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Murphy and Nolte are Still Great Together
dwinters_2315 May 2009
When I was little and saw the first 48 Hours, I thought Eddie Murphy looked pretty scrawny in that suit and that, upon seeing the sequel, he looked a lot more fashionable. Then I realized he was wearing the same suit throughout this movie (I guess he was in a lot better shape). Other than considering this film to be a fairly entertaining rehash of the first, I guess that's my review.

Although I must mention that if someone were to fire a Desert Eagle handgun as close to their face as Andrew Divoff does in the final act of this film, he would probably burn his cheek and deafen himself... but I guess that's just part of Walter Hill's bombastic direction.
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Mind the word: another!
ken_vandenbussche3 February 2002
It's a good thing that director Walter Hill has waited 8 years before making a sequel of the original "48 hrs." If he had released this film immediately after the first one, it would have become a flop. The reason is because both films are very much alike. "Another 48 hrs." hasn't got anything new to offer; it's an almost exact copy of the first one. And that's precisely why they waited so long before making this sequel.

Nothing really changed actually. There's Nick Nolte who plays the same cigarette-smoking and alcohol-addicted tough-guy cop forced to team together with Eddy Murphy who takes up his part as the noisy, bad-mouth and know-it-all convict-character again. Just like in the first film, it's the chemistry between these two actors that makes "Another 48 hrs." really worth-watching. And just like in the first film, the only decent acting comes from Nick Nolte and Eddy Murphy while the rest of the cast is merely below average. Once more the action scenes are great to watch. This is a good thing, because it makes you forget about the weak script. The dialogues are funny, but they're overloaded again with harsh language. Some might find this annoying; I honestly thought it became funny after a while.

The ending is pretty weak and predictable, but on the whole "Another 48 hrs." is almost as good as its predecessor and good waste of time; not money.
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Revenge of the 80's: The sequel!
Captain_Couth7 November 2004
Another 48 Hrs. (1990) was another sequel. During the 80's any movie that made the slightest of profits made a sequel. For one reason only, to make even more money. However many producers never made another dime off of the momentum of the previous film and were stuck with a sequel that cost two or three times as much as the original film, Another 48 Hrs. was a prime example. The only reason films that produced multiple sequels raked in the dough was the films were cheaply made, low overhead means more potential for a profit. When you pour millions into a movie and expect to make a buck, two out of three times you're going to lose your shirt.

The movie has a "rushed into production" feel. I felt the same way after watching Scary Movie 2. The director was given what he had to work with. I can't fault Walter Hill because he made a pretty watchable movie. The problem was this film didn't need a sequel. The end results are a remake of the first movie. No more, no less. This film was made during the peak of Eddie Murphy's over exposure period. Like so many actors, he was a victim of his own excess. Nick Nolte seemed to be going through the motions whilst Eddie Murphy had that "look at me" thing going.

Overall it's not a bad movie. But if you're expecting something different then look elsewhere. Maybe the filmmakers should have watched the first movie again before they wrote the script. It would have helped a bit.

Recommended for fans of the first film.

