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20 thumbs up!
Nottboy22 September 2004
Every once in a while a film comes along that changes the way we look at cinema. A film that redefines the art of movie-making and lives with the viewer long after he/she has experienced it. You may hear the critics mutter the words Star Wars, Citizen Kane or Gone With the Wind but, obviously, they don't know Ice, they don't know him at all.

If ever there was a movie that proved the Oscars are a farce, it's Cool as Ice. It clearly got snubbed and I guess we'll never know why. The only reason I can fathom is the academy's fear of the Ice man's Day-glo clashing with the red carpet. Clearly the better solution would have been a Day-glo carpet.

Maybe I'm a little biased because I see so much of myself in Ice's character and the personal journey he embarks on in the film. I, too, am a complex, misunderstood white male, searching for identity and a good lawn on which to do the running man. I also have a way with words and a way with the ladies and, gosh darn it, I just love to impress country folk with my fly threads and dope moves on the dance floor, yep yep.

The script is a work of art and is destined to become a textbook example for its conflict, character development and subtext. I can't decide who the bigger genius is: The writer or Vanilla Ice, himself, because let's face it it's not just the lines but the delivery of them. "Lose the zero, get with the hero" - pure gold.

Do what ever it takes to see this film. Beg, borrow, steal or even buy it. For all those who still wear Day-glo clothing or caps with polished metal logos, who still shave lines into their eyebrows or just consider themselves romantics, Vanilla will reinforce what you already know: You are Cool as Ice. It's also a hell of a lot better than watching Vanilla on Celebrity Boxing, no really it is.
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A divine comedy
dickhoff327 September 2004
I hesitate to call this movie a really poor film, though don't get me wrong it is quite bad. But I believe it falls into a totally new genre of "crappy cult classics". When watching a film like Cool as Ice, I find myself asking over and over again, Are they serious? Who wrote this film? When they were writing the screenplay were they thinking: Yes, this is gold!

Now though this film is horrible, I find it very quotable which I believe is a major factor in assessing the quality of a film. Lines like "drop that zero and get with a hero" are unforgettable and hilarious. This movie is actually better then 75% of the comedies that are released in the movies today which sometimes even do well in the box office. Such movies come stocked with cliché's and overused jokes and though may be good for a few cheap laughs, are hardly worth seeing. Cool as Ice however is humorous (though not on purpose) and I think can be appreciated by anyone who was growing up during the early 90's. It really sums up what early 1990's were all about. I admit that it may be a little embarrassing if someone were to stumble across this title in your movie collection but if you ever see this movie for sale at a yard sale, I would recommend buying it for the full 1.00 price tag. It is worth watching with friends for some good laughs. My friends and I always mention this movie when discussing movie trivia and pop culture of the last decade. It always makes us smile. And isn't that what you hope for in a good movie?
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An absolute classic, but for all the wrong reasons
rancidswan28 July 2004
I've read a few of the reviews about this film and most of them are pretty spot on. As a film it truly deserves to be rooted in the worst 100 list, terribly acting by the two *bad* cops, worse still by straight laced Michael Gross - and the less said about Vanilla's acting ability the better.

Worse than the acting is the absolutely hilarious Cameo by Naomi Campbell in the opening credits, who screams her way through a really really hideous song whilst dancing badly and constantly trying to brush her hair away from her face.

After this initial horrific all singing all dancing intro, some bint gives Vanilla her phone number just so that we're reminded how great Vanilla ice is, and then the film starts proper. At this point you're just recovering from the awfulness of the dark warehouse intro, and suddenly you're assaulted by the wildy vivid colours of... pretty much everything actually, it's a constant throughout the film that everything is just too vivid, its hard to explain, but once you've noticed it, its actually quite amusing.

This is pretty much how the film goes, just as you think you've seen the most awful scene in cinematic history, along comes another, worse one that manages to make the last one look average. A great example of this is the way that in the first couple of minutes, Vanilla 'bunny hops' his 250kg GSXR-1100 over a 5 foot high fence. An absolute classic moment in cinema which stays with you... kind of like syphillis.

