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  • Neither the movie nor the stage musical give him a name. In the DVD commentary to the movie, the creators mention that they neglected to give him a name. However, in a licensed CD-Rom trivia game that came out years after the movie, he's referred to as Adam. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Many viewers have questioned the age of the young prince at the time the enchantress cast the spell on him. The narrator reveals that the action following the prologue takes place shortly before his 21st birthday, and in the "Be Our Guest" song number Lumiere mentions, "for ten years we've been rusting, needing so much more than dusting," leading to the belief that the prince was eleven years old when the spell was cast upon the castle.

    However, Lumiere could mean the amount of time they, as the staff of the castle have been without use; the people working in a castle like that would be there to throw parties and galas, entertaining royals and nobility. However, because of the Prince's bad attitude and unwelcoming manner, the castle has no guests for a long time until Belle arrives (which is why they make such a fuss over her in the Be Our Guest number). The torn painting in the west wing shows the Prince. in human form, as a young man, not an eleven year old. It's possible Lumiere means it's been ten years since he and the staff have entertained guests, and that the transformation only occurred three or four years previously.

    Another possibility is that because of the curse, aging was stopped for those in the castle, with the exception of the Beast himself. Furthermore, it could be that when the Beast reaches the age of 21, not only will he be a beast forever, but he will never grow older. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The movie was restored for its rerelease in 2002. Moreover a new song was added. The song "Human Again" was removed from the Theatrical Version due to continuity reasons in 1991. After the song was edited for the musical version, it was reintegrated in the movie as well. This so-called Special Extended Edition was also released in 2002 on DVD. The sound effects of this version have also been edited, e.g. the Beast's stuttering when it says "You wan-wanna stay in the tower?" to Belle. The animation of Cogsworth when he says "Yes-yes-yes, but ... why?" is also new. The reinsert song "Human Again" caused further consequences. Because the servants are singing the song while cleaning the castle, the castle has to look clean in the following scenes. That's why the backgrounds after the song are new. Edit (Coming Soon)


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