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Pretty Entertaining But Totally Inferior To The Original!
callanvass22 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a pretty entertaining sequel, but totally inferior to the original in almost every way!. I enjoyed this film quite a bit, however a lot of it is rehashed,and it had some shocking but bizarre plot twists, don't get me wrong i didn't see them coming, but they didn't make any sense, however Eddie gets to show off more with his comic talent, and had a lot more to do this time (in my opinion). Nick and Eddie still had awesome chemistry, and the film is constantly entertaining, it's just it's nowhere close to being as good as the original, and felt they could have done a bit more new material. I enjoyed this movie quite a bit however it can't match the original. The Direction is good. Walter Hill, does a good job here nothing special but he kept the film at a fast pace! good job. There is a bit of blood. We get lots of pretty bloody gunshot wounds but that's it. The Acting is very good. Nick Nolte is fantastic once again, he had awesome chemistry with Eddie Murphy, was likable,kicked that ass, and was lots of fun to watch!. Eddie Murphy is AMAZING as always, and is just plain hilarious,however both of them seemed to be going through the motions at times, still they gave it there all, and they were both great, plus Eddie gets to show off his comedic talent more! (Eddie Rules!). Brion James is good here,but didn't have enough screen time.Andrew Divoff, is great as the main villain, and was very menacing. Ed O'Ross is also good with his limited screen time. Overall well worth the watch, just don't expect the original. *** out of 5
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Great entertainment.
patrickmercie6617 December 2007
I have to admit this film has a 'Have I met you before' feeling to it. But then most sequels do. Same characters, same personalities leads to some of the stuff being same-ish. Yet I ask you, how many people do you know that drastically change overnight? Not that many. So the same characters having the same reactions and habits to similar situations is not that far fetched. Hill Street Blues characters didn't change that much either yet it stayed entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The acting is of a very high quality and so are some of the action scenes. And there is a twist in the film I didn't see coming. So all in all, not a classic yet highly entertaining, and that is what it was supposed to do.
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Shows its age due to time but Another 48 Hrs. is still an entertaining and action packed yarn that will quench any buddy thirst you might have.
johnnyboyz21 January 2008
Another 48 Hrs. feels like a missed opportunity; it feels as if the makers have recognised the potential of the idea and have done half a job. This is because it never really elevates itself above the material it actually is. At a time when the Lethal Weapon films had proved there was a demand for white cop with black sidekick buddy combination type films, Another 48 Hrs. is perhaps a cash in sequel to a film that was never anything special any way. Where as it sounds like I'm being negative, the film was enjoyable for what it was and that said; I would have a hard time in deciding which one I liked more.

A scene from this film which typically sums up the genre the film is working under highlights not only the genres inability to ever be anything above a certain level but also the problem films face when they age. The film is a crime film; a buddy combination of two people getting involved in shoot outs and general criminal activity whilst battling each others egos. In 1994 when Pulp Fiction came out, films like Another 48 Hrs. were history and a particular scene is defining evidence: shortly after a prison bus has rolled over a few times, two hells angels are going to kill someone on board. But what happens is instead of riding up to the overturned bus and finishing the job, they park their bikes a few hundred yards away, get off very slowly and walk up to the bus with the intent to kill. Now, there is absolutely no reason for them to do this apart from add suspense to the scene and perhaps have two bikers walk in tandem; in slow motion amongst the heat wave in a 'cool' fashion. This is the point; films such as these rely on what would look good cinematically rather than stick to what their characters would do.

I know it's wrong to compare a film to another film made after it but this highlights not only the bad way in which Another 48 Hrs. has aged but further cements what a great film Pulp Fiction really is; the buddy combination in that film of Jules and Vincent who are by no coincidence black and white but Tarantino plays with realism in the film and the scene in which someone is accidentally shot in the back of the car is so much more clear in the sense it is two fingers up to scenes like the one just mentioned in Another 48 Hrs. The film starts off with Reggie (Murphy) still in prison and shows up its other half of the buddy combination as a bit of an idiot. Another 48 Hrs. suffers from its cliché that its best cop on the force, Jack (Nolte), is actually a loose cannon whom needs to be removed even though the job is actually perfect for him; an idea toyed with in the third Die Hard film but with John McLane. Jack seems certain that an antagonist known as The Iceman is at large but is demeaned and shown up as perhaps a bit of a schizophrenic; one officer labelling this Iceman as an imaginary friend/enemy who Jack has been pretending to chase.

Unfortunately, the initial incident in the film happens a little early by way of a shooting at a race track. What I couldn't understand is that with all those people watching the race, nobody saw the bad guy shoot at Jack and consequently; the police have their eye on him. Reggie on the other hand is out of jail and he miraculously survives an attack on a bus (mentioned earlier) as it rolls over several times; something that would have killed him. But the film suffers from it lack of logic that can be applied to certain situations: The bus rolls over; the bikers aren't professional enough; the back up arrives a too quickly and are unable to spot the bikers fleeing; the bikers in other scenes get their guns out in full public view too many times but nobody ever seems to mind and generally, there is an acute sense of frustration during these times. But the film backs itself up with a scene in a nightclub during which it makes a pastiche out of its predecessor by putting Jack in a punch up only for Reggie to save him by acting out his cop/no nonsense routine by threatening to shoot first and the ask questions later. Along with this, Jack even makes reference to 'typical bar punch ups that you get in the movies' where he states someone always hits else someone over the head with a chair or a glass bottle. Jack then does exactly that with a bottle and the chair soon follows.