But it's for all these reasons (and hundreds more) that you should watch this film. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I've never really been an advocate of the 'so bad it's good' school of thought, but I'll make an exception for this film. Not only have I seen it many times, but I bought it new from Amazon a little while ago so I can say I have an original copy. In years to come it will be completely priceless, such is the cult following of this shocking celluloid mistake.

I really would recommend that you see it, not because it's great, but just so you can appreciate how bad something can actually be, and how much of a complete freak of a movie this is.

I've never witnessed a scene in a movie which can compete with the pure hilarity of Vanilla dancing on his own, like a tw@t, outside the old people's house in his dayglo pants wearing his stupid jacket. I challenge anyone not to laugh outloud during this, and many other classic moments.

Deserves both 1 out of 10 as a film, and 10 out of 10 as a must see classic bomb.
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Perfection, thy name is Cool As Ice
chris3s11 February 2000
This film can only be described as brilliant. Cool As Ice is a cinematic tour de force, and it resonates with unique passion and joie de vivre. Every character is brimming with both gritty realism and inspired originality, while the script is simply the best to be penned since Chinatown. Expertly crafted with stunning visuals and sparse narrative, the film presents a fascinating interpretation, through the use of archetypal characters, of the age-old story of the uptown girl and the downtown man. The cinematography is refreshingly restrained, with the intriguing exception of the use of Vanilla Ice's leather jacket as a narrative device. The fresh threads contain numerous words, ranging from "Down by Law" (the name of a punk band), to Yep (1/2 of Ice's catch phrase), to "Sex me up." At relevant moments, the camera will dwell upon a particular word or expression, enhancing the cinematic experience dramatically. Although it is but one example of the film's innovative technique, this device is representative of the consistently inventive, moving and magnificent film. Already a well-respected movie, Cool As Ice will inevitably enter the annals of truly great cinema after sufficient time has past to permit its canonization.
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Kill me now!
taj2713 December 2001
I recall one interview with Vanilla Ice where he claimed to be the "James Dean of rap". If you find that hilarious, you will love(hate) this movie. Ice portrays a mentally retarded man who has delusions of being "cool". I won't go into details about the plot because there isn't one. If you were an adolescent in the late eighties this movie will bring back shameful memories of dancing to "Ice, Ice Baby" at your Middle School dances. I give this film a 1 out of 10, its awful! But you should still see it for your own amusement.
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just one question........
plantostickthat15 March 2001
Right, I've seen this movie 10 times in one week, but i still dont get one thing.....what does "shling a schlong" have to do with anything?

And how did he jump the fence from a flat road?

And how does he keep changing jackets when he clearly doesn't take anything with him?

And why are there turntables in a 70's music bar?

And how does he drive through the second story of a house from the opposite direction on the ground?

Anyway, i have a lot more questions than this so to do me a service you had all better go out and borrow this movie..... You can see what production values REALLY MEAN (hem hem).
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I just dont get it...........
chowyun4531 May 2001
How the hell could any film maker make a film so bad.Its baffling but then again it was directed by the guy who destroyed the live version of Inspector Gadget.You can also see he did not get much work for a long, long time after this film.Vanilla struggles with every painful word that he mutters. I enjoyed the film a lot more when Mr.Ice was off screen.Every time I saw his stupid head with his ridiculous jackets I felt like braking the T.V.What makes it worse the film makers actually thought that the public would actually go and see this movie.

However no one did and by the time it was released, Mr.Ice's music career was over and this movie bombed.It deserved more than that......It should be banned
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the best movie I have ever seen
mange-86 September 1999
this is by far the funniest movie I have ever seen!! It has great dance scenes in it and some incredible acting by Mr Ice.

It´s so damn funny that I actually have managed to see it twice!! And halfway through the movie, when you thought that nothing more funny possibly can happen, Mr Ice starts dancing in the desert...

