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Many good ideas, entertaining results
jangu10 May 2001
Larry Cohen has not been known for coherence in his pictures. As a writer, he is often excellent with creative twists and turns for every story. As a director, he is often sloppy and mostly leaves you disappointed, thinking that a great opportunity has been lost. In his movies major characters disappear without explaination and whole chunks of plot often seem to be missing. All the while you are thinking "what a shame on such a good story!". To my surprise, I found that "Ambulance" actually is held together quite neatly. No chop-chop editing this time. The plot runs amok here and there, but not damagingly so. It is amusing and suspenseful with spunky performances by Gallagher and Roberts and a really good one by Red Buttons. Some effort have been put into the action sequences and interiors. This movie, unlike many other Cohen-directed, actually looks like it had a budget. The pace never flags and even if the ending is no great shakes, it's satisfying. Nice score too.
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"Where have I seen this face before".
lost-in-limbo22 January 2011
I hadn't seen "The Ambulance" for quite awhile, but I had a good time re-visiting it and this was one of the first works I had seen of filmmaker Larry Cohen. It might not be one of Cohen's highly regarded pieces, but "The Ambulance" is a fun, gripping slice of paranoia with an injection of black humour. The concept is audaciously ludicrous and Eric Roberts' ham-fisted lead performance is full of energy (and lets not forget that hypnotic mullet when in motion), along with James Earl Jones small, but cynically meaty role as a rundown detective on the edge. Moving at a fast, uniformed tempo, Cohen's boldly tight direction never lets up (where he knows how to shoot on location for maximum effect) and his writing manages to stay one step ahead as you get pulled along for the dangerous ride with its engineered thrills. There always seems to be some sort of threat at every turn for Robert's character and this keeps it excitingly intense, if daftly over-the-top with comedic results. Especially its cheesy climax in a night club with some berserk ambulance driving and of course its irony-laced revelation that you won't see coming. Roberts' character sure didn't. The plot takes on a modern approach to its mad doctor formula, staying quite dark and full of mystery in the chase/or race to uncover the truth while also trying to convince people of the threat. Roberts' plays Josh Baker a comic book artist who one day goes about asking out the women of his dreams (a stunning Janine Turner) who he sees everyday out on the streets of New York. An incident sees her collapsing with Josh by her side and then a mysterious vintage ambulance appears and whisks her off. So he goes to one hospital after another with no such luck. He thinks there might just be more to it, as he uncovers and now he's running for his life with no one believing him there's a phantom ambulance kidnapping people. Eric Braeden is suitably clinical as "the doctor" that's behind the kidnappings and Megan Gallagher offers good support as a police officer we can trust. Red Buttons is enjoyably snappy and Cohen regular James Dixon shows up too.
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Ambulance chaser
dbdumonteil8 May 2007
"The ambulance" is perhaps not what people call a great movie.But it's sure much fun to watch!Its black humor is priceless.All the male actors overplay,Eric Roberts ,James Earl Jones and Eric Braeden camp it up and give the viewer the feeling of watching a cartoon (Roberts' escape from the ambulance) or reading a comic strip :anyway ,Roberts makes comic books ("They are not what they used to be "says cop Jones ).The director knows only one tempo:accelerated and ,for lack of subtlety ,there's never a dull moment.And the villain (Braeden) does believe he works for the greater good of humanity !And anyway won't his patient be in perfect health when he dies?
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Not Cohen's best, but still a good fun flick!
The_Void15 November 2006
You can always count on at least one thing going into a Larry Cohen movie - and that's a good time. Cohen had already tackled rogue police officers before it came to this film with Maniac Cop, and thus he decided to make a film about a rogue ambulance. The Ambulance may not be Cohen's finest achievement; but its great lightweight entertainment, and I'm sure very few people that watch this film will regret doing so. Naturally, there's not a great deal of point to the proceedings, and Cohen seems keen to focus as much on entertainment value as possible, which is no problem if you ask me. The plot focuses on Josh Baker; a humble cartoonist who, one day, decides to try and charm a woman on the street. Tragedy strikes when she passes out, but everyone is reassured when an ambulance turns up. However, upon going to check on her at the local hospital, Josh finds that she isn't there - and further investigation makes him realise that there has been several people going missing, and it turns out that a fake ambulance with fake doctors and nurses is abducting people!