But to me, this is Another 48 Hrs. recognising that is knows what it is; that it knows the formula its using and is having fun playing around with the clichés; even if scenes such as the bus rolling and the bikers not doing what they should do by finishing the job. The film is by no means great or groundbreaking but I was never bored or put off by what I was seeing; it may have lacked realism and been since pushed down a peg in the crime genre hierarchy by bigger and better films but it remains entertaining to a degree with gunshots powerful enough to propel people through windows and cops smart enough to wear bullet proof vests whilst off duty. Another 48 Hrs. is by no means a big winner but it is by no means a massive loser, even if it may indeed look like that in another twenty years.
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The boys are back in town
necros29928 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
To many people another 48 hours is a like a remake of the original. I can see why they would think so. many of the scenes are just like the ones in the first movie. However I believe it had a new plot being to catch a mysterious criminal known as the Iceman. I thought it had a great twist on who was the main bad guy after all. The end shootout was one of the best in the action movie history. There were also some good comedy scenes between Murphy and Nolte. Andrew Divoff does good as Ganz brother. Murphy's scene in the bar however is bad and does not even come close to the original. In my opinion this was a good action/comedy sequel to a classic original.
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A new adventure begins!
GOWBTW31 March 2008
Here we go again! Jack Cates(Nick Nolte) and Reggie Hammond(Eddie Murphy) are back together, only this time, the things get more extreme. In "Another 48 Hours", Cates and Hammond go after a man known only as th "Ice Man". Not only that, there's an inside man in the police force helping him out. Things go bad for Hammond when his car gets blown away, was shot at when he was in the prison bus. What's even worse, one of the killers is the brother of Ganz(The killer from the first movie who stole Cates' gun). Unlike the first one, there were some biker action. I liked the part when the biker went right through the movie screen. Anyone could mistake that for 3D. There was more shooting. This one has a little more carnage than the first I should say. It was funny when Reggie finally took the lighter from Cates after he was shot. Nothing seems to change in that movie, the fun factor was still there, and the comedy was there as well. Enjoy! 4 out of 5 stars!
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Not as good as the first, but still entertaining
sklose326 May 2006
The Movie begins with a meeting of a few bikers. Then a some cops arrive and get killed. (who could have guessed). Then you see a racetrack where some money-exchange is taking place. After a shootout between a guy and Jack Cates (Nick Nolte). There is a little explosion but they don't find the other guys gun. So Jack is in big problems because he is likely to be charged with manslaughter. Jack visits Reggie (Eddie Murphy) in prison and tells him that he only gets his money (which Jack stored for him) if he helps him. Reggie gets really mad. BTW: Reggie says he was in prison for 7 years which gets explained later. Because in Part 1 they always talked about (I think) just a few (like 2 or so, but don't hold me to that) years. Oh and on of the bikers, who are supposed to kill Reggie is the brother of the bad guy in the first movie. Well, Reggie gets out of the Prison and is on his bus. while that happens there is an attempt on Jack's Life. Because he is on the search for a ominous Drugdealer called :The Iceman. (BTW: I missed something before: Reggie was in his cell alone and singing to his James Brown tape. Looks exactly as it did in Part one. When the movie came out, I