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  • A wealthy and cruel businessman, Bhaktawar lord over a dockyard making all the workers his slaves. All the workers will work but no one will entail a salary, the union leader Tiger opposes this and protests and is eventually silenced by Bhaktawar. Tiger is unable to take any drastic step against Bhaktawar because Pratab, Tiger's dad is Bhaktawar bodyguard. Taking advantage of Tiger weakness, Bhaktawar eventually murder Pratab publicly thus enraged Tiger who eventually murder Bhaktawar, setting the dockyard on fire and escape from the police. Years later Tiger is now known as Shekhar, a respected man with two brothers Kumar and Vijay. Tiger must now ensure that his past life is buried and ensnared a bright future for his two brothers.

  • Tiger is employed as a menial laborer in, 'Bombay's dock', owned and run by a criminal master-mind Bakhtawar. Bakhtawar's treatment towards his workers angers Tiger who opposes this but is silence by Pratap; who is the security in-charge of Bakhtawar and who also happens to be Tiger's father. Then one day a scandal break out between Bakhtawar and Tiger leaving Bakhtawar dead. Tiger is then forced to run far-away from the police; he takes refuge in a rural village and years later he is now called Shekhar a man with two younger brothers, Kumar and Vijay. His past will come to catch up with him especially when he finds out that Bakhtawar is still alive.

  • Tiger works in dockyard for a cruel owner Bhatkawar who treats his workers like salve.Tiger extorts money from the dockyard workers for his father whose and aide of Bhaktawar and often gets in trouble with his father as he supports wrong doing's of Bhaktawar.Tiger's loves Jumma sister of his friend Gonsalves whose killed by Bhaktawar as he is against his policies.His parents to die soon leaving his step brother Kumar and Vijay in his care.Tiger swears to kill Bhaktawar but is stopped by Girdhar who in turn kills Bhaktawar's family and blames it on Tiger.Many years later Tiger has given up his past life and lives in the name of Shekhar with his brothers.Circumstances don't remain the same when Bhaktawar comes out of jail and wants Tiger dead believing he killed his family.Girdhar whose looted Bhaktawar's wealth after killing his family lives a lavish life and still takes advantage of the rivalry between Tiger and Bhaktawar.

  • Bhaktawar is a criminal mastermind, and his most active territory is the dockyard. He constantly gets irritated by the dockyard's union leader, Tiger, and only tolerates him, because Tiger's dad is his bodyguard. During a confrontation between Tiger and Bhaktawar, Bhaktawar is reportedly killed, and Tiger has to run for his life, this time from the police, even abandoning his love Jumalina Gonsalves. Years later, Tiger surfaces as a bespectacled mild-mannered man, with two younger brothers, one of whom is a police inspector. Soon the past catches up with Tiger (or Shekhar as he calls himself now), and he must now come to terms with it, and avoid being arrested by his brother.

  • Mainly a Thriller/Drama about corrupt police officers, crime rings and workers unions, the story of Hum is about a man named Tiger, who works, reluctantly, for the criminal Bhaktawar collecting 'protection money.' However, Tiger also helps the poor and leads protests against Bhaktawar's actions. He loves his family, and he loves his girlfriend Jumma even though their relationship seems to be a stormy one. Bhaktawar decides to bump off Tiger, but accidentally kills his parents instead, leaving Tiger to care for his two little step-brothers alone. The corrupt police inspector, Giridhar, takes advantage of this situation and, intending to steal Bhaktawar's fortune, frames Tiger for killing Bhaktawar's family before himself arresting Bhaktawar, thus ensuring that there will be no one to complain when he takes the money for himself. The story then picks up 15 years later: Tiger has changed his name to Shekhar and lives in the country with his two brothers, who are both adults now and one of whom is even married. Jumma, whom he was forced to leave in order to flee with his brothers, has become a famous actress and is still waiting for Tiger to come back to her. Inspector Giridhar has become rich from Bhaktawar's stolen fortune. And also, Bhaktawar himself has just been released from jail, and he wants revenge on the man he thinks murdered his family -- Tiger.


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