The idea behind this movie is actually quite frightening; ambulances are a service that we rely on and so having one going rogue and abducting people is a frightening idea. Cohen doesn't capitalise on this, however, which is rather odd; and despite a few scenes with the maniacal doctor, there really isn't all that much horror on display. Others ideas that aren't capitalised on include the moral perspective of whether sacrificing a few people to cure millions is a righteous exorcise. But really, none of this is particularly important as I didn't want an Ingmar Bergman film anyway. Cohen has rounded up a good cast of cult actors to populate his film with. Eric Roberts is entertaining in the lead, and receives good feedback from the likes of James Earl Jones, Megan Gallagher, the amusingly named Red Buttons and the sadly underused Eric Braeden. The plot is a little choppy at times, but it generally flows well and I don't remember being bored at any time during the film. The ironic ending is a blast, and although I don't doubt that this film could have been better; it's still fun enough and I won't hesitate to recommend The Ambulance to anyone!
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Low-budget black comedy thriller is just what the doctor ordered. (minor spoilers)
vertigo_1423 May 2004
The Ambulance actually turned out to be a pretty funny, yet bizarre thriller. Sarcastic extrovert, Josh Baker (Eric Roberts in a hilarious role), probably regrets the day he talked to a woman that he felt compelled to introduce himself to, having always seen her on his lunch break. The woman, a diabetic, suddenly collapses in the street, and he is there as she is carried away in a hearse-turned-ambulance with a mysterious green glowing light in the back. She gets in the ambulance, and as Josh later discovers, she never arrives at any of the local hospitals.

Josh is convinced something is awry, but doesn't pay too much attention to it at first (in fact, as bizarre as the story becomes, he's so matter-of-fact about everything. Him and everyone else). The more people he confronts about the strange ambulance that conveniently seems to arrive when he's talking to them but never seems to be around when he needs to prove it exists, the more likely those people are going to wind up dead because of the ambulance (actually, because of the people driving it, who are the goons for a strange doctor who is using his victims for a strange medical experiment).

Josh's only hope, besides himself (a guy who will soon be quite immune to pain as he gets hit by cars, jumps through barred doors, is drugged, and finally beat by a junkyard gang), is the red head cop Sandra Malloy who turns up after her boss, Spencer (James Earl Jones in an even funnier part as the disbeliever), turns up missing. And if they don't act fast, the ambulance will show up for them, and the only chance of stopping it will be lost.

All in all, the story is bizarre, but the movie is much more of a comedy than a thriller in sort of that 'After Hours' style of comedy. Josh appears to be absolutely crazy to those around him, babbling about some weird ambulance that is out to murder people. But he seems to dismiss the seriousness of it, just hoping to save the girl and get through the day, and not much else. Eric Roberts and Red Buttons, too, made a good team, albeit a brief one with Red Buttons as Elias Zacharai, the fast-talking newspaper reporter who befriends Josh and has similar convictions about the hospital staff trying to drug up patients and keep them against his will, but in that senile old man kind of way. He plays the reporter that wants the exclusive story on the ambulance.

Loosen up and give it a try. Though cheap, it's got some good action sequences, a decent plot, and is just overall, pretty funny. Except, for maybe the ending. It was just too easy.
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The Ambulance: Great concept........marginally competent
Platypuschow6 October 2018
Starring Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones and Meghan Gallagher this early 90's thriller actually succeeds in entertaining.

It tells the story of a man who finally makes a move on the woman of his dreams only to witness her collapse and get taken away by an ambulance (I too have that effect on women). When he tries to visit her however he learns she was never brought in and may be one of a number of missing persons connected to this old ambulance.

I like the idea, though I've seen things with a similiar concept before the addition of the ambulance really made it interesting.

Roberts though a hokey actor manages to deliver here as does the rest of the stellar cast.

Though I love the concept I don't think it was utilized well and I'd love to see this remade. Regardless however the competence of the cast, the concept and an odd amount of comedy make for a passable film.

Kudos to Stan Lee being cast as Stan Lee.

The Good:

Cast are on point

Stan Lee!

