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My favorite TV Show of ALL TIME
JackMillion21 February 2017
I'm a middle-aged straight white single man who has always loved this show. I used to be a hopeless romantic, and I used to watch this show hoping that someday my life would turn out like this show. I wanted to meet that special someone in some quirky way, have actual friends who were also couples. Have dinners and go places and talk about inconsequential things like where to place a couch. - Well that never happened. But at least I still have the show! - I watched this show when it aired. I joined the internet message board for this show back when the internet was invented (go ahead - try to find it - it still exists!). I bought the VHS copies. I bought the book (What's your Mad About You IQ?). I bought the DVDs. I bought more DVDs on eBay. I got the complete series on DVD last year. I'm a fan. I'm a huge fan. I'm a fan from the way back. - This show was amazing. The actors, the cadence of the speaking parts, the dog, the sets, the plots, the drama, the lack of drama, the guest stars, all of it just still resonates with me and is a part of me to this day. Oh - and the HEART. This show had heart in spades. - Did you know there's an excellent Podcast about this show? It's called "Mad About Mad About You" and I highly recommend it! Seriously go check it out now wherever you kids these days do podcast things. Thank me later. - If you've never seen the show, you are doing yourself an incredible disservice. It is hands-down my absolute favorite TV show of all time!
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Makes me want to run out and get married.
maffilms139 June 2003
This show is a classic. The seven season story of two neurotic New Yorkers, Paul and Jamie, as they fumble their way through love and marriage. In-laws, illegal cable, English neighbors, brushing their teeth, buying a parking space, remembering their first meeting and their VERY first meeting; this couple is adorable, touching and utterly hilarious in everything they do.

In the leads Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt have the best chemistry since Ricky and Lucy. Truth be told, you either fall in love with Paul and Jamie right away or not at all. But once you do fall for them, you will wish their marriage, was your marriage. Now available on DVD, check it out.
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A much better show than I ever expected
markbowen3 November 2007
I never watched this show in its original run, because I thought it was a sappy "relationship" comedy. I have since caught it in syndication, and I am surprised at how good it is. It does have its sappy moments (like even the greatest sitcoms -- except "Seinfeld," which poked fun at this show at least once), but at the core of the show is an homage to all things Manhattan, and classic comedy heavily influenced by "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "I Love Lucy," and Sid Caesar. I have laughed out loud more to this show than I have to some of my other favorites.

The show does have its weaknesses and some annoying characters, but the comedy holds up anyway. If you have avoided this show until now, give it a try.
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Belly-laugh show
Sinatrafan1034 July 2006
This show is seriously a belly-laugh show. It may seem pathetic, but once you get hooked on Mad About You, you wake up in the morning looking forward to the half hour you'll spend watching it. The show is perfectly cast, and I mean *perfectly* cast. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt play off each other wonderfully-- The writing is seriously some of the best ever on TV. I watch the show when it's on at 2:30AM and everyone else in my house is asleep, and I honestly have to bite my lip to keep from laughing so loud that I wake everyone else up. Long story short: if you are looking for a clever, high brow, witty, well written, wonderfully acted, exceptional show you won't find it anywhere else. I just cannot think of enough adjectives to describe just how much I love, love, love this show!
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My new favorite series
andrewalkernet28 September 2013
I used to watch random episodes of Mad About You a few years ago. It was fun, as much as Seinfeld, Friends and similar sitcoms. Lighthearted, funny, it was very pleasing to watch. But it wasn't until recently, when I decided to watch the entire series, from the first episode to the last, that it really became my favorite show.

I was so amazed by it, so impressed! The characters were so involving, so easy to relate. The story, funny and filled with smart ironies, while at the same time always dealing with relevant life, society and family issues. Well, I became absolutely fascinated by it.

So it came as a surprise to see how low was the score here on IMDb, which is usually very precise. After some thought, I believe the reason is on the first place a matter of style. I'm 22 years old, and I really doubt the style Mad About You was made is really appealing to most people of my generation, used to Friends, How I Met Your Mother and so on. It's very different. Not that it bothered me, but well, people are different. Also, Mad About You wasn't aiming to be simple entertainment, at least the way I see it. I believe the point was to be not only fun, but artistic, creative, and socially relevant. So, even though it was brilliant, it might not always be appealing to everyone.

But, if you're reading this, and you don't find much interest in the series, I urge you: please reconsider! It's a classic, and if you give it a chance you will really appreciate it. I hope to have convinced you by the end of this review :)

So, I'll describe three reasons why I fell in love with the series.

