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  • The DVD available in America, however, contains an almost 15 minutes shorter version of the movie than the version that can be bought in Europe. Mostly, the plot was tightened a bit, here and there. Longer difference appear mostly because of the completely different intro and a few scenes with the main characters' wives. Here at least two scenes can be blamed for typically American censorship because nudity was removed. In that aspect, the scene with Richard Grieco was heavily changed and the American version hardly makes clear that he almost exclusively arouses his mistress with his brutal stories about blood and thunder such as threatening her with a dagger. Shortly flashing female breasts were removed from another scene, too. Concerning violence there are no (serious) changes. The few appearing sound changes (different/additional off-commentaries) also result from the shortened intro in the US version - the additional information of the European version is usually put back in the US version in a short form. Edit (Coming Soon)


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