Excellent idea

The Bad:

Not followed through with all that well

Ending is a bit underwhelming

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

I simply cannot take a lead male seriously with a mullet...........except Joe Dirt
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Great fun!
Da reel Mikestar3 November 2001
Saw it last night, this film has it all! From the interesting start, which grabs our attention, to the eerie score of the music, to a fascinating insight into the world of comics, romance, suspense, intrigue and humour! Eric Roberts like always gives an outstanding performance as the poor guy who is caught up in this world of danger. Great fun, and such twists! Just when you think the movie is going one way, it takes a completely different direction! I loved it, and reccomend it to anyone who loves a good thriller!
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Don't trust the vote!
lyle-51 March 1999
Though Larry Cohen isn't a great director, this movie (which is his best film) is a surprisingly exciting thriller full-filled with humor and suspense. The acting is great and the plot is pretty good. One of the rare higher-quality action/thriller movies you can find on these days.
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Another fun Larry Cohen flick!
Coventry14 June 2005
More and more I love the work of writer/director Larry Cohen and I can only encourage people to check out his versatile imagination. "The Ambulance" is less ambitious, comical and outrageous than some of Cohen's more famous achievements (like "God Told me To", "It's Alive" or "Q – the Winged Serpent") but it definitely is a well-elaborated and entertaining B-movie. Once again, Cohen succeeds in turning a familiar and every-day topic into an exciting and rather suspenseful thriller. Inconspicuously and well organized, a group of fake nurses and doctors drive around New York in an old-type of ambulance, picking up diabetics that suffer from a 'sudden attack'. After they're brought into the cool conveyance, they disappear and no one ever hears from them again. The womanizing comic-book artist Josh Baker coincidentally stumbles upon this suspicious organization when a broad he's been stalking for a long time is taken away in front of him. His search for the girl results in a tense and involving movie, filled with ingenious plot-twists and adorably eccentric New York-characters. The screenplay is very clever, the dialogues are well written and there isn't a dull moment in the entire movie. 'The Ambulance' isn't a horror film so the deaths aren't as sadistic as in other Cohen films and there's also the lack of pungent social criticism. Still, this is a truly cool movie that deserves a wider audience. Judging by his performance here, I'd say it's unjust that Eric Roberts' career went to waste so badly. He looks a little goofy but his lines are exhilarating and his bad-boy charisma definitely works for the character he plays. Even more amusing are the supporting roles like, for example, James Earl Jones as the weird and over-stressed copper and Red Buttons as the persistent journalist. Check it out!
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Great B Movie
generationofswine24 October 2016
I was never really censored as a child. It was part of growing up as the typical latch-key kid of the era, and part growing up with a father that loved movies and took me just about everywhere he went.

So, when it comes to movies like "The Ambulance" it was a "you stay home, at 10, watch your little sister and I'll go rent a movie for us." Today leaving someone that age at home and in charge would be neglect, back then it was common...and of course dad came home with a B-Movie Gem.

Why not? He always treated my sister and I like little adults and not children and his taste in movies always came down to: "I haven't seen something like this before." It's an attitude that stuck with me over the years. If it's entertaining I like it, if it's original, I like it even more.

The Ambulance, especially if you are a 10 year-old in 1990 was awesome. I mean, it had Stan Lee in it and that was BEFORE he made cameos in all the Marvel movies. AND, it was a movie about a guy that made comic books. It was like crack for a 10 year-old, I couldn't get enough if it.

Plus, it's campy as all get-out. Everything is just a little too earnest, a little too over-done and it makes for just a fun movie to watch. Right down to Darth Vader chomping on his gum in every seen.

I know, I know, it's James Earl Jones, but when you are 10, it doesn't matter, he is still Darth Vader.

It should be a cult hit and I am sure it has a little following out there somewhere. It's far from a great film, but it's still unique and campy enough to have that cult love behind it.
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Good B-movie
Boyo-215 March 1999
I enjoyed this movie very much, for what it is. The large cast helps a lot, especially James Earl Jones and Megan Gallagher. Any movie where Eric Braeden plays an evil doctor can't be all bad! Even Eric Roberts is good in this.
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One of my new favorite movies
TheBlueHairedLawyer9 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
You might think it absurd that I rated this unknown low-budget movie with a 10/10, but it's a black comedy and it succeeds in being one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Basically the plot follows a comic book artist (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Cy Curnin, the lead singer in The Fixx), as he tries to solve the mystery of an ambulance that abducts New Yorkers off the streets to operate on and use in place of animals by selling them to laboratories and factories around the world. With the help of a senile but street-smart news reporter and a powerful and smart female cop, the comic artist fights for his own life while trying to prove to the police that the ambulance is doing some dark things to people.