read that this Scene was put in to compensate Eddie Murphies Wishes. But it was funny one time. The second time it looks kinda out of place.). All that happens in the first 10 minutes of the movie. So you can imagine that there is a lot of action in this movie. After a while they get to be good buddies during the movie again. It's very similar to the first movie. And a lot of scenes are kind of just copied from the first one (I mean storywise) Since Walter Hill had 8 Years to come up with a new and entertaining and sometimes funny story. But the movie just hasn't the charm of the first movie. Though if you enjoy either Eddie Murphy or Nick Nolte You'll like it I will not spoil the rest of the movie for you if you haven't seen it yet and tell you who the iceman is. Now it get's explained why Reggie was in the Can longer. He was framed for illegal money possession in Jail. Since Jack doesn't give Reggie his Money they have to work together, and Reggie isn't happy about it. Nobody from the Force believes Jack about the "Iceman"... Well the story develops as you might think.. They go through a lot and become good buddies again. I am watching the Movie right now. The revelation who the "Iceman" is, that is the only real surprise in this movie, the rest is real predictable. Well it's a typical "Buddie Movie" as they did back then (like from the middle 80ties to the beginning of the nineties)... like the first Lethal Weapon Movie. First the two don't like each other and during the movie they become best friends.(It's sad that they, for the most part, don't make 'em like this anymore).. If you like these kinds of movies you will like this one.. I like them from back when they were new, so I still do. But if you are used to Movie like they make 'em today , I really don't know if you will enjoy it. But it is a pretty good movie. Watch it and decide for yourself. And if you haven't seen Part 1 (48 Hours) get that one too. O.K. I will watch the rest of the movie now and enjoy myself. One last thing: I really think, the movie is worth 7 out of 10 points.
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Half-sequel, half-remake
smatysia10 May 2005
I agree with most of the past commentators. This film is a half-sequel, half-remake. So many elements were simply copied from the original film. I'm sure the filmmakers considered this homage, but it comes off as a lack of ideas. And we won't even go into the monumental plot holes. Gigantic plot holes. Brobdingnagian plot holes. And while I hadn't previously noted the enormous amount of glass breaking, until reading the comments, yes, I'd have to say they made it more or less a motif of the film. Murphy and Nolte did reasonably well resurrecting their respective characters, and there were some truly funny moments, and truly snappy repartee. But it's not enough to save this one. If you liked the original film (and who didn't) you should probably see this one, just don't have high expectations for it.
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Not your typical 80's sequel
travis368 August 2018
Usually a sequel in the 80's to a great movie tanked but this one actually was better than the original. The action was constant and flowed quickly. I read that the original run time was cut quite a bit by the studio and many of the supporting cast had reduced screen time. Nolte was great and continued his original character. Murphy definitely took over as first billed and was a much more dominant lead character. The plot had a continued story from the original that made it interesting. The laughs were good and another great soundtrack. The only con was some of the gunfights had bullets flying everywhere but everyone was missing.
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Fun & Fast!
namashi_112 February 2015
A Sequel to the Terrific 48 Hrs, 'Another 48 Hrs.' is fortunately, a fun & fast-paced sequel , that doesn't disappoint. Its pure vintage entertainment!