This movie is by far the best there is!!!! He is so damn funny.........
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An unintentionally hilarious and insidiously hideous film **spoilers**
Michael Kenmore14 September 1999
"Cool As Ice" is the work of art.

No, really. That's what the rap star wanna-be Vanilla Ice thinks when he starred in this movie cluttered with the piece of dog dung script from David Stenn. The movie showcases the atrocious acting by Vanilla Ice who bolsters his ego to triumph over evil and injustice, and gets to shag the girl of his dreams ("perverted fantasies" more like describes his intention of establishing a torrid love affair). It's so unbelievably bad you have to suspend the disbelief just to get the kick out of making fun of Vanilla Ice as he attempts to act like he's going to win an Oscar for Best Actor but ends up being an amateur, only riddled with the terrible one-liners and smirk expressions so annoying you want to punch him in his face.

The plot is nondescript. It's too absurd and rather bizarre to summarize, so I won't bother. The star Vanilla Ice leading a bunch of poseurs to run the errand and falling madly in love with a pretty girl and conquering evil is the plot I can think of. I must make a note of complaint that "Cool As Ice" is grossly misrated PG because there's the gratuitous use of the word "D***", some violence, the particularly scary sequence and excessive sensuality. There are the scenes that literally had me die laughing. So funny you'll ache your ribs and feel the pain as Vanilla Ice intends it to become embarrassingly painful when he saw the finished version for the first time and have hid in oblivion since.

Some particularly funny scenes (some may be spoilers):

After the opening MTV-style music sequence, it becomes obvious that Vanilla Ice could not act when a sexy girl comes on to him

Jumping over the fence with the motorcycle and inadvertently hurts the girl

Vanilla Ice stole the "black book" with the list of female friends and looks like a pimp when he boasts to his poseur friends

Vanilla Ice walks around wearing an overinflated orange puff coat with the bare chest and funky pants, shouting "Hey, yo! What's up?" in a grating accent in the first half hour, made to look like the gangbanging pusher

As the girl is about to enter into her house, Vanilla Ice grabs her elbow and said "All right. I get it. Check this through. If you need me, I'll be right over there" in front of her dim-bulbed frat boyfriend.

A poorly choreographed fight scene between Vanilla Ice and the bunch of jocks

Vanilla Ice is a potential sociopathic rapist when he enters and lies on the bed besides the sleeping girl without her consent/knowledge

The overindulgent erotic interaction scenes between Vanilla Ice and the girl, and that includes pseudo dry humping and groping. If they actually go all the way, Vanilla Ice would be guilty of statutory rape

The irony of Vanilla Ice wearing a black puff leather jacket plastered all over with the words like "Sex Me Up," "Oh Yeah," and "Lust"

Gratuitous slow motion scenes and gratuitous sexual innuendoes

Michael Gross' one-dimensional character as the girl's strict father and the attitude of Vanilla Ice when he had to leave at the insistence of her father

Older couple dancing to the funky music. Utterly preposterous

Vanilla Ice's most unintentionally funny scene -- "You know something? You don't know. You don't know me. You don't know me at all!" with a cocky attitude in a sarcastic tone and then rides away with a motorcycle

Vanilla Ice invades the girl's property and got sprayed wet by the water sprinkler. In the next scene, he jumps the fence with the completely dry clothes.

Vanilla Ice rides the motorcycle at over 100 MPH. So dangerous he should have died in a tragic accident

Vanilla Ice's line of "It's fresh, man" in response to a stupid kid brother's ridiculous hair

Vanilla Ice's line "I know that sound" when investigating the mystery sound on the loudspeaker

The audiotape about the kidnapping scheme is single-handedly the funniest scene in the whole movie -- you have to see and hear to believe it

The floating physics of Vanilla Ice's motorcycle gang crashing through the wall on the second floor at the construction building. Truly a laugh riot!

The violence at the construction site could be mistaken for the gang hazing ritual

Vanilla Ice wears a ridiculous black wool hat and said the line, "Imagine that." If you have the eagle eyes, it's obvious the stunt was pulled off with a steel ramp mounted over the car to be followed by the torturous closing music sequence.