What can I say, I loved it! It's got some mild crude humor but most of the hilarious moments are unexpected and not at all in the dialogue, such as a sheriff dying but continuing to munch on his popcorn while he shoots at the freaky ambulance, and the reporter pulling the fire alarm and beating people up to rescue the artist. There are too many moments, even funnier, to list. Don't pass it by just because it looks like a basic medical thriller, because it's much more than that!
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Fun ride .........
merklekranz28 February 2011
"The Ambulance" is not really a "black comedy", although it does have moments of dark humor throughout. It really is sort of a hybrid comedy-suspense film. Eric Roberts carries things as the perplexed wannabe lover boy, while James Earl Jones comes and goes as a perplexed, somewhat irrational police detective. The movie is not overall terrific, but there are some memorable scenes, especially relating to the ambulance itself. Overall for a B movie, "The Ambulance" delivers enough entertainment value to recommend seeing it, however I doubt multiple viewings would be that rewarding. .......................... - MERK
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A good story run amok ...
bondibox2 January 2001
I thought the story had a lot of potential, but it fell through about 2/3 through the movie... why is it that so many films totally give up at this point? It started out a tolerable, mystery type thing, but then it got ridiculous. I'm not going to spoil the ending, but if I can be specific about a few things:

Like when the bad guys have to slow down the foot chase because they're getting within a few steps. And the whole scene where he's being held by the cops actually had me pissed off that I was subjected to both the implausible logic: The cops holding a witness who didn't see anything (however, they do have a description of the perp - where was THAT witness?) and the terrible acting wherein the cops are so uncooperative, I thought they were in on the scam. I saw "Restraining Order" also, and I think I will never see another Eric Roberts film again.
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The real Wild One
CarsonTrent20 March 2006
I only want to point out that I find Eric Roberts to the best, and most believable chase victim ever, despite his tough appearance. I mean the choked voice when he tries to convince somebody that there's a psycho driving an ambulance and picking up people from the streets...brilliant! And the way he runs around trying to save the girl, and later on, himself. Wow, the man puts his soul into it like no other! He clearly should have had a different career path, but what can one do, when Hollywood demands full submission.So... you can play the wild child on screen, but not in real life, like Eric did. Well, nevertheless, the man is brilliant even today, playing some second rate cop in some second rate TV show.

James Earl Jones,...whatever - the movie is bizarre, unsettling, but most of all it's an excellent pretext for Eric to unleash!

p.s.-I tend to rate movies NOT by comparing them to others but by appreciation as to what they stand for and HOW they stand for it, so it's not uncommon for me to over-grade as is the case with this(if you were to compare it to other action B-movies it would be subjective judging, but I view it as an artistic exercise, and it's quite interesting as such).
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A cheerfully dumb conspiracy thriller / action flick.
Hey_Sweden22 April 2018
Eric Roberts is engaging as Josh Baker, a comic book artist who relentlessly pursues (some people may call it hassling) a pretty girl (Janine Turner) whom he's spied before on the streets of NYC. When she collapses, and an old model ambulance spirits her away, she seems to just disappear afterwards. Josh becomes a man obsessed, as he determines to find her. While he repeatedly gets his own life threatened, he antagonizes a jovial NYPD detective (James Earl Jones).

Legendary independent filmmaking auteur Larry Cohen has typically been a great idea man, even if his stories can sometimes get muddled and silly. This one is a little more focused, if still outrageous. It does look like Cohen had a higher-than-usual budget on this thing, and it allows for fine action scenes and stunts. But key to actually making "The Ambulance" a notch or two above routine in its tongue-in-cheek quality. The sense of humour takes dominance, especially when it comes to the sardonic attitude of people like Lt. Spencer (Mr. Jones) and a hostile nurse (Deborah Hedwall). But it still never quite clicks until Red Buttons shows up. Red plays a chatty, elderly live wire, supposedly a former journalist, who befriends Josh while the two of them rest in a hospital.