First, it has an elaborate sense of humor. There are so many different kinds of jokes throughout the series. Some are just picturing silly things common people do, the contradictions we all have. Take the theme song, for instance: "tell me all of your secrets and I'll tell you most of mine". It's the little things, you see? :) Other jokes are more elaborate, connecting the beginning of the episode to the end, with impressive cohesion. It is filled with so many ironies, making the entire show extremely pleasing to watch. And, even though it's not the kind of series in which you'll be laughing the entire time, it does have a few hilarious moments.

Besides that, it is beautifully crafted, from the plot line to the direction and acting. Really, it has a remarkable quality. Some episodes must have been extremely difficult to film and were still perfect. Yes, some of them were really impressive works of art. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt not only have that chemistry others have mentioned, but they are also incredible actors. And whoever trained Murray (the dog) has made an awesome job. Mad About You wouldn't be so cool if Murray wasn't a part of it. Also, many episodes had a very creative way of being "meta-linguistic", kind of referring to itself in the end. That was often funny too!

Finally, and most importantly, it is deeply meaningful. Even while describing seemingly unimportant daily events, it had a deep message. Basically, while the mass culture of our time praises lives without commitment and makes marriage seem somewhat obsolete, here are Jamie and Paul showing that it is not true. It's better to be together than to be apart. More than that, it is better to be married than just together. "That paper in the city hall" is not irrelevant, it has an important role, and it is worth it. And, you see, it's not that Jamie and Paul are perfect; far from that! They are a quite troublesome couple, in fact! But still, they find a way to be happy together. The show is extremely honest describing their issues, and just like real couples, they undergo some pretty rough times. Still, after watching it, most people (me included) feel motivated and anxious to get married, not naively thinking it's easy, but knowing that it is worth it.

Not to say that the show is only meaningful or relevant because of what it says about marriage. But I'll leave that for other reviews to describe :P

So, yeah, Mad About You is pretty awesome. Don't discard it for the latest hype. If you have the chance, watch the entire series, you won't regret it.
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This is some good TV!
Petey-107 November 2003
Mad About You is a show about a married couple, Paul and Jamie Buchman, and they live in New York. The humor of the show comes from the every day stuff that happens in life. I gotta tell you, a sitcom can't get too much better from this. It can be very funny sometimes, pretty often actually, but it can be pretty serious also from time to time. One of the main things why this show works so good, is the actors. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are perfect as the leading stars. And why are they so good? Because they have chemistry. They have it so much it could fill the whole room. From the other cast I have to mention Leila Kenzle as Fran, Anne Ramsay as Lisa, Richard Kind as Mark, John Pankow as Ira, Cynthia Harris as Sylvia, Louis Zorich as Burt, Carol Burnett as Theresa, Carroll O'Connor as Gus and Lisa Kudrow as Ursula. And let's not forget Maui the Dog as Murray. That dog got all the best lines! The guests of the show are unique. Many times they have stole the show. Or how do you like this guest list; Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Lewis...the list just goes on. In Mad About You the dialogue is something really amazing. There just isn't one bad thing I can tell you about this show. Well one bad thing is that it has ended now. There is no Mad About You no more because they canceled it four years ago. It ran in the years 1992-1999 and it was good while it lasted. But everything must end sometimes.Now there are nothing but reruns. So let's just enjoy watching the reruns of one great television show.
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Definitely worth watching
sheridanclan610 January 2009
My wife and I have been watching collections of some great comedies (Seinfeld, I Love Lucy, Friends, Frasier, Dick Van Dyke) and have found "Mad About You" (at least the first 3 seasons) to be on par with all of them. The show is funny and great at exploring relationship idiosyncrasies. Paul Reiser is very funny and the writing is outstanding. There are certainly some sappy moments but all shows have that at one point or another. The chemistry between Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt is excellent and that chemistry gives the show more believability. I wish Sony would release the entire series (or at least group the first 3 seasons in a collection). This show is definitely worth watching.
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Good, not great
crying_freeman_10812 May 2006
Mad About You follows the formula of a typical 90's NBC sitcom. All the required elements are there, a wacky character (Mark), a crazy character(Lisa), a snooty character(the neighbors), and a funny pet(Murray). However at times the writing and acting would make this show much better than the sum of these assembly line parts. Everybody knows Helen Hunt and all the awards she piled up but the contributions of Anne Ramsay are almost always overlooked. Her neurotic persona was the perfect contrast to Paul and Jamie. Although her character was an annoying and clingy personality, it often presented some excellent comic situation the more straight laced Buchman's would never engage in. The seemingly never ending series of problems Lisa would frustrate Paul and Jamie with was one of my favorite aspects of the show. The way in which Hunt and Reiser play off each other is another highlight. Unlike other couples in TV sitcoms the chemistry is undeniable in the first few seasons. So when the show would veer into more sentimental episodes, more often than not they would work. In the first few seasons the show was very subtle, no big madcap adventures making it much more interesting. They could get a lot of mileage out of simple scenarios, like a couple forced to spend New Years apart. Unfortunately after season 3's excellent 2 part finale the show took a severe dive in quality. The show became very hit or miss in season 4and by season 5 it was exhausted. Another problem is the show was written with a very choppy back and forth dialog flow which could sound very unnatural at times. It becomes more noticeable as you get into later seasons. It is a shame the show was stretched out so long because the first 3 seasons are generally excellent. A 9 for years 1-3, A 4 for years 4-7, Call it a 6 for the overall series.
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once in a life atime
nowhere_prince14 May 2001
"Mad About You" is an once in a life time series as you see in it that no series ever the same magical formula of comedy and romance. In this series you never feel like you are watching some show on T.V because it feels like real life with romance and a lot of moments full of laughs.
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Mad About You
smooth_op_856 September 2006
Shows seem to have a lot of neurotic New Yorkers these days, lol. But Paul and Jamie Buchman were out there about the same time that Jerry, Elaine, Kraemer and George were dazzling our hearts as the neurotic singles out there in the Big Apple.

