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Season 4

24 Sep. 1994
Against the Wind: Part 1
After being struck with a bullet, Tony is hospitalized and it looks like he is going to be permanently paralyzed. But his family refuses to give up on him and enlists the help of physiotherapist Dan Boylan to help him walk again. With Tony out of commission, Cyd is put in charge of the murder investigation of officer Joe Ratowski.
1 Oct. 1994
Against the Wind: Part 2
As the search for a cop killer intensifies, Tony begins to doubt his own recovery.
8 Oct. 1994
Working Girls
Tony arrests an old friends daughter during a prostitution sting.
15 Oct. 1994
Born in the USA
Tony uncovers the shakedown of a community of illegal immigrants; David wants an earring to impress a girl.
22 Oct. 1994
Who Do You Trust
Tony believes an officer posing as a corrupt cop to expose a crime ring may actually be the genuine article.
29 Oct. 1994
Nancy with the Laughing Face
A top aide gets too close to an embezzlement/kidnapping case involving an ex-girlfriend.
5 Nov. 1994
Tony's former partner seeks revenge for a long jail sentence.
12 Nov. 1994
Head Case
Tony sets out to prove a mental patient isn't guilty of murder.
19 Nov. 1994
The Lady Vanishes
Commissioner Scali investigates the drowning of a tennis pro at a swanky club.
4 Dec. 1994
After shooting a dangerous armed robber, a cop is accused of murdering an unarmed man.
17 Dec. 1994
A Christmas Story
Tony hopes a burglary investigation will help an old friend recover from the death of his wife; David doesn't have the money he saved to buy his dad's Chanukah gift.
12 Jan. 1995
Scali works to reunite a father with his estranged family who are in witness protection. A crime boss with a vendetta complicates things. The team must also foil a dog-napper.
14 Jan. 1995
The Johnny Club
When a friend of the Scalis is killed, it seems to be an accident at first. It gets complicated when they find he was leading a double life. Tony deals with a plumbing leak in his office and troubles at home when David shoplifts on a dare.
2 Feb. 1995
The Golden Years
A visit from Tony's parents uncovers a disturbing rift in their relationship.
9 Feb. 1995
An attractive computer technician (Tracy Scroggins) accuses Tony of sexual harassment.
16 Feb. 1995
The Trial
Tony must protect an aggressive defense lawyer whose methods he doesn't like.
2 Mar. 1995
Cry Wolfe
While trying to solve a major gold robbery, Tony must answer a cry for help from a con man.
9 Apr. 1995
Tony and Paulie reopen the murder investigation of an old friend and partner in New York City.
23 Mar. 1995
Letting Go
While trying to help an elderly woman recover her lost life savings, Tony learns Rachel may have cancer.
30 Mar. 1995
The Kid
Paulie fights to prove that a homeless teenager isn't a murderer.
13 May 1995
Off Broadway: Part 1
Tony teams with a tough female NYPD detective to catch a serial killer.
20 May 1995
Off Broadway: Part 2
Though her obsession with the job jeopardizes her personal life, NYPD detective Connie Muldoon presses to find a serial killer.

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