One standout chase sequence leads Josh and one of two evil ambulance attendants into some cramped quarters, leading the viewer to marvel at how Cohen and company managed to get these shots. Use of locations is excellent, as you would expect from Cohen, the forward momentum is impressive, and both Turner and the delectable Megan Gallagher add plenty of sex appeal; Gallagher plays an NYPD uniformed officer who becomes sympathetic to Joshs' plight.

Roberts, sporting an awe-inspiring mullet, does do some hamming, but never to an unbearable degree. Jones is a riot as the edgy, weary, seen-it-all veteran detective. Eric "Victor Newman" Braeden is likewise quite the hoot as the diabolical villain, referred to only as "The Doctor". His final dialogue to Roberts is reminiscent of the kind of thing that Scooby-Doo villains would ALWAYS say. The very fine cast also includes Cohen regulars like Jill Gatsby (the directors' daughter), James Dixon, and Laurene Landon, and other familiar faces such as Hedwall ("Alone in the Dark" '82), Richard Bright ("The Godfather"), Nick Chinlund ("Con Air"), Susan Blommaert ("Pet Sematary"), and Beatrice Winde ("Dangerous Minds"). Since Roberts is playing a Marvel Comics artist, it allows for the standard cameo by Marvel head honcho Stan Lee, whose big moment involves him telling Roberts to take care of his personal problems on his own time.

"The Ambulance" is not among the best Cohen works, like "It's Alive" and "God Told Me To", but it's quite fun nevertheless.

Seven out of 10.
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Siren of Doom
hellraiser729 April 2018
We always depend on certain services to be there whenever we have certain problems we are unable to solve ourselves, but what happens when those services we depend on the most of help turn against us, who are you going to call.

This film is one of my favorite suspense thrillers of all time, Larry Cohen is one of my favorite script writers and this to me is my favorite film from him . You never really know what to expect from the guy, each of his film are always something different. This time he's gone into suspense thriller territory and I feel he's really excelled in this area, it's a shame he didn't work in this area more. I really like the plot line which I think I feel is plausible, an ambulance that picks up people to steal their organs to sell. With the issue of missing people and black marketing whose to say this is a scam no corrupt organization has ever thought of or worse it could be happening right now.

Characters are good they feel like ordinary people that could almost exist; Eric Roberts I personally think is an underrated actor and to me this is my favorite film with him. I really like his character I love the fact that he's a comic book artist for Marvel which is awesome since I'm a comic book fan and I love most comics from that company. And on a side note Stan Lee has a cameo role in this which was cool and kind of a change of pace as he's made more cameo appearances in Marvel based films than Waldo in the "Where's Waldo" books. But most importantly I like that you have a protagonist that is in a field close to my interests which makes him relatable. You could say in one hell of a way this whole predicament is sort of a wish fulfillment dream come true as he finally gets to live out the fantasy of being a hero like in the comics he works on. His character is smart, has a lot of charisma, not too smooth, sociable, he's the kind of guy you'd like to be friends with.

But most of all how human he is, like in every suspense thriller protagonist he's an ordinary person with ordinary powers, he's not some highly trained or muscle-bound action hero, like in one scene there is this gang at the junkyard that gangs up on him. He does his best to defend himself but of course loses the fight. Which makes sense because he's not trained in martial arts, let alone on a realistic perspective you really would lose that fight if ever vastly outnumbered. But all the same he is determined to do the best he can to do what's right with whatever the two best weapons he possesses his brain and heart.

Even supporting characters are great like Red Buttons as Morty whom is a fun character, really like the back and forth between both. Morty is also a smart character as he was an ex reporter, despite the guy's age he hasn't lost his edge. He got this gruff charisma to him, doesn't take crap from anyone and is helpful to Eric when Eric needs it.

Megan Gallahger as Cindy is great too, really like the chemistry between both, you pretty much already know that she is right for Eric's character, so it's no contest as to where it's heading in the end. But I like her because she's a smart open-minded cop, she doesn't quickly dismiss Eric's story which is always a fundamental mistake most authority figures tend to make in suspense thrillers; she does her job investigate. She got a bit of a sharp wit to her and she's got some toughness, she a bit of a comic book fan which further justifies why both are a good match for each other; and just like Eric and Red she can hold her own against danger, let alone kinda hot.

