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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman's breasts are shown in a porn movie theater as some characters drive right through the middle of them on the screen. This is meant to be funny.
  • A man has a pen that has a naked lady on it and once the ink is drained, her underwear falls off. We see her breasts and pubic hair briefly, though she is just a small image on a pen.
  • A woman's breasts are shown after sex.
  • A man bare buttocks is shown
  • Several very scantily clad women are seen dancing in a club towards the end. Later, a bad guy grabs one of them during the final shootout, and a close-up of her very small garments can be seen, and much skin is shown. The scene lasts a few seconds.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a large shootout in a club at the end, in which Jack, Reggie, a biker, and the Iceman all participate. Several people are shot, with bloody results, and their bodies crash through windows and tables. The biker beats up Reggie, who punches him through a window. One bad guy is shot in the chest and blood spurts out of his chest and mouth, and he slumps against a wall.
  • There's a large bar fight in which Jack fights off several guys. People are punched, kicked, and thrown into things, Jack kicks a man in the groin, and is thrown onto a table and beaten, and he also smashes a bottle against a man's head. Jack is held by two men while another repeatedly punches him in the chest. Reggie pulls a bottle rack down onto a man, and shoots him in the leg. No blood is seen.
  • Several bikers ambush a prisoner transport bus that Reggie is on, and fire guns through the windows. The driver is shot in the head, and some blood can be seen, and the bus flips over several times on the highway. Another truck crashes into the overturned bus and goes off the road.
  • There's a shootout in a hotel stairway in which a biker repeatedly fires his gun at Jack and Reggie, but no one is hurt.
  • Jack punches Wilson in the face. This is meant to be funny.
  • A group of bikers shoot a policewoman in the chest in the beginning, and some blood spurts can be seen. Her corpse crashes through a window. They also shoot another policeman, and bloody holes can be seen on his chest. A bartender is also shot in the head during this scene, but the death is off-screen and nothing is shown.
  • The Iceman shoots a biker in the chest, and bloody bullet holes can be seen. It's later said that he was shot 17 times.
  • A biker shoots a bad guy's ear off, and then shoots him in the head. Both shots are not seen, but blood can be seen coming from the side of the head where the ear was, though he covers it with his hand.
  • Reggie throws a basketball in Jack's face and punches him in the stomach. Jack later hits Reggie in the face, and later, Reggie punches Jack in his arm after an injury.
  • A biker shoots Jack in the chest through a restaurant window, but Jack survives, because of a bullet proof vest. No blood can be seen.
  • Jack pulls his gun on two bad guys at a race track. One bad guy fires at him, and is shot in the chest. The other bad guy gets away. A stray bullet ignites gas tanks, which cause a massive explosion. The bad guy who got shot is shown running around, on fire.
  • A car explodes due to a bomb inside, but no one is killed.


  • 59 uses of 'f**k', 51 uses of 'shit' in all its forms, 26 uses of 'damn' (19 paired with "God"), 17 uses of 'hell', 12 uses of 'bitch', around 2 uses of 'dick', 4 uses of 'pussy', 4 uses of 'Jesus Christ' as an exclamation, 1 use of 'prick', 1 use of 'whore', 2 uses of 'screw', and 2 uses of 'crap'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Lots of drinking, smoking, etc. by the main characters.
  • The main character almost always has a cigarette in his mouth.
  • No drug use is seen, though.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Lots of loss of life, shootings, glass breaking, etc. This movie is very violent.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The Iceman grabs Reggie and uses him as a shield during the final shootout, and Jack shoots Reggie in the shoulder. Blood pours from the wound. Jack then shoots the Iceman several times in the chest, and blood spurts can be seen.

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