Mobsters (1991) Poster


Costas Mandylor: Frank Costello



  • Frank Costello : [as the Big Four consider Faranzano's offer]  ... Fifteen percent off the top from Faranzano's operation, huh? You know how much money that is? Well, I don't either. But it's a hell of a lot.

    Meyer Lansky : But as soon as we sold to Faranzano, he'd knock you off because you're Sicilian; one day, you might wanna be boss. If he iced you now, there'd be a stink all right. But if you're working for Faranzano, who's gonna come after him except the three of us? And then we'd all be history.

    Lucky : That's why we're in partnership with these Jews, Frankie.

  • Frank Costello : [after thwarting a fifteenth attempt on Don Joe Masseria's life, he confronts the would-be assassin]  ... You enjoyed Charlie gettin' tortured, didn't you?

    Faranzano's Sniper : Yeah, but you said all was forgiven.

    Frank Costello : It is.

    [blows him away; later, as he's about to assassinate Masseria himself] 

    Frank Costello : ... Joe, this ain't number sixteen.

  • Frank Costello : ...In 24 hours, Faranzano comes after us for killing No-Nose Tommy. We can't fight him; we ain't got the guns for it.

    Meyer Lansky : Masseria does.

    Frank Costello : So we're goin' with Masseria?

    Lucky : He ain't so bad.

    Frank Costello : He's a fat, stupid fuck! Other than that, I guess he's swell.

    Lucky : Right now, this fat stupid fuck can save our lives. Remember, it's only temporary.

  • Don Salvatore Faranzano : [at a dinner party following Don Masseria's assassination]  ... My friends! Honorable men! I welcome you today as your Caesar. The boss of all bosses! To give impartial leadership, I have turned over my interests to other members of my family. In return, I will receive a fair share of the proceeds from all the families across the country. From now on, we will be divided into five families. And the boss from each family will report to me... Mr. Thomas Gagliano; Mr. Joseph Bonanno; Mr. Joseph Profaci; Mr. Vincent Mangano; and Mr. Charles Luciano, who will supervise the entire operation under my direction. Now I ask you to come forward and pay respects, not to me, but to the office I hold.

    [as the others do this, Frank consults Lucky in private] 

    Frank Costello : [to Lucky]  ... Ready for this? Faranzano brought in Mad Dog Coll to ice you.

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