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Alternate Versions

In the TV version, Idgie watches Ruth teaching Sunday school before taking her to her birthday party at the saloon.
The TV/DVD versions include a brief scene in which Evelyn gives Ninny a Mary Kaye makeover.
Network and DVD versions contains some additional footage not included in the theatrical release:
  • Just after Big George is released by the KKK gang, and Grady tells the gang he doesn't recognize any of them, there is a scene where Grady tells Idgie that he doesn't wear size 14 shoes and that he is no member of the KKK. This scene is missing from the theatrical release.
  • A scene is added in which Ninny Threadgoode and Evelyn Couch go to a Baptist Church and see a gospel singer perform. She sings "Listen to the Rain."
In the TV/DVD version there is a scene, immediately before Idgie goes to visit Ruth, in which we learn that Idgie has been living in Sipsie's house Troutville, the colored annex of Whistle Stop.
They also include additional footage in the final cafe sequence in which Sipsey refuses to give barbecue (with the special sauce) to two colored boys who come to the back door.
In the DVD version, there is a scene where you see Ruth and Idgie sitting and talking on a bench in front of the cafe.

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