All in all, the most unintentionally funniest movie I've seen -- and I've never laughed frequently and harder AT a movie before with the exception of "Project A-Ko" and "There's Something About Mary". No doubt this is a huge embarrassment that led to Vanilla Ice's demise as the hip-hop pop star and a movie actor. Highly ironic that Vanilla Ice said at the end, "I'm...outta here!"

How David Kellogg got hired by Disney to direct "Inspector Gadget" after this inane tripe that serves as Vanilla Ice' vanity is beyond my comprehension.
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The Wild One, Easy Rider...Cool as Ice?
stephen niz21 July 2000
For those too young to remember, Vanilla Ice was a malignant tumor growing on the popular music scene ten years ago. Along with MC Hammer and Marky Mark he pilfered and diluted black music to make it commercially acceptable to middle-class white children. His flash-in-the-pan `attitude' eventually fizzled away - but not before becoming the blueprint for every idiot bad-boy pop star on top of the charts today.

Cut to ten years later, and the threat of an Ice comeback is unlikely. It's the perfect time to watch COOL AS ICE. The film bombed on release, and signaled the end was nigh for Vanilla Ice. Watching it today, the star reduced to a relic of inane pop history, the film becomes a candidate for the best worst film of all time.

Rebels and their motorcycles have a history on screen. They define the times. Marlon Brando was the quintessential bad boy when he rode into town as THE WILD ONE. Fast-forward fifteen years and history repeats: Fonda and Hopper rewrite the Hollywood rulebook in EASY RIDER.

In COOL AS ICE, the bad boy of rap rides into the suburbs with his all-black posse, ready to reap havoc on suburbia, right? Wrong. Ice's crew only reappear when director David Kellogg requires a cut-away shot. Even then, rather than scaring the local children, they're making peanut-butter sandwiches and watching TV. They sit around, waiting for Vanilla to get the girl.

The romantic sub-plot is a peach. She's the highest achieving student in town, but will she risk her future for Vanilla Ice? He's a self-educated poet of the street, although his actual words of wisdom somehow escape me at the moment. The sub-sub plot involves her father, who we are led to believe was the most honest cop on a corrupt force. Despite seemingly being transplanted back into the same community, he doesn't mind going on television so the bad guys can find him.

There's a few other sub-sub-sub plots of minimal concern, but no real story. It's a star vehicle resting on the shoulders of a ludicrously vain idiot. Fortunately, his fifteen minutes of fame and torture translates to a typically foolish ninety minutes. The most vain ego exercise in Hollywood history? Perhaps. All in vain? Definitely.
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arajcbradley9 September 2004
This movie gave me a happy man from start to finish it was perhaps the greatest movie of all time. I would credit this movie with curing my cancer and bringing down communism in Russia. I think that if Vanilla Ice make another film it may very well cure AIDS!!! Vanilla Ice is not only a great musical artist but could be the next DeNiro when it comes to acting.

