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7 Jan. 1997
Chicken Man
Jamie tells Brockwell she is pregnant. Everyone starts treating her differently and she does not want that. She goes shopping for maternity clothes. Paul interviews narrators for the Buchman project, and Ira decides to become his producer.
14 Jan. 1997
The Recital
Paul finds out they are paying more for counseling than Fran paid for counseling from the same counselor. Paul confronts Sheila about the difference. Jamie insults Fran and Ryan over Ryan's violin playing.
21 Jan. 1997
The Handyman
Lisa's fiancé, Sanford, offers to help fiancé Paul's documentary when he runs into unexpected delays and costs. Paul does not want to share his handyman's name with Lisa and Sanford.
4 Feb. 1997
Paul shows his Buchman documentary to a former professor. Nat's sister visits and gives astrological readings. Jamie's reading shows she is a liar. Nat quits because of the reading. Jamie finds out her birth date was wrong.
11 Feb. 1997
The Penis
Jamie has a sonogram but does not want to know the baby's sex. Meanwhile, Paul's Uncle Phil thinks he is dying. Paul & Jamie say they will name the baby after him - until they find out Uncle Phil's real name.
18 Feb. 1997
Citizen Buchman
While filming for the Buchman documentary, Paul's great Uncle Marty has a heart attack and dies, with the last words of his great regret - Who Moos. Paul tries to find out what it means. All the relatives have their own theory.
25 Feb. 1997
Her Houseboy Coco
Jamie has to stay in bed for a few days due to an issue with pregnancy. Paul has to take care of her every need. The heat in the apartment is out, and it is freezing cold. Murray is being kept by Nat, the dog sitter.
18 Mar. 1997
On the Road
Fran, Lisa, and Debbie plan a baby shower for Jamie. Jamie does not want to call it a shower, not have traditional games, foods, or entertainment. Paul escapes by going on a field trip with Ira and Marvin.
1 Apr. 1997
The Cockatoo
Paul wants Jamie to quit her job, but she wants to finish the political campaign results. Jamie hears co-workers talking secretly and is worried about a conspiracy plot. A cockatoo flies into the apartment.
15 Apr. 1997
The Touching Game
A very pregnant Jamie has difficulty moving in stores due to her pregnancy weight. She helps at Paul's cousin's new coffee shop and ends up breaking a lot of items that it hurts the business. Paul & Ira help a woman they think is pregnant.
29 Apr. 1997
Dry Run
Paul & Jamie attend a birthing class and are the only ones not paying attention or doing the dry run to the hospital. Sylvia will not sign a release form for the Buchman documentary because Jamie stole a spoon from her.
6 May 1997
A friend of Lisa's has a crush on Jamie and she enjoys the attention. Paul & Jamie need to pick a guardian for their child in case of their death. The choices are limited, and their choices do not want the responsibility.
6 May 1997
The Feud
Paul's parents and Jamie's parents both want to be the one that provide a crib for the new baby. Two cribs are delivered and totally different styles. Paul wants Marvin to like him and invites him to a poker game. Marvin loses.
20 May 1997
The Birth: Part 1
Jamie keeps experiencing false alarms. Meanwhile, one of Paul's films is accepted by a film festival. Eventually, Jamie goes into labor. At the hospital, she sends Paul back to the apartment for her wedding ring.
20 May 1997
The Birth: Part 2
Jamie is in the hospital having contractions. Paul tries to get into the hospital through the crowds of people there for Bruce Willis. The guys meet, and Bruce gives Paul advice. Paul gets to Jamie in time for the delivery. It's a girl.
23 Sep. 1997
Coming Home
Paul and Jamie return home with their new baby. They experience new parent anxiety for taking care of the baby. Family members all try to help. They name her Mabel - Mothers Always Bring Extra Love.
30 Sep. 1997
Letters to Mabel
Jamie and Paul video record conversations and collect letters from family members for Mabel to have when she is 18 years old. Ira decides to also write one for Joan, who writes one back; the contents upset Debbie.
28 Oct. 1997
Speed Baby
Mabel is crying constantly overnight, and Paul and Jamie do not know what to do. They call their pediatrician for an immediate mid-night visit; he calls one family member who calls another who calls another, etc. New parent anxiety.
4 Nov. 1997
Uncle Phil and the Coupons
Paul's Uncle Phil is arrested for coupon use violation. Meanwhile, Paul and Jamie pre-enrol Mabel in an upscale preschool.
11 Nov. 1997
Moody Blues
Jamie is suffering from post-partum depression with dramatic ups and downs, and refuses to believe she is. Meanwhile, as Paul tries to help her cope, he is also directing his parents in a play for charity.
18 Nov. 1997
The Magic Pants
Paul and Jamie hire a baby sitter for the first time. Jamie has separation anxiety. Paul's pants from the cleaners turns out to be David Copperfield's instead of his own, and magical things keep coming out of the pants.
25 Nov. 1997
Le Sex Show
Paul & Jamie have sex the first time since Mabel's birth; the baby monitor is near Mabel's bassinet and Paul and Jamie feel the noises they made will scar Mabel for life.
9 Dec. 1997
The New Friend
Paul and Jamie meet a new friend, Sara, and set up a couples date to include Ira. At the basketball game, Ira does not realize it is a date; he meets another woman and arranges a date with her. Paul wins a Genius Award from a film company.
16 Dec. 1997
The Conversation
Paul & Jamie try to get Mabel to fall asleep on her own by letting Mabel cry for longer intervals before going in each time to comfort her. As they wait it out in the hall, they talk about the process and random pieces of conversation.

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