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Sex & Nudity

  • Sex: Infrequent mild innuendos and references.
  • A sexual encounter is implied but not shown. A woman is dressed in a sultry fashion with lots of cleavage showing. References to a mans genitals being hung like a stud horse. A sexually provocative stage performance in which a womans clothes are partially torn is seen (no nudity). A man and a woman kiss.

Violence & Gore

  • Violence: A couple instances of mild-moderate violence
  • A fist fight occurs; men punch each other in the face and abdomen. Their faces are shown bloodied and bruised. Man shoots rifles at animals. A man is gored to death by an elephant. Some blood is shown in an aftermath shot.


  • Profanity: frequent uses of mild-moderate profanity as well as some racial/ethnic slurs.
  • Crap (x2). Screw (x1): Screw-you-all Balls (x3). Hell (x9): Get the hell out of here. How the hell are you? Damn (x9): You dont know a damn thing about it. Ass (x4). Bastard (x4). Bitch (x9): You son of a bitch. Whore (x1). Goddamn( x8). S--- (x6) What is this bulls---? A woman expresses prejudice against Jews the word Kike (x6) is used. Prejudice against black people. N----- (x1). The profanity in this film may have prompted a 'PG-13' rating by today's standards.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drug/Alcohol Use: Frequent use of alcohol and tobacco. No drugs
  • Many instances of social drinking and smoking. Cigars, cigarettes, beer, champagne, nondescript alcohol are seen. In one scene a man orders an iced tea but is told by one of his peers to get a beer instead which he does. Some characters are shown drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are a few scenes in which characters are in peril from wild animals and during plane flight.

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