Rock-A-Doodle (1991) Poster


Christopher Plummer: Grand Duke



  • Grand Duke : If I kill my nephew, would it be murder or charity?

  • [the Grand Duke arrives in Edmond's live-action bedroom] 

    Edmond : Chanticleer?

    Grand Duke : No... it's not Chanticleer.

    Edmond : Who-who are you?

    Grand Duke : You put your finger in the Duke's face, remember? These are expensive, you little brat!

    [throws his broken monocle on the floor] 

    Grand Duke : But that is not why the Duke is going to eat you.

    Edmond : Eat me?

    Grand Duke : Oh, dear. Now I've gone and spoiled the surprise. Always doing that. But you see, we creatures of the night have worked very hard to make absolutely sure that that bird does not return. And you... you, with no regard for the feelings of others, have the nerve to call him back here by name. And besides, I positively loathe rock 'n' roll.


    Edmond : You're not gonna eat me!

    Narrator : And that's when the Duke hit the ceiling.

    [the Duke literally hits the ceiling] 

    Narrator : If Edmond wanted to bring Chanticleer back to raise the sun, the Duke was going to have something to say about it.

    Grand Duke : Kittens are more digestible.

    Narrator : Young Edmond was about to have the most amazing adventure he'd ever dreamed of.

    [the Duke transforms Edmond into an animated kitten and his live-action bedroom into a cartoon one] 

  • Grand Duke : [on the phone with Edmund]  Hello, kitty?


    Grand Duke : It's the Duke. I've some rather bad news, I'm afraid.

    [clears throat] 

    Grand Duke : When the batteries *expire*, so will your friends. Uh, toodle-loo, cheerio, heh, *bye*!

  • Pinky : [a phone conversation]  Yeah? Oh, howdy, boss. How are you? Uh-huh. Huh? You say a cat, a dog, a bird and a mouse? What is this? Some kind of joke, huh?

    Grand Duke : [talking on the phone]  Oh, well, I don't think it's funny, Pinky. They want to bring Chanticleer back to the farm. You don't want that, he makes you lots of money; I don't want that, he makes me miserable

    Pinky : Right, boss, and what should I do about it?

    Grand Duke : Your chicken thinks they don't want him on the farm. Well, that's good. All you have to do is make sure he keeps thinking that. It is not good that the kitty and his friends should talk to your chicken. Capisce?

    Pinky : Yeah, thanks a million. This has been most enlightening.

  • Hunch : I got 'em! I really got 'em! No more kitty, Sir! Mission...


    Hunch : ...accomplished!

    Grand Duke : And the dog?

    Hunch : Gone, wiped out, sir!

    [the Duke laughs wickedly at this] 

    Hunch : Total and complete annihilation!

    Grand Duke : Annihilation! Yes... h-h-h-how did you do it?

    Hunch : Adequately.

    Grand Duke : Uh, ade-ade-ade, wh-what's that supposed to mean?

    Hunch : Well, Uncle, we sucked them into an adequate pipe.

    Grand Duke : Eh, what?

    Hunch : That's what it said. "Danger: Adequate Pipe."

    Grand Duke : [with forced calm]  Oh ho ho, Hunch... come to Uncle.

    [Hunch approaches; the Duke turns Hunch into a chicken-type thing] 

    Grand Duke : YOU IMBECILE! That's not an "Adequate Pipe." It's an AQUEDUCT PIPE! It leads straight to the city!

    [the Duke turns Hunch back to normal] 

    Grand Duke : The Duke gives you one last chance, Hunch! Them or you!

    [throws a meat cleaver down right next to him] 

    Grand Duke : Get to the city!

    Hunch : Oh, not the city, sir! Oh, no! It's too bright! I'll go blind!

    Grand Duke : Oh, say it isn't so.

    [hands him a pair of sunglasses] 

  • [after the Grand Duke is turned into a tiny owl, he is surrounded by a mouse and a chick, who frighten him as he falls into the water. Hunch catches him] 

    Grand Duke : [in a squeaky voice]  Hunch! It's me, Uncle Dukey!

    Hunch : Uncle Dukey?

    [laughs as he holds a fly swatter behind his back] 

    Hunch : Come here!

    [tries to strike the Grand Duke with it] 

    Grand Duke : Hunch, no!

    [Hunch chases him with the fly swatter as they get into the clouds] 

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