I really love the dialog in this film, Larry Cohen also had some colorful dialog in his films. There are tons of good lines it would take almost more than one watch to hear them all. But also, the dialog just has a lot of witty and cleaver humor but also feels a little grounded as some of what they say feels like what we might say given the circumstances. There is a lot of good humor, but it hits at the right times and places, a couple of scenes I find funny is when Eric is captured we know he's in deep crap and he gouats a gang to take the perpetrators out and escape, the result let's just say either the perpetrators are really good or that gang really really sucks.

The suspense is great, from seeing the Ambulance car I really like that it has this strange green glow in its interior making it menacing and evil. I like how there is a bit of a feeling of isolation in this film much like with most suspense thrillers, as Eric along with two of his friends can smell something rotten is going on in Denmark and are the only ones doing something about it. There is a double layer of suspense as you constantly hoping Eric and his allies will be able to find this Ambulance and put a stop to their operations. But also hoping that the Ambulance won't find them first, which would put a stop to their operation permanently. And there are a few sequences of action from the situation at the dance club which was cool, though the highlight was the gurney and foot chase which was a lot of fun, I remember being at the edge of my seat hoping he'll get far away from his pursuers or even in that gurney hoping he won't get hit.

Overall the Ambulance is up to speed in thrills and fun, think twice about calling for help, because help might not be on the way.

Rating: 4 stars
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A good New York flick
GOWBTW6 February 2018
New York is my home state. Anything filmed there will be exciting to see. Being there gives me a sense of self. My childhood memories are based there. But enough about it. This is about a comic book artist for Marvel who happen to come across a stranger who he meets on the streets of New York, who collapsed all of a sudden and is carried off in an ambulance. However, the patient didn't make it to the hospital. And the artist is on a frantic search for her. So what does he do? Gets help from the police and a investigative reporter. Everyone he surrounded by is helpful. It looks like the OLD Cadillac ambulance is more than just an ambulance. It's a mobile lab. It was doing more than picking up patients. A mad doctor(Eric Braeden) is targeting diabetics. He was doing more than trying to cure the victims. And why would he make the ambulance bullet proof? Too many secrets and mysteries to be explained in this film. A great cast of Eric Roberts, Janine Turner, James Earl Jones, Red Buttons, and a few others to name. I know this was a low budget film, but still, it was great. I enjoyed it very well. Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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A different and cool movie.
conradodepacas16 January 2017
Pearl of the not-so-sold movies of 20th Century Fox. The name, opening synopsis, and cover are details of the film's historical context. Name and cover to get attention and a classic plot of a thriller movie. It's a really cool movie. The feature film talks about organ trafficking, private hospitals and research groups advancing in medicine. In a very thriller / suspenseful environment. And the protagonist is not the classic hero. A comic book designer, working for Stan Lee (who plays a special part in the film). For those who like classic films from the 80's / 90's, you'll love the movie. A different and cool movie. At the same time just another simple film of the 80s and 90s. But it is one of those movies that today would be impossible to do. For the simplicity of the adventures that these films approached. Simplicity that on canvas became a great adventure. In this more classic case, "one night, an adventure of life and death".
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Finally, a Cohen movie that opts almost entirely for laughs.
jiangliqings15 May 2002
** 1/2 out of ****

Larry Cohen's last directorial attempt at anything resembling the horror genre film is different and yet much the same as his previous outings. Gone is the gritty, semi-documentary approach, giving way to crisper editing and a fairly slick, Hollywood look. Those dismayed by that will still be pleased to know Cohen's trademark quirky humor is still present, and this time his movie is played almost completely for laughs. Yeah, Q was an intentionally absurd affair, but some of the fun was offset by that gritty look, and Gold Told me to was pretty damn serious from beginning to end. But enough about those film, how's The Ambulance? Surprisingly, despite a lame title, it's his most amusingly funny movie to date.

