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Girls, Guns and G-Strings: Andy Sidaris – A Legend Of Cult Cinema

Article by Mark Longden

If you’re going to watch the movies of Andy Sidaris, you’ll require a mental divide of some sort, especially if you’re the sort of person who believes we should all be treated and viewed equally. While we all, as humans, like looking at pretty pictures of people of whatever gender floats our boat, at some point – usually about half an hour in – of one of his movies, even the most dedicated admirer of boobs will be thinking “any time you want to get back to the plot is fine by me”.

Below is the scene that first interested me in the work of Mr Sidaris. If you like it, read on, if you groan, then We Are Movie Geeks has many articles about decent movies to enjoy. Here it is:

Andy Sidaris got his start directing sport on TV. He was the original
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Fear Twd Finale Recap: Bedlam, Bloodbath and Beyond

After learning from last week’s Fear the Walking Dead that the soldiers had orders to “mercifully terminate” the civilians they were protecting, we knew that this week’s first season finale wouldn’t be pretty. But just how ugly did it get? Read on…

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Hit The Road | As “The Good Man” began, Travis and Maddie were packing furiously to get the hell out of Dodge. “We’re driving East,” Maddie told Chris and Alicia. As for Corporal Andy, since he had “given us all he can,” Daniel might have snuffed him out,
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The Office Review: The Pros and Con of Sex

  • TVfanatic
Michael Scott can always make me laugh.  The overall concept of an episode of The Office, along the rest of the cast?  They can be hit or miss.  This week's episode, "Sex Ed," was a miss.

Michael contracted Herpes, which branched the episode into story A and story B, neither of which had me jumping for joy.  In story A, Michael and Dwight went roaming around Scranton to tell his old flames they might have the Std.  Not one of the face-to-face encounters was funny.  Michael had a couple good one-liners in there, but the meetings themselves left a lot to be desired.

Michael's phone conversation with Holly, on the other hand, was classic.  It was exactly why I loved when Amy Ryan was on the show, and it's exactly why I want her to come back before Steve Carrell leaves at the end of this season. 

Holly's ability to
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