However, this neurotic couple has captured peoples' hearts and funny bone as they also went through their own little so-called life. I've seen very few and I love them already. You can tell that the two MUST have the chemistry that they display on screen and must have a lot of respect for each other. I can't wait to see it again either. Paul Reiser is one of my favorite actors and I loved him In Beverly Hills Cop, so seeing him more in the show is a welcome change.
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Paul Reiser's NY life
SnoopyStyle2 September 2013
Paul Buchman (Paul Reiser) and Jamie Stemple Buchman (Helen Hunt) are a young NY couple. He's a indie documentary filmmaker. They bicker and love their way thru the days with their dog Murray. Lisa Stemple (Anne Ramsay) is her unstable sister. Ira Buchman (John Pankow) is his cousin. There is Jamie's best friend Fran Devanow (Leila Kenzle) and her ex Mark (Richard Kind).

There isn't some crazy job or crazy structure. It's the very ordinary family life that produce the biggest laughs. This is truly Paul Reiser's show. I also love the rest of the cast. They all have great chemistry. Considering it had 7 seasons, it should be considered a great success. But I get a sense that it's often overlooked.
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Mostly Annoying
antc31 August 2000
Alternate titles for Mad About You: Married With Seinfeld, Thirtysomething Lite. Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser's characters whine their way through life in New York. All that whining and hand-wringing over everyday events was supposed to be funny? I guess I didn't get it.
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418851 January 1999
No other show on television has been able to capture the heart, wit, charm, and chemistry that Mad About You has!! The actors are brilliant and have an on and off screen chemistry so strong they portray very life like situations for all! Paul and Jamie Buchman are the Best Couple, ever on Television!!
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90s Television
yonko10 January 2002
Just goes to show you how terrible t.v. was in the 90s. This was one of the worst sitcoms ever aired. I never could figure out why people liked this show. I would force myself to watch it, but I got nothing out of it. This show made me learn to hate Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser. I refuse to watch anything with Helen Hunt because of Mad About You. One of the greatest moments in television history was when this stiff was canceled.
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Kirpianuscus30 September 2017
for me, a special series. for the opportunity to discover Helen Hunt and Richard Kind. for the old fashion air, remembering classic TV shows in theirs essence of atmosphere, spirit and small significant details defining everything. for the wise way to explore the relations. for smart humor. and for something who continues remains a precious state. it could be defined as love or as modern fairy tale or, maybe , the most precise map of near reality. but it is not exactly a question of words. but just form of joy.
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The First Season
lostintwinpeaks15 November 2002
I recently bought the first season of "Mad About You" on A great buy - all 22 episodes on two great discs, in fantastic packaging, and what a fabulous price! I just hope they keep releasing the seasons as it would be a shame not to.

This is a great show, and as I've only ever seen the first season, I'm not aware of the discrepancies many have mentioned between it and the latter seasons.

Essentially a claustrophobic (but in a good way) sitcom featuring 2 neurotic New Yorkers in love, slowly but surely finding their way through the pitfalls of the first few months of marriage. It can be somewhat annoying at times, and over-talkey, but essenitally it is a charming little show.

The weakest episode of the first season is 'The Billionaire', featuring a loud and extremely irratating guest appearance by Jerry Lewis, this is an unfunny and basically boring episode - although guest star Steven Wright along with the regular cast do their best to make it work; unfortunately, Lewis just blows them all away with his attention-seeking performance.