'Another 48 Hrs.'Synopsis: Jack Cates once again enlists the aid of ex-con Reggie Hammond--this time, to take down The Iceman, a ruthless drug lord operating in the San Francisco bay area.

'Another 48. Hrs' has a brisk pace, which does the trick. At a crisp 95-minutes, the sequel doesn't waste time & comes to the point pretty fast. Of course, a few sequences in the first-hour could've been better, but in totality, the narrative isn't loose.

John Fasano, Jeb Stuart & Larry Gross's Screenplay is not without its minuses, but overall, its good. Walter Hill's Direction is effective. Cinematography is razor-sharp. Action-Sequences are awesome.

Performance-Wise: The Incomparable Nick Nolte steals 'Another 48 Hrs'. He's rough, heroic & lovable all through. Eddie Murphy is spontaneous, as ever. The on-screen camaraderie between Nolte & Murphy, remains as a high-point for the enterprise.

On the whole, 'Another 48 Hrs' works.
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A good and funny follow-up to the original
Cal-515 August 1998
Another 48 HRS. is good for one reason and one reason only, Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy's chemistry together. They work off each other perfectly. This film is not interested in telling a story, it is a mere stage for these two actors to showcase their talent. The film only works when these two are on -screen. When Murphy and Nolte are not on-screen, the film is rather boring. This can be credited to the fact that Nolte and Murphy are so fun to watch that you don't care at all about the rest of characters. Fortunately, Nolte and Murphy are on-screen more than 90% of the time.
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A Faceless Clock of Old and Dry Ideas.
tfrizzell10 September 2004
Really more of a remake than a sequel as the similarities between this installment and the original eight years earlier are mind-blowing. Once again Nick Nolte is a San Francisco cop who gets convict Eddie Murphy out of prison a little early so they can stop a deviant group of criminals. This time they are after a mysterious mastermind drug kingpin who has a staggering network of thugs (mainly motorcycle) who do his bidding. And of course none of the bad guys even know who their boss is. No creativity turns this into a sequel that was just made for monetary purposes. The idea was only somewhat successful as the box office business paled in comparison with its predecessor. Critically the picture is almost a total waste. 2 stars out of 5.
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Back at it again with those vans
TheOneThatYouWanted25 February 2017
I watched this on the heels of watching the first film. Honestly, both films are great. I think this sequel gets so much hate because the first film is just that much better. Make no mistake about it, this movie is a shameless cash grab. But it does a great job of entertaining you with outstanding action and a few laughs. The film is about the odd couple of a beat cop and criminal teaming up yet again to take on some bad dudes. This film fails in that it focuses too much on the bad guys and not enough on the stars of the film. I'm guessing because Eddie Murphy was a huge star at that point and didn't have the time to hangout and shoot more scenes or whatever. And because of that, the film is slightly cheapen. But still worth watching if you enjoy action flicks. Some of the action in this film is jaw dropping but cheapened by overexposing the villains without developing them with dialogue and etc. But whatever, it is a great grind house film posing as a late 80s blockbuster.
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Another much more action filled 48 hours
Seven years on, a wearied Nolte, hair cropped and the lively sidekick, Murphy re team in this bigger action spectacle. While the original was more restrained, and did take a while to get to where it's going, this however surprisingly much more entertaining, as if the start is anything to go back. Apparently Nolte and Murphy, are in an avenging fire, as Gain's brother wants retribution, and we know Nolte, never losing his character, isn't gonna go down easy. Nolte enlist Murphy's help to catch this angry son of a bitch, and of course he's reluctant as first until Nolte tries blackmailing tactics on him. Murphy who is almost is free as a bird takes up with Nolte after assassination attempts are made on him. Now the angry and avenging return fire and this is where the fun of the movie lies. Even if not liking the original, which was more solid, atmospheric and hard edged, and of better quality, here's one you'll like more with racey punchy action, with an end, very much similar to the original, plus a shock turn involving one of Nolte's very own from the original, which I liked.
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not as good as the original but still pretty decent
disdressed1213 December 2007
this sequel to 48 Hours has a much darker tone than the's more violent,with probably even more very strong language.there is a bit less comedy,but the comic bits are a bit funnier than in the first one.the action is thorough the roof in this's much more exciting.i liked the storyline's more developed and a bit more complex.the plot isn't that original,but the movie is well executed.the movie is a bit too formulaic at times though.Eddie Murphy gets to show a little of his impression talent in this one.the dialogue,while pretty good for the most part,is at times overdone and a bit of a stretch.overall,i think this movie is pretty decent,but not quite as good as the first one.for me,Another 48 hours is a 6/10.
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not bad action stuff
parachute-422 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Good entertainment in the ever-popular bad-ass cop/hoodlum buddy genre. I really dug the biker heavies, and the thing with the bus was a masterpiece. I wonder how many old buses they trashed to get that sequence just right? Much like the car chase in "Bullitt"; its the part you remember years after you've forgotten the plot of the film.

Nick Nolte is excellent as the tough but rather dumb cop commuting between mayhem zones in his tired and much abused Cadillac convertible. Most of the western-style action takes place in sleaze-bag honky-tonks and a brothel. Quite effective.

