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Season 4

18 Sep. 1993
Rock On
Maria's friends take her out for a night on the town, while Michael and Pete are stuck for a night in. Donny gets into a fight with the wrong people.
He Ain't Heavy
An enraged Kirk does his own investigation to find Donny's assailants. Michael talks to Sheena about moving forward with their relationship or calling it quits.
Maria and Clarice run an event to help AIDS awareness. Karen reveals a friend's big secret.
Who's Sorry Now
Kirk and Sheena help out at Jen's work while she struggles with her sister's denial about their father.
Whose Job Is It?
Maria and Clarice compete for a promotion at the Centre. Maria's mom tries to set her up with a new boy, Gino. Things heat up between Jen and Brian.
I'm Not in Love
Jason returns to Northwood and Maria insists on throwing him a party. Michael asks Pete a favour.
Into the Woods
The boys spend a weekend out at an old cabin and reveal a few secrets. Brian finds himself in a dangerous situation.
You've Got A Friend
Jason tracks down his friend, Leon. Tensions run high while Pete and Helen celebrate their anniversary.
20 Nov. 1993
Last Dance
Maria and Jason's date ends up in Las Vegas. Pete doesn't know how to act around Kristina after their intimate encounter. Gino stops by the Centre.
27 Nov. 1993
Out of a job, Kirk considers dealing for Chucky again. Donny, Nicole, and Lunker join a scavenger hunt to win a radio station's grand prize. The Hubers return home to an unfortunate event.
I'll Be Seeing You
After the fire at the trailer, the gang organize a car wash to help fund losses. Donny and Kirk's parents come down to take Donny back with them.
Maybe This Time
Gino helps Maria and Clarice with a group hiking trip. Brian decides to move in with Jen to help with rent. Chucky comes looking for reimbursement.
25 Dec. 1993
Stand Tall
Maria suspects Al is skimming donations. Kirk looks for a new place for him and Donny to live. Kristina comes down with the flu and Pete is all to eager to help.
True Colours
Kristina is distraught when she finds out she is pregnant. Michael tries putting an ad in the personals. Jen is overwhelmed with school and it's causing friction between her and Brian.
8 Jan. 1994
Having My Baby
Pete thinks he has the solution to his situation with Kristina. Helen and Nicole decide to crash Pete's Party. Brian and Jen have a serious discussion about their relationship.

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