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Season 1

17 Jan. 1992
Street Dogs
Tequila and Bonetti are investigating the suicide of a wealthy spoiled socialite. Tequila believes it's a murder made to look like a suicide and tries to find a way to point this out to Bonetti.
24 Jan. 1992
Teach Your Children
Tequila and Bonetti must catch a demented street preacher turned serial rapist who's stalking the promenade. Stakes become even higher when he kidnaps Officer Garcia's little daughter.
31 Jan. 1992
The Rose Cadillac
Bonetti's car gets stolen. His attempt to track the carjacker down takes Tequila and Bonetti on quite a ride. Also, Bonetti busts a beach magician and goes out on a date with Officer Garcia.
28 Feb. 1992
Language of the Heart
Bonetti tries to convince a mentally challenged brother of a gangbanger to save his brother's life by helping him catch the one responsible for a gang-related murder that started a gang war between his brother's gang and their rivals.
6 Mar. 1992
Tale of the Dragon
Tequila and Bonetti are working on a tough case of a serial killer who's killing surfers with a sniper. They team up with a lady sidekick who can hear Tequila's thoughts but thinks it's her late husband talking to her.
13 Mar. 1992
A Perfect Match
Tequila and Bonetti are working on the case of a female serial killer who finds her victims through a video dating service. Both Bonetti and Captain Midian Knight (as Captain Midnight) join the dating service as baits.
3 Apr. 1992
Fetch This, Pal
A bomber is terrorizing the city. Tequila must take the test that all dogs must pass to officially become police dogs. Bonetti clashes with his ex-wife's jerk cop boyfriend. Captain Knight tells the tragic story of his late pet dog.
10 Apr. 1992
An ad agency wants heroic Tequila to be the star of their commercials for a home security company. Bonetti helps Knight negotiate Tequila's contract, only to realize that this security firm may be tied to a string of deadly burglaries.
17 Apr. 1992
Brooklyn and the Beast
Famous newsman Arturo Medina launches a crusade against Tequila and Bonetti in his reports simply to gain more audience.
Bonetti is shocked to learn that his mom Rose is going out on a date with Captain Knight. This also pushes her insanely jealous ex, Stefano, over the edge.
21 Feb. 1992
Runt of the Litter
The criminal who used to own Tequila finds him and gets Tequila to team up with him again to commit crime. Bonetti must rescue his canine friend before he crosses the point of no return.
14 Feb. 1992
Reel Life
An action star joins Tequila and Bonetti, who are investigating a gangland hit, to do research for his next role of a hard boiled cop. But gritty reality ain't no movie.

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