I thought the movie was totally gerbilicous! I give it the Richard Gere thumbs up! I have loved Mr Kellogs directing from his PLAYBOY work to Inspector Gadget the man has an eye for directing great cinema. Forget Spielberg, Kellog is the MAN!!!
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Cool As Ice succeeds where Easy Riders failed to create a compelling, gritty perspective on motorcycles and the gritty dreamboats who ride them.
EggsOvaryZ10 February 2003
I can say little about this movie that hasn't been summed up in previous reviews save for this: Buy this movie, it is imperative that you own it. It the the funniest movie I have ever seen in my entire life and will instantly enthrall anyone old enough to remember this crazy idiot. Furthermore, it has been my experience that this gem and an ample supply of alcohol can instantly revive any stagnating party. NOTE: Make sure that you have surround systems in place to capture all of the ridiculous rap numbers as they are essential to the hypnotic effect of this film. As a final note, you may want to have the remote handy as there are scenes that are so hilarious you will want, nay, NEED to rewind them and watch them over and over again. You will no doubt, as I did, come away desperately trying to understand how/why this movie was made. It is an enigma for the ages and unraveling its stupefying mystery is futile. Get some friends together, put on your best pair of mismatched shoes and behold the majesty that is Cool As Ice.
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Cool As Ice is the funniest movie ever made.
benspice6 June 1999
Cool As Ice would have to be my all time favourite movie - for all the wrong reasons. Vanilla Ice is hilarious. His ridiculous clothes, pathetic one-liners, and the fact that he spends alot of the movie trying to remember his lines are but a few reasons for this movie's comedic charm. Ice's acting is more wooden than a forest, and the plot contains more holes than a room full of swiss cheese. The supporting cast are equally as pathetic. James Hackett (Michael Gross) seems to be rather insane, and Jazz (Deezer D) looks like he'd rather be back on the ER set. From the way he acts, it is obvious that Vanilla Ice believes that Cool As Ice is a piece of cinematic brilliance. At the beginning of the movie people in the street are shown to be in awe of Ice and his posse as they ride through the town, but what is most confusing is that noone seems to realise just how ridiculous Vanilla Ice looks. In conclusion, Cool As Ice is worth more than the price of rental because you will never see a funnier movie. I cannot recommend this movie any higher.
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A stunning masterpiece
blatzor2021 August 2000
This is probably one of the finest masterpieces ever created in the medium of film. It has Vanilla Ice. He says "Yep Yep" a lot. And there's lots of RAD rap numbers and cheesy-ass dance scenes. And it's all mixed in with the most implausible and ridiculous romance I've ever witnessed. Plus an ultra-crappy fight scene between Vanilla Ice and some, uh, bad guys. And you wouldn't believe what this man can pull off with a motorcycle. Like when he's going along this completely flat road, and suddenly FWOOSH! he gets air and jumps over a fence, almost killing an innocent bystander riding a horse (who later turns out to be the girl of his dreams). And then, just when you think the movie couldn't get worse... it does.

All you people who voted anything other than 1 should change your votes, so that this movie gets #1 on the worst movie list! Jeez. I know it's a "great" movie and all, but wouldn't be nice to see this movie be #1?
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Nimrod5426 September 2001
I am wondering what Vanilla was thinking when he actually invested 1 million dollars into the production of this film. He should also kill the person who was the costume designer for this movie. With his idiotic Jacket with words all over it. And his stupid hat with the shining metal on it. I also think the plot was something of complete idiocy that noone would belive in their right minds. I will admit the special effects had me laughing till i cried. with the motorcycle jump over the fence THAT looked so bad. If u ever get a chance to see this movie watch it. about anything u do would be more productive than watching this movie. but if u r feeling depressed it will bring u back to happiness because it is so dumb
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2.5?!?! Come on! This movie was great! XD
IIDX16 August 2003
Me and my friends love watching this gem of a movie. It provides us with hours of laughter and entertainment. One of my favourite lines has to be:

Ice: Is Kat home? Mom: Sorry, we don't have a cat. Ice: Noo, your daughter.

AHAHA, This movie is so great, even though it only lasted one week in the theatres and cost the people who made it many millions of dollars (one million which went to the man himself, Vanilla) This movie is hilarious.
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Excellent music combined with phenomenal acting.
PJ_Lipscombe7 January 2012
Forget your Dr. Dre, your Public Enemy, your Bone Thugs & Harmony, this is where it gets real.

Everybody loves Vanilla Ice, and his popularity is well deserved. How can you not love someone who's done so much for the hip hop community? So where do I start? A film of this quality is hard to capture in words.

