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Veronica Hamel is a rape victim of an intelligent attorney and faces nearly insurmountable obstacles in attaining justice in the court system.
paultrefzger-13 April 2005
This is one of the best movies (TV or otherwise) on the subject of rape and its aftermath that I have seen. And despite the fact that the movie was filmed in 1990, there have not been significant enough advances in the criminal justice system to see that this story is still relevant. The three leading actors are very good, Judd Hirsh as the rapist, Lee Grant as the attorney, first for the prosecution and then in a civil case, for the defense of the victim, Veronica Hamel. Ms. Hamel's victim is unfamiliar with the court system, but it is further complicated by the rapist's having been an attorney, and he is an intelligent manipulator. There are interesting twists and turns and although I believe that this is fiction, it certainly rings very true. It is an acting tour de force by both Ms. Grant and Ms. Hamel. Judd Hirsh plays the sociopathic rapist well.
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Brilliant Hamel
Lene-424 September 1998
This brilliant court room drama is a must-see movie. It features a woman who has been raped by a sleazy lawyer, he gets the verdict "not guilty", and then turns around and sues the woman for slander, acting as his own attorney. With two brilliant actors (Veronica Hamel an Judd Hirsch), who plays out their parts well, makes this movie one of the greater courtroom dramas of all time.
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Excellent acting
nicholas.rhodes20 April 2006
Although I am usually wary about films involving rape because it is difficult to define where consent ends and rape begins ( depends on both the man and the woman and their interaction ) I found this film excellent because the conditions are clear from the outset. There was no incitement or provocation to sexual activity on the part of Veronica Hamel and the fault lay clearly in the hands and in the sexual organs of Judd Hirsch ! This all being the case, the spectator witnesses a magnificent actors' performance on both sides and wonders just how Veronica Hamel will win through at the end ! The tension and violence is constant throughout the film and doesn't let up for one minute. Also, Judd Hirsch has a very kind face, and it is difficult to imagine him as a rapist, but there again, we must suppose that all rapists do not sport cruel or evil countenances ! This makes the film ring even more true to life. Definitely to be highly recommended on account of the performances of all involved !
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An intriguing and chilling movie with excellent acting
PL198110 October 2010
"She Said No" is an intriguing and chilling made-for-TV movie that raises interesting and complex issues but also heartbreakingly and powerfully portrays the ordeal of a rape victim whose suffering and pain at the hands of her tormentor continues long after the actual incident Beth Early accepts a ride home with a seemingly charming lawyer classmate at the French language course she is taking. He turns out to be an abusive and cruel rapist and, after he rapes her, she does the right thing and reports him to the police who subsequently charge him with the offense. But the prosecution's case collapses and the lawyer then uses his knowledge of legal proceedings to sue Ms Early for defamation.

The cast in this movie are fantastic. Judd Hirsch does a great job in portraying all the complex dimensions of his character -sinister, charming, evil and scheming all in one. Lee Grant is also great here in a sympathetic role.

But the real star of the show is Veronica Hamel. Rarely have I seen an actress bring a character to life with the depth and dimension that Veronica Hamel is able to do for the character of Beth Early. She gives the character all qualities, characteristics and emotions that enables the viewer to really empathize with her and what she is going through and she gives the character such believability and substance that you almost feel as though she is a real person. This is one of the best performances I have seen and it is a credit to Ms Hamel's ability as an actress that she is able to do this This movie is very well-made, powerful and intriguing and, despite the uncomfortable subject material, it is worthwhile viewing
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Excellent TV movie
Loulou-87 March 1999
One of the better TV movies to come out of America in the early 1990s. Veronica Hamel is superb, as ever and, Judd Hirsch is effectively cast against type. Definitely worth a viewing when the opportunity arises.
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Lee Grant is excellent...
MarieGabrielle22 April 2006
please don't discount this film because of the subject matter. Veronica Hamel and Judd Hirsch are very good, but I must admit I am always partial to Lee Grant, who has presence, intensity and always believability in any role she portrays.

Primarily, the story centers around Hirsch, who is an attorney accustomed to getting what he wants. Hamel is the victim, who pursues the case all the way through. The story is very well acted; no grandiose or unreal sub-plots, and Hamel is understated and sympathetic.

The relationship between Grant and Hamel is also a counterpoint in the story. Grant became an attorney relatively late in life, and Hamel congratulates her. Hamel then decides she too will have the strength to pursue this case to the higher courts, where she previously had a defeatist attitude.

This film has a good message in that too many women often give up, and do not pursue their goals. Especially in earlier generations such as my own, wherein women were not really encouraged to "make waves" or "challenge authority". Good film, 9/10.
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