Eric Robert stars as Joshua Baker, a comic book artist with a crush on a woman (Janine Turner) he passes on the street everyday. Finally, he musters up the courage one day to approach her, but as he speaks to her, she suddenly collapses and is taken away by an ambulance. Josh later visits the hospital she should have gone to, but discovers no one of her first name or description ever arrived. From there, Cohen piles on an adventure story of sorts set in New York about evil doctors and ambulance attendents who are after diabetics, and one man's quest to get to the bottom of it all. Believe me, this is all more enjoyable than it might sound.

Given such a premise, it's possible this could have been played as a straight, fast-paced thriller with many twists and turns. But Cohen opts for a more comical route, and as if to ensure that we understand that, he even gives away the mystery ten minutes into the film! Yeah, I had been expecting something along the lines of a suspense/thriller, and I was initially a little disappointed to see this played out as a comedy, but quickly re-evaluating my expectations, The Ambulance really turned out to be a pretty enjoyable movie that put me through a lot of giggling fits. Yes, it's been a damn long time since I've seen a movie that opts for humor without resorting to potty jokes.

The story isn't what makes The Ambulance overall work, it's the characters, the dialogue, and the absurd situations. One particularly amusing moment is a fight between the ambulance attendents and a gang of thugs, with Roberts hilariously acting as a cheerleader while strapped to a stretcher. Another laugh-out loud scene features a desperately sick Roberts trying to hide from an approaching ambulance and shouting to his apartment neighbors to remember the attendents' faces, noting that they'll be witnesses.

The performances are mostly all pretty top-notch for what's required here. Roberts is a lot of fun as the everyday Joe trying to get to the bottom of the situation, doing all this because of a beautiful woman (the resolution of which is quite satisfying and hilarious). Watching roles like this always make me wonder how he never made the transition to Hollywood star, he's got the charisma and acting ability for it. Megan Gallagher gets in some good scenes as a tough cop who happens to believe Baker. Red Buttons as a journalist and James Earl Jones as a hard-boiled lieutenant steal a good bit of the scenes they're in, the latter doing so with his obsessive gum-chewing and sarcastic tone. Soap star Eric Braeden doesn't really get to do much, and from what I've seen here, he pretty much acts the same in everything he's in.

Entertaining as the film often is, The Ambulance isn't without its flaws and dead spots. Some scenes drag on way too long without enough laughs, specifically Roberts' little stay at the hospital, and some aspects of the movie are just too silly. For instance, the interior of the ambulance somehow has this green glow emanating from it, more like something you'd see in The Tommyknockers or the power plant in The Simpsons. That same glow is present in the villains' hideout, and yes, it still feels out of place there, too. There are a few attempts at thrills, but the chase scenes don't really generate all that much excitement, mainly because the otherwise goofy tone waters these moments down. The lines spoken immediately after the final chase, however, are good for a laugh. Plot holes are also very prevalent, as no explanation is really given for why the woman (and later Roberts himself) gets sick all of a sudden. And while we do get clarity and a resolution with the woman Roberts is searching for, we never really learn the fate of one specific minor character that was also abducted by the ambulance.

Flaws aside, I suppose I'd recommend The Ambulance, given that you go in expecting a comically-oriented thriller, a subgenre that's almost non-existent these days (unless you count Conspiracy Theory, which coincidentally, starred Roberts' sister, Julia). It's rarely dull, and I suspect the next time you see an ambulance, you'll probably have a hard time holding back a giggling fit.
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You'll be in perfect health when you die....
FlashCallahan12 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Josh Baker meets Cheryl, on the streets of New York.

Suddenly she collapses, and she's picked up by an ambulance. When Josh wants to visit her in the hospital, it appears that she hasn't been admitted in the hospital.

Josh follows the roommate of Cheryl, and she disappears after a ride in the same ambulance. It's up to Josh to solve the secret behind this strange vehicle.....

Any film that features Stan Lee as himself as a main character, James Earl Jones chewing erratically as he dies, and Eric Roberts clearly under the influence of something, begs to be seen.

Its a B movie of the highest order, and Cohen has crafted another wonderfully funny, and bonkers story.

An old Ambulance is picking up diabetics and other sorts, in order to find the cure for diseases. There is a mad doctor at the end of all this, but first Roberts has to deal with Earl Jones being angry for no reason whatsoever, a cop who knows Earl Jones dentist appointments, Red Buttons stealing the film, and of course releasing a movie the same year his sister became the biggest on the planet.