'Pilot' is a great episode, a nice introduction to the series, and paralells well with the finale 'Anniversary' (Jamie and Paul - played by the excellent Helen Hunt and the very funny Paul Reiser respectively - have sex on their kitchen table again, leaving their friends in the living room).

'Swept Away', 'The Man Who Said Hello', 'Weekend Getaway', 'Sofa's Choice', 'Sunday Times' ... and more - they're all excellent.

21 fantastic episodes (and even the awful Lewis episode has one or two moments) in a great collection. More please!

Oh and by the way, best line of the first series, issued by Jamie regarding Connie and Warren: "It's like a David Lynch version of WHEN HARRY MET SALLY". Excellent, and so very true!!
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awful show
izzy_k7721 January 2007
This show is corny cheesy and the comedy is more annoying that funny, the husband especially is annoying he has this way of talking thinking hes funny but hes not, I could see how the odd person might like them but if you don't you'll hate them.....The worst sitcoms on TV are as follows

Grace Under Fire Mad About You The Nanny Ellen Will And Grace and according to jim

And a few more i forget if you want to watch some good people sitcoms tune into some seinfeld, some king of queens some married with children bernie mac my wife and kids, fresh prince of bell air, malcolm in the middle...then there's some half decent shows like news radio,and yes dear...but i mean i question how series like grace under fire especially lasted more than a year the greatest television show of all time is of course tho the simpsons......
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I'm glad it's over!
hjf2k214 July 2002
Some shows deserve to last longer than others. Some not. This was one of the shows that shouldn't have been on air for more than 4 episodes. But! It was 7 years of -Are you sure? -Yes -Absolutely? -Yes! -No kidding? -No! -Bu-- -You think I'm lying? -No! -OK -OK -OK -OK

These lines repeated in every episode. I think it's a good thing that it was finally canceled. Unfortunately for me, they are re-running it over and over and over on cable.
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Brandy-2825 May 1999
I just saw the Series Finale of Mad About You. I just want to say I thought the ending was very sweet and not expected. The home movies put a personal touch to the end of the series and made them all look like a "real American family".
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mad about you, putrid vomit
belfasttbloke19 October 2005
I hate this show. It's badly written acted and has totally stupid story lines intertwined with the cutesy factor. Dogs are not cute! no offense to helen hunt(snarf).Most of the script is contrived from how many times can they throw the word honey or sweetie into the dialog. Paul Reiser is not a good actor, Helen Hunt is nauseating. As for the rest of the main cast, never before have i seen such one dimensional acting. Paul Kind as good an actor as he is this comedy wastes whatever talent he has.

Check out the episode where Murray the dog becomes a star after appearing in a TV advert, then you'll see exactly what i'm talking about. there is one good thing about this show on DVD. the discs could be used as tea coasters or shiny hangy type objects to keep oneself occupied in the winter time
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This is a great sitcom
jenniele7716 February 2004
I think "Mad About You" is so funny and cute. I love Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser, especially Helen Hunt. She is so beautiful and elegant. Their chemistry is undeniable. The show is the best. Are all 164 episodes available in DVD?
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Best couple on tv
midnightcub26 March 2019
Every episode isn't filled with laugh out loud moments. But they are probably THE BEST married (or non) that's ever been on tv. And the show is very funny and enjoyable.
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Love it
roxyrmrz22 March 2019
I love this show!! I like the writing, the acting, the actors, the story, the dog, just everything about this show makes me smile. Even my kids sit down and watch it with me and they too love it. Highly recommend.
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The Last Episode Ruined The Entire Series
tomas-842-8172589 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This was a great show ruined by a truly horrible series ending.

Here we have the journal of a couple surviving EVERYTHING and keeping their love and marriage intact. Beautiful!

And how do they end it? Bumping into each other in a movie theater after they've DIVORCED, each with a date!!!

They wanted a memorable series finale... They got one. Memorable as the worst.

I think the Newhart series-ender raised the bar so high, everyone wanted to beat it, and a lot of shows just tried anything they could to be shocking.... But shocking isn't good.
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Mad About You is one of the best of the TV shows of the 90s
chavotocino3 June 2016
One of my all time favorite TV shows, definitely one of the best of the 90s, Mad about you is one of those TV series that takes on cheesy romantic lines and makes them funny, sweet and very effective. The main characters are compelling and very funny, even if you are not a romantic comedy type of person this show is very relatable and engaging. I've seen the whole series about one and a half times on TV and every time and episode pops out I watch it.

Even though its a great comedy the romance can be overwhelming for some (not me at least). I would even go as far as to call it the most romantic TV show I 've ever seen.

A very underrated show
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