Excellent action throughout but the broken-glass festival at the end is a little overdone. The fake streetcars are very unprofessional. Why spend so much money and effort on some scenes and then blow it on basic glitches like that? Movie audiences DO notice that sort of thing, just like airplane vapor trails in Westerns, so stay on the ball, Hollywood.

Speaking of balls, my favorite scene in this film is the one where Eddie Murphy gets the drop on Nick Nolte with a basketball ! Either Nolte is a very good actor or he really didn't know it was coming. Maybe both. Try doing 20 takes of that scene sometime.

Perennial villain Ed O'Ross (Red Heat, Universal Soldier) is in there as one of the bad cops and duly gets drilled in the finale. Has Ed O'Ross EVER been in a film where he didn't meet a violent end ? The problem is that as soon as you see him, you just know that he's going to be one of the heels.

I liked this film, and it still holds it own pretty well today for a new generation of viewers, despite the autos and clothes now starting to look a little dated.

R. B.
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Another Bad Sequel
cheese-1426 June 1999
Sometimes it's better to leave things alone. Whereas the original 48 Hours was a well written and acted version of the "buddy-cop" films, the sequel is uninspired and drawn out version of the first. The audience soon loses interest in the characters that they have come to watch. Murphy and Nolte do not add any depth or growth to the characters that once made them famous. It appears to be a film where the cast & crew walked through the motions of production and collected a hefty paycheck at the end. Unfortunately the audience discovers after paying the price of admission, that if you want another 48 Hours, watch the original.
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"Another 48 Hours" Too Late
domino10036 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers

"Another 48 Hours" is a waste of time, talent and space.


Because ANYONE who saw the first film could see the plot holes. Plot holes that are big enough to fall through, along with 10 other people.

Apparently, Jack Cates (A tired looking Nick Nolte)is obsessed with The Iceman, a drug dealer. During a deal gone bad that may cause Cates to lose his job and end up in prison, he finds Reggie Hammond's (A bored looking Eddie Murphy)picture. It seems that Hammond, who is STILL in jail, is now a target. There are 2 biker guys, one of them is the brother of the bad guy from the previous film, that want to see him dead.

There is too many cooks trying to cook this sad excuse of soup. Many things are not explained. For example, the identity of The Iceman. When you do find out who it is, you will scratch your head and wondered what the hell is going on! I'm not going to reveal WHO it is to those who haven't seen it. I only want to say four words:


For those who haven't seen the film, for God's sake, don't rent it, because you'll want your money back. Catch it on TV (It's ALWAYS on!)and save your cash.
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bronsonskull7230 August 2003
Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy return in the belated follow up which finds both Nolte and Murphy teaming up again when the iceman shows up on Nolte's wanted list once again tons of action ensues but this time the thrill is gone and all that is left is a by the numbers police thriller which only has a few decent moments that save it from the turkey pile. Nolte and Murphy still have chemistry but for some reason not as much as it's predecessor.
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The demise of Eddie Murphy *1/2 out of ****
johnnybravo198520002 September 2004
Before 'Another 48 Hours' was released, things were already in an uproar. Nick Nolte and others involved with the movie, vowed never to work with Eddie Murphy again. There were constant spats on the set with the biggest complaint that Murphy would arrive three hours late for filming while everyone would have to set around and wait for him to show up. If the above was true, Murphy is not the one to blame for the movies failure. 'Another 48 Hours' offers no surprises, originality and a "plot" that has been recycled over and over again.

Co-written by the director of the first installment, Walter Hill, (who had years to come up with something good) gives the fans of the original a HUGE letdown. The opening scene has three bikers cruising all over the country blowing innocent people away and apparently they work for a major drug dealer known as Iceman that Jack Cates (Nick Nolte)has been trying to track down for years. The Iceman wants Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) dead for reasons that go unexplained throughout most of the movie.

Cates job goes on the line when he kills a suspect who's gun cannot be found after the shooting. The suspect is burned to a crisp in a gasoline fire but the one important clue is unbelievably sparred.

