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8 May 1993
I Want My Mommy
The family takes Martha to Magicland for Mother's Day.
18 Sep. 1993
The Hero
Bobby loses a new shoe while playing in a forbidden mud puddle, and it is picked up by a baby who had strayed from her home the night before. This leads the police to believe that Bobby had had a hand in "rescuing" her.
25 Sep. 1993
Uncle Ted's New Friend
Bobby is jealous of Uncle Ted's new friend Constance.
2 Oct. 1993
The World Accordion to Bobby
Martha and Aunt Ruth decided that it is time that Bobby take lessons in something, and come up with...the accordion? Laughed at by his siblings and total strangers, Bobby rebels - until he finds out that playing the accordion can be fun.
9 Oct. 1993
Bobby Ties the Knot
Bobby has a crush on his teacher.
16 Oct. 1993
Jets, Choo-Choos & Cars
Worn to a frazzle by looking after the Twins, Martha needs a break. Howie decides to send Derek and Bobby by plane to visit their grandmother for a while so Martha can get a bit of rest - but the boys miss their connecting flight!
23 Oct. 1993
Karate Bobby
Bobby learns Karate in order to protect himself against bullies, but his misuse of his new Karate skills get him in to trouble.
6 Nov. 1993
A Day with Dad
Bobby helps his dad and Uncle Ted fix the bathroom light so he can go to the amusement park.
13 Nov. 1993
Psycho Bobby
Bobby tries to create a statue of his mom for her birthday and comes across as acting very odd from eveyone elses point of view.
20 Nov. 1993
The Smell of a Tattletale
Bobby becomes tells the car pool moms what wrong things the other kids were doing.
27 Nov. 1993
It's My Party
Bobby is upset because Kelly's Sweet 16 birthday party is ruining his plans for Build-a-Fort Day.

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