Crazy action, fast motorbikes, funky beats, Vanilla Ice blows your senses away with his great music and phenomenal acting performance. Strutting away in his own personal style, Johnny (Vanilla Ice) makes his way into the life of a young suburban girl, Kathy (Kristin Minter). Aided by his no-nonsense posse straight from the ghetto, he slowly but surely wows his way into her heart, solving her parents' mafia troubles with a mere flick of the wrist. From the first time they meet right up to their first kiss, the romantic plot will grab hold of your heart and sweep you along with the smooth coolness that only Vanilla Ice can deliver. What a dreamboat. Plenty of laughs too, as Vanilla Ice uses his dry-witted sense of humor to outsmart everybody who stands in his way.

But there's more. We've all had situations where people judge us according to our looks, where we're from, and who they think we are. Vanilla Ice teaches us not to judge, to look beyond the exterior and to the true hearts and motives of people. Like he himself so wisely says: "It ain't where you from, it where you at". Something we all should realize.

This movie is a true masterpiece that will long live to reflect the acting and music of this legend.
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as Cool as da man Vanilla himself! hmmmmmmmmm
liam-tully12 April 2005
So you've just picked up Cool as Ice in the video store and you're thinking Vanilla Ice:The Movie...when you've stopped laughing,you'll be like that must be SOOOOOOOOO bad,and you know what?YOu would be 100% right,EXCEPT..its really is,even worse than the cover(see above)gives away.What were the movie people thinking?? You can almost imagine the conversation between the movie execs:''There's this rap guy Vanilla something,and hes had a (dubious)hit record and wants to make a movie,what can we do?'' ''I know,lets remake Rebel without a Cause,throw in some (C)rap and have Vanilla play the James Dean role'' That must have been exactly what they said because thats exactly what they did!!! This IS rebel without a cause,without the style,class,direction or charismatic leading man.The acting,plot(??)and overall quality of the film are all non existent.That said it doesn't score a big fat(''drop the'')ZERO for a couple of reasons.....1)It is VERY funny,if you've got the kind of sense of humour to find amusement in cheesy things from the past,that and the ridiculous cliff/flat top combination sported by Vanilla,with the ridiculous ''MC Hammer in a dye factory ''pants to match.Class.Also it scores points for the dialog,which is SOOO bad it is actually very funny,I'm still not sure if this was meant as a serious movie or not!LOL.But check the memorable quotes section above to see for yourself.Badly acted,badly scripted,and badly dressed,the central character is basically Vanilla Ice.Why bother giving the character or the movie a name,should have just called it Vanilla Ice.At least then you would get an idea of how bad it is!
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ramspott28 January 2004
This movie is so freaking funny. People reading these reviews might think that the reviewers are trying to be funny because its so bad of a flick. Well, it is a really bad flick, but its sooooo bad, that its hilarious. It really is a rare gift. If you were too old or too young to have appreciated just how ridiculus Vanilla Ice is/was, then skip it. If you are in the 22-32 age range, this movie is a must see. The easiest way I can explain why this movie is enjoyable, is...well....Remember those old Atari football games and stuff when the other dude gets past you so bad, that you can just wrap around the screen to the left and tackle the dude, thus saving the day? Its kinda like that. So bad, that its off the charts, and comes back atcha from the other direction, and slaps you upside the head with laughter. That doesn't do it justice, but at least I tried. Trust me, its funny.
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This movie is great!
Quinn-56 September 1998
This has to be to be the most unintentionally hilarious "movie" ever made! Its like the worst Saved By The Bell episode only...worse! You have to wonder what was going on through Vanilla Ice's head during rehearsals and sitting through the premeire...
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i'm still waiting for the sequel
romireles_pdhs20 November 2007
i just watched this movie the other day on HBO and i just can't imagine there being a worst movie past, present, or future. whoever got this movie made must have some real power in Hollywood.

i've got to tip my hat off to vanilla ice, he is an incredible quadruple threat. in this movie he gives you action, drama, comedy, and romance. all while defying the laws of physics. why isn't he still making movies?

there are a couple of things that amuse me about this film. one is that vanilla ice's portrayal of his character, johnny, looked a little to convincing. either he took some great acting classes or he really was that retarded in real life. the other is what exactly where the execs looking for during casting calls? the cast is amazing. how did they manage keep a straight face in their scenes with johnny?

