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Sex & Nudity

  • There is an episode where everyone goes to the Bahamas as part of a "nude spiritual retreat." Characters get naked, but we don't see anything too risque.
  • Animal is constantly making lustful remarks.
  • Jay and Heddy are constantly having and talking about sex.
  • Heddy talks about her sexual experience with Herman.
  • The fiancee of Stan, Herman's brother--continuously comes on to Herman.
  • Herman is naked twice in one episode, but his nudity is blurred-out.
  • A woman executive editor asks Herman to "rub my feet." And then she says "Kiss me" and then they have sex more than once.
  • We hear an answering machine from a "Tawny" who speaks very suggestively. We later hear she had sex with Jay.
  • Louise asks Herman to take her virginity in one episode.
  • Louise wants Jay to deflower her, but he confesses to having an affair.
  • Although Herman is seeing a woman, he has an affair with another.
  • Several episodes we see a woman make a move on Herman.
  • Herman's brother is getting married, but his fiancee keeps making passes at Herman himself.
  • Mr. Crawford's girlfriend breaks up with him and propositions Herman.
  • Herman and Elizabeth have sex several times.
  • We hear that Jay had sex with a woman who we see was just about to have sex with Herman.
  • Heddy has sex with Herman twice.
  • When a man is fixed-up with a hooker (he doesn't know), there's a lot of talk of the sexual possibilities.

Violence & Gore

  • Heddy slaps Herman.
  • A man aggressively grabs Herman.
  • We see Herman and Heddy trashing each other's things.
  • Heddy pushes Herman.
  • Herman shoots a man. We later hear many other people have shot him.
  • Animal wants to punch Heddy hard, but Angel restrains him.
  • Heddy angrily throws a wig at Herman.
  • A office temp sets three fires.
  • Heddy throws a travel alarm-clock at Herman. It leaves an open cut.
  • Heddy sets something on fire (then she's fired).
  • Herman punches a man and breaks his nose. We see the damage. The man later punches Herman.
  • Anxiety gets his tie caught in a xerox copier, then Heddy tries to drag him free---worsening the condition.
  • Mr. Bracket drops a stale doughnut with a stubbed-out cigarette onto Heddy (unseen).
  • Heddy drags Herman out of his apartment.
  • A militant feminist punches Jay in the stomach.
  • Heddy pushes Herman. He pushes her back. She pulls on his hair. He pulls hers back and they briefly struggle.
  • Jay punches Herman in the jaw.


  • Just some mild PG sitcom obscenities. In one episode, stronger curses are bleeped-out (as a joke).

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