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Season 1

18 Sep. 1991
Alfonso is getting ready for a nice relaxing retirement when his daughter and grandchildren come to visit. He soon finds out that they are there for more than just a visit.
25 Sep. 1991
Homework Bound
Thanks to, or in spite of, Al's history tutelage (at the bowling alley), Curtis scores an A on a test, but not without having something up his sleeve.
30 Oct. 1991
A Mid-Summer's Night Barbeque
The first show that aired after Redd Foxx's death. The show starts with a brief tribute to Redd by Della Reese. As for the show itself, the Royals have a neighborhood barbecue in their backyard. Al is upset to find out that his old rival, Langston White is coming to the barbecue.
20 Nov. 1991
Educating Al
This is the final episode that Redd Foxx taped before his death. Ironically, the show starts with Al talking about cemetery plots. Elizabeth tries to find a preschool for Hillary.
27 Nov. 1991
New Beginnings
The first post-Redd Foxx episode. Victoria learns that Al has died at a bowling alley. His funeral is attended by many of his old friends (including Sanford & Son alumni, Bubba Bexley & Slappy White).
8 Apr. 1992
The Sneakin' Deacon
Victoria sees a match with Elizabeth and the new church deacon, but the deacon makes a play for Ruth, who doesn't like his game plan.
15 Apr. 1992
Status, Bro
Ruth regrets being cool towards Willis, while Curtis is anything but cool after being gifted with a discount version of an expensive jacket.
22 Apr. 1992
Hello, I Must Be Going
Ruth takes off after Victoria takes her to task for being a poor influence on Kim and Curtis.
6 May 1992
The Frame Game
Curtis gets a swelled head after being chosen to appear with Dr. Dre and Ed Lover of Yo. MTV Raps.
13 May 1992
Mo' Money
Curtis finds his part-time job taxing time wise when he has to work extra hours to cover the taxman's share, previously earmarked for other expenses.

 Season 1 

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