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19 Apr. 1991
Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Nick lets a murderer go because the only witness against him, is a foreigner who was deported. Nick knowing that the likelihood of him committing another crime is unlikely, so he decides to make the man incriminate himself for the crime he committed. He sets out to do this by giving him a drug that takes away his memory. When he wakes up, Nick tells him he's a detective and Nick is his partner and Cat is his girlfriend. And they are investigating the murder he committed with Moon playing him.
17 May 1991
Brother Mine
Nick learns that an arms smuggling family was behind the bombing deaths of his wife and daughter. This was a two-part episode.
31 May 1991
I Hate Mondays
A man pulls a gun and takes Nick's court over. He claims that he is the husband of a woman who was killed and is looking for justice. He demands to see the Night Watchmen--Nick's group but when they arrive they discover another group claiming to be them shows up. They think there is more going on.
7 Jun. 1991
Simon Says
A criminal who avoided being sent to prison by claiming to be insane, has been living like a king in the facility he was sent to. When he orders the death of an inmate and avoids being tried, Nick decides to go after him. They learn he's high living is courtesy of the facility's administrator who funnels several of facility's funds to fund his lifestyle. So they decide to put an end to it.

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