So Cate calls on Murphy to assist in saving the day and while the chemistry between the two was so good in the original '48 Hours,' something is now wrong. Nolte and Murphy don't seem to be enjoying themselves. They are not having fun. And either am I.

The routine plot becomes more routine as the writers seem to know that the movie is not funny and try their best to distract the audience with endless car chases, shootouts, and the likes. One unintentional laugh I got was watching a bus roll over a dozen times at 50 miles an hour with Murphy in it but later seeing him walk away without a scratch. And the so called surprise when the identity of the Iceman is revealed is about as believable as Frosty The Snowman. (Perhaps the Iceman would be a better bad guy in Spider Man 3).

Eddie, come back to us. We miss you.
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Bigger, Faster, Funnier, Smarter...and Better
dodgerdawg-113 April 2008
Forget what you've heard, this is a far better film than the original. Sure, the story is implausible, far-fetched and unrealistic, with plot holes you can fly the Spruce Goose through, but it's a lot more fun.

In the first film, the big baddie, Albert Ganz (frighteningly realized by the fine character actor James Remar) lends a touch of realism to the proceedings. The big baddie in the sequel is none other than Ganz's brother Richard "Cherry" "Ganz, a killer that makes "his brother look like Gandhi." They say bad guys make the movie, and Andrew Divoff does an admirable job as the psychopathic biker out to kill both Reggie and Jack.

The shootout finale is classic, and the twist ending sure to please.

Hill's direction is first rate and the action sequences, especially the scenes with the motorcycles, unparalleled, even by today's standards. And did I mention it was pretty darn funny? If you are a fan of the first movie, don't miss this.
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A fun action sequel
Smells_Like_Cheese13 January 2008
I saw 48 Hrs. a little while back, it was a fun action movie with some decent comedic elements to it as well thanks to Eddie Murphy. So while I was renting some movies, I decided to see the sequel, Another 48 Hrs. I was curious where they would take the story and if Eddie Murphy still had it. Unfortunately, this is where Eddie's career was going down hill and Nick Nolte's was doing just fine. The only problem I had with this film is that it seemed like it was just an attempt to get more money, it was still a fun sequel though, it's definitely worth a look. Even though it was predictable, but once you've seen a lot of action movies, you've almost seen them all, you know? But Another 48 Hrs. has comedy, action, and our favorite team back. Eddie Murphy could have been funnier, but it's all good with this action packed sequel.

Jack is back and he's fighting a criminal named the Iceman who just keeps disappearing before he can get to him. It's getting so bad that Jack will loose his job over this and possibly go to jail for missing money that he's been accused of taking. He needs the street smart Reggie once again who is in jail still for a crime he claims he didn't commit. But it's hard when they are fighting since Jack hasn't visited Reggie in a while, but they work together to find the Iceman, but they discover that one of the men that works with Jack just might be a bad cop.

Anothre 48 Hrs. is fun, but I think it could have had more comedy. But like I said, unfortunately Eddie Murphy's career was going down hill at the point where this sequel was made. But I loved the scene where Jack gets into a bar fight and Reggie has to help him out, I loved how he was pointing the gun at one of the fighters, and the guy calls Reggie's bluff with the gun, but Reggie shoots his knee to prove to him. Unrealistic, but funny on Eddie Murphy's part. Another 48 Hrs. is worth a look, it has really cool action scenes and all in all, it's a good action movie. Let's just hope that Eddie's ego will calm down, hopefully he'll get more good roles in the future.

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Not that bad!
shakey_jake5312 March 2003
The first time I saw this movie I thought it was kind of dumb but after seeing it again I began to realize it was'nt so bad. Sure a lot of the scene's are pretty much exactly like scene's in the first one but there was plenty of good action and new scene's to make this movie strong. the ending gunfight in the strip club was pretty cool(Ive never seen so much glass break in my life), and the bus rolling over scene was cool too. Also, the dialogue scene's with Nolte and Murphy are just as funny as the ones in the first. I dont know why so many people think this is such a bad movie. Sure its not as fresh and original as the first one, but its still entertaining. 3.5/5
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