But its fun, and no matter how stupid the narrative gets, its fun plain and simple.

Its a hard film to find, but you will be glad you sought after it.
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A lot of action in this movie with some really good dark humour
atinder26 September 2012
I only found out about this movie a few months ago, when first heard the name of the movie thought it be about Ambulance kills people, that not what the plot was.

Josh meet this girl on the road, that flirting with her and then Ambulance pick her up and later he goes to see her, only to find out she didn't go to hospital, then Josh tries solve what happened to her, others become involved and go missing after they picked by this Ambulance .

I don't know what to make of this movie, i found the movie very entertaining there was a lot action in this movie, with some really good dark Humor in this movie, with work well with all the action and drama in the movie

The acting is this movie could been a lot better then it was from some of the people in the cast and same could be said about the fight scenes in this movie was not that well done.

I liked how they ended the movie, it was very fitting ending of the movie.

There was one think that I did not under stand was, why was is killing people in first place, I don't I may of missed something or i had too read between the lines.

6 out of 10 well for really dark humour.
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Zany fun
jmatrixrenegade30 December 2003
Eric Roberts has found a good role in "Less Than Perfect," but this was one of his more fun low budget movie roles. It is somewhat rare to find him playing a likeable character, but here he does, as a cartoonist who tries to find a woman that caught his eye. In the process, he is caught in a twisted thriller. Red Buttons is great as well. Fun movie to rent or see on cable.
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Meat Wagon
sol-kay7 September 2005
**SPOILERS** From the mind of Larry Cohen comes another off-the-wall cult-like classic about a runaway ambulance who's in the hunt on the streets of New York City for people suffering from insulin shock.This crazed doctor,Eric Braeden,having his hospital hidden inside a building housing a disco dance hall has come up with this operation that, he thinks, can cure diabetes and plans to make a mint on it. Braeden has his goons driving in an ambulance picking up unsuspecting diabetic New Yorkers off the streets and sent to his place for further study which ends up with most of them in the local morgue.

Cartoonist Josh Baker, Eric Roberts, trying to hit on and pick up Cheryl, Janine Turner, has her fall into a coma, due to a diabetic attack. Cheryl is quickly picked up by Dr. Braeden's killer ambulance never to be seen again.

Josh going to all the local hospitals finds that Ceryl wasn't admitted in any of them and when he starts snooping around. The crazy Doc has his goons out looking from him and having Josh put under the knife even though he's not a diabetic as well as being in perfect health, physically but not all that mentally.

Josh ending up in the hospital, after he's attacked by a gang of muggers, has Braeden's goons slip into the hospital disguised as police in order to kidnap him. In the hospital Josh together with his hospital room-mate NY Post reporter Elias Zacharia, Red Buttons, break out and make a run for it to the NY Post headquarters where Elias ends up getting kidnapped.

Totally outrageous movie with more holes in it then the Normandy Beaches on D-Day but still holds your attention. There's loads of fun watching the wacky acting of Roberts as well as that of NYPD Let. Spencer, James Earl Jones, who's suffering from burn-out and a string of nerves breakdowns that has his superiors wondering if he can still handle his job.

With Let. Spencer run down and run over by the homicidal ambulance, after trying to rescue the kidnapped Zacharia, Eric gets together with police officer Malloy (Magan Gallagher), who's Spencer's police secretary at the 33rd Precinct, as they track down where the ambulance is secretly parked in the disco where it's is used a a prop on the dance floor. The disco is also where Dr. Braeden's office and laboratory are hidden upstairs.

Hard to follow but still has it's moments with both Eric Roberts and Red Buttons together with Magan Gallagher putting an end to Dr. Braeden's mad plans to make the people of the city of New York guinea pigs in his insane plan to cure diabetes; by killing those who are afflicted with it.
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As a diabetic, I found this movie particularly unpleasant.
cricket-1418 May 1999
It deals with diabetics being entrapped by an old fashioned ambulance, amongst other monstrosities.

I wish that someone would do a good, well-acted movie with a diabetic character - every other disease (AIDS, breast cancer, syphilis, etc.) has been touched on in "disease of the week" tv movies and features, but not diabetes. (Mary Tyler Moore might be a good choice to play such a character.)
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