner : just told us turns out to be the truth, I'll see you back in this chair... I'll *personally* throw the switch... and next time, IT *WILL* WORK.

    [to Braden] 

    Captain Meissner : Move him.

    Frank Leone : ...I just wanted to do my time, Captain.

    Captain Meissner : You'll get the chance. Move him.

  • Frank Leone : Your body has to be here, but your mind can be anywhere.

  • Frank Leone : You can't break me!

  • Frank Leone : [after arriving at Gateway]  You've got the wrong man! You made a mistake!

    Warden Drumgoole : There's no mistake... Welcome to Gateway, Leone.

    Frank Leone : Drumgoole?

    Captain Meissner : That's Warden Drumgoole, convict!

    Warden Drumgoole : Captain?

    Captain Meissner : Move him!

  • Frank Leone : Rape this!

  • Braden : He woulda put that shank in you! Whadya cover for him for?

    Frank Leone : You got your rules. We got ours.

  • Captain Meissner : Every hour, when the light comes on, you'll stand, face the camera and state your name and number


    Captain Meissner : Name and number!

    Frank Leone : [Leone faces wall]  Leone. Five ten.

    Captain Meissner : Face the camera!... Name and number!

    Frank Leone : [Leone turns]  Leone. Five ten.

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