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Liveblogging Lifetime's "Liz & Dick"

Below is our transcript from last night's liveblog. Relive the White Diamonds of train wrecks!

*Note - Feel free to participate in the Liz & Dick drinking game. Every time I use the word "Howler," ... down a shot!

We start with "Based On A True Story." Hmm ... wasn't The Texas Chainsaw Massacre also "Based On a True Story?" I have a feeling this is going to be even more brutal

Speaking of Leatherface, we get our first glimpse of Lindsay Lohan as "Elizabeth Taylor," as she sits by a pool, as the voice of "Richard Burton," (played by True Blood's Cooter) speaks on the soundtrack about the first time he met her. Cooter looks nothing like Richard Burton, but the makeup people have done a stunning job of making him look like ... a bad botox victim.

So this flashback leads to ... another flashback ... of the last day of Richard Burton's life,
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