whoever produced this work of art must have been on some serious drugs. they must have woke up one day and said to themselves "i hate my money what can i do to get rid of it."

in all seriousness the movie flops on all levels. the acting, wardrobe, sound effects, dialog and storyline are all equally as bad. this movie is really funny for all the wrong reasons and i would highly recommend it.
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Mr Van Winkle explores new depths in movie making
xerxes-66 January 1999
While it is hardly necessary to comment on Vanilla Ice's acting abilities, other than to say that he makes Steven Segal look like Robert De Niro, I feel I should warn other unsuspecting innocents about this movie. To be brief, this is the worst movie I have ever seen, bar none, and I have seen some turkeys in my time. I know Ice's appalling music career should have warned me as to how bad this is, I had no idea as to the actual level of it's stupidity. Basically it's just a movie length music video(and a terrible one at that). It's only purpose is to further inflate Vanilla's already huge ego. You have to question the sanity of the director responsible for this piece of tripe. Surely he knew what he was getting himself into before he agreed to take the job?
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Did she or didn't she?.....she did.
munroryan8 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched this tour-de-force countless times and still feel compelled to watch when it's shown on late night TV. Vanilla Ice (VI) is a complex and curious character with many layers to him, much like an onion smothered in secret sauce. One of the never ending debates with my friends when we watch David Kellog's cinematic oeuvre, is did Kat sleep with VI on their date or didn't she? Well my friends, the next time you watch, please note that Kat's bedroom is lit with bright colors and very 'viginaly' white...that is until we see the two lovers, VI and Kat, fall into some long grass after VI sprays Kat with his 'hose'! After this, her bedroom is lit with blues and is dark to which one can only surmise that the taking of Kat's virginity was not without some force resulting in a bit of, dare I say it, bruising! See for yourself and tell me I'm wrong. Also Michael Gross' turn as Kat's father is just inspired. Another strange thing about this movie is that I have found it in almost every section of my local blockbuster! Family, Music, Comedy, Drama, etc. Understandibly so as this movie does touch almost every genre in the catalog. See this!
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Drop the zero and git wit da hero...!
nunyerbiz6 November 2000
This is one of the greatest movies ever made!! Like many other reviewers here have stated, it's so unintentionally hilarious. Hollywood makes hundreds of bad movies every year, and most of them are unwatchable. What makes 'Cool As Ice' so incredible is found in it's complete lack of quality. You realize that it's a steaming pile of dung in the first 5 minutes. If it took 20 or 30 minutes for you to realize this you would feel cheated. The movie would just fall into the 'c**p' movie pile. You would hate it. Because 'Cool as Ice' never fools you, you can quickly set about taking it for what it is. When you do that my friends, you are in for quite a treat. If you grew up during the late 80s - early 90s...RENT THIS MOVIE and prepare to laugh.

If you've seen this movie and agree with my comments, I urge you to give this movie a perfect 10. Another IMDB reviewer (the name escapes me) originally had this idea, but I thought I would reiterate it here. There have only been a handful of movies that I have ever seen that I have found so completely entertaining... and isn't that what movies are all about?!?!

PS - If Mr.Van Winkle ever reads this... KUDOS to you! You have done that rare thing, made a movie so terribly bad that it was PERFECT!
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Result of 1991's Vanilla Ice Fad
full_meddle_jacket13 February 2002
I heard a funny joke about the ill-fated two-hit wonder Vanilla Ice once, in which the film "9 1/2 Weeks" was mistaken for a documentary on Ice's career.

When the rapper hit it big with his (terrible, I might add) whopping two rap/pop songs, movie execs wasted no time in exploiting his short-lived fame, and this film was the result. The flick is terribly acted (despite an early, yet not wisely chosen appearance from Naomi Campbell) and horribly written. If you want to see a bunch of one-hit-wonders, see "That Thing You Do" instead. --